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Al Watan Park: Largest KSA’s Map, Theater And Adventure Rides


Al Watan Park is among the most beautiful parks and major attractions in Riyadh, suitable for visiting with families and friends alike. The park houses a massive water tower in the center, which has earned a lot of popularity among visitors lately. Additionally, it offers a variety of thrilling activities and exciting rides for those who crave excitement and adventure. There is a separate play area only for kids filled with entertaining games. The park includes a vast green space lined with trees and other plants, making it a perfect spot for spending quality time with loved ones in peace. Tourists can visit various popular restaurants nearby that offer authentic Saudi food.

Top attractions in Al Watan Park

Al Watan Park offers numerous fun-filled activities for the entertainment of its visitors. It provides a variety of thrilling rides, kid-friendly entertainment, and welcoming restaurants, which together make Al Watan Park a comprehensive tourist attraction.

1. Exciting games and rides

Both children and adults can have fun and be thrilled by a range of exciting games and rides in Al Watan Park. The exciting roller coaster ride in the park will undoubtedly give a thrilling rush and will be an unforgettable experience. The kids can have a lot of fun playing a variety of entertainment games that are available in the park. Children can also take a boat ride that circles the largest map in Saudi Arabia.

2. Giant water tower

The water tower is the main attraction of the park and a popular destination for many visitors. The top of the tower can be reached by the elevators, which are a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful views of Riyadh. It is also an excellent spot for taking pictures with a scenic backdrop. At the top, there is also a cafeteria where guests can enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking views of the city. Because of its brilliant lighting, the massive tower looks stunning from the outside as well.

3. Largest map of the KSA

Al Watan Park is home to the largest map of Saudi Arabia, which is spread across 6000 sq meters in the park. The size and design of the map capture the attention of every visitor. The giant and detailed map plays an important role in providing valuable knowledge to visitors about the country. It shows a number of significant and historic landmarks, which contributes to the attractive appearance of the map.

4. Enjoy theater shows

Built in the Romanian style, the beautiful theater in the park is one of the best places for the entertainment of the visitors. The audience can enjoy a number of performances that are organized in both traditional and contemporary styles. On significant occasions, important events are also organized with themed performances. Additionally, many beautiful plays showcase Saudi Arabia’s traditional culture and to amuse audiences in general.

5. Delicious meals at various restaurants

Visitors can savor delectable meals at more than 20 international and Arab restaurant chains at Al Watan Park. The ambiance of the food court is ideal for enjoying food in a relaxing setting with family and friends. These eateries are perfect for having a wholesome meal after enjoying an adventurous day at the amusement park. The restaurants provide a wide range of tempting food options, including traditional Arabic cuisine and other food items.

6. Stay at inviting chalets

Al Watan Park has 15 chalets equipped with modern facilities for the comforting accommodation of the visitors. Further, most of the Al Watan Park chalets have lovely gardens and beautiful settings. These factors combine to make the chalets the perfect location for private time spent with loved ones.

Al Watan Park location: King Faisal Street, Al-Futah, Saudi Arabia

How to get around the park: Al Watan Park is located opposite to the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. It is also close to King Abdulaziz Public Library.

Al Watan Park entry fee: 10 SAR per person and 40 SAR (includes all rides)

Al Watan Park opening hours: 4 pm to 1 am (everyday)

Nearby Attractions: National Museum of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Park, Riyadh Zoo, Masmak Fortress, and Salam Park

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  • Al Watan Park facilities
  • A separate playing area for kids is filled with several entertaining games
  • Multiple restaurants and cafes provide a wide range of delectable meals
  • Separate male and female toilets are available in a neat and clean state
  • The park has 15 chalets for accommodation

Things to keep in mind while visiting the park

  • Visitors are suggested to reserve a table in the restaurants beforehand while planning to visit the park during the weekends to avoid extremely crowded eateries
  • Visitors should dress modestly and in accordance with social norms
  • Tourists can visit the water tower only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park

Al Watan Park is a great place to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends, away from the stresses of everyday life. The giant water tower is a favorite spot for visitors coming to the park since it offers a wonderful view of Riyadh from the top. The largest map of Saudi Arabia in the park is extremely popular since it provides valuable information about the country in a fun way. The park offers a variety of other exciting activities as well, which attracts lots of local as well as foreign tourists.

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Al Watan Park FAQs

Is there a separate entry fee for the Water Tower?

Yes. 10 SAR per person is the entry fee for the Water Tower.

What are the places to stay near Al Watan Park?

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya, Al Musafer Hotel, Al Faisaliah Hotel, and Holiday Inn are some places to stay near Al Watan Park.

Is there a separate ticket for each ride?

Yes, visitors have to pay separately for each ride if they only pay 10 SAR as an entry fee. They can also buy 40 SAR tickets at the entry, including all the Al Watan Park rides.

Are there restaurants inside Al Watan Park?

Yes, there are more than 20 restaurants inside the park.

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