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5 Amusement Parks In Riyadh For A Thrilling Experience


Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, offers countless entertainment opportunities at numerous theme parks. The amusement parks in Riyadh welcome thousands of visitors every year. Further, these parks keep adding new features and rides to attract more visitors. Tourists can experience thrilling rides such as roller coasters, can rides, free-fall rides, water slides, and more. Additionally, the parks have well-maintained restaurants and dining areas for a complete family outing.

Top 5 amusement parks in Riyadh

Tourists looking to have a thrilling experience in the capital city of the KSA should ensure to visit the top amusement theme parks in Riyadh. The parks ensure all round fun for tourists by providing entertainment of all sorts. These park feature some of the top rides, gaming centers, souvenir shops, and more. Further, tourists can enjoy relaxing and sitting with family and friends after a long day exploring the park while eating some of the best delicious dishes from onsite restaurants and eateries. Here are best parks in Riyadh for top amusements:

1. Al Hokair Land


Al Hokair is one of the oldest and most popular theme parks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The place was opened to the public in 1987 and consistently attracted large number of people. It has various exciting rides and many other entertainment options. Some days are reserved exclusively for females. The park provides mechanical rides, video games, and delicious food options. Go-karting is one of the biggest attractions in the park. The park also houses an ice rink, multi-dimensional cinema, and a trampoline.

Top rides: The Roller coaster ride, the Can Ride (a pivoted ride rotating on three axes), and the water slide

Facilities: The park has many food kiosks that sell a range of delectable local and popular food items. The restaurants have dining areas for a more comfortable experience.

Location: Al Hokair Land is located at the Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra

Timings: The park is open from 03:30 pm to midnight, everyday

Ticket cost: Entry is free, but one will have to buy a band worth SR 90 to enjoy the rides

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2. Star City Theme Park

Star City is one of the best amusement parks in Riyadh, spreading over an area of 50,000 square meters. This family park in Riyadh offers a large number of rides and games to keep visitors entertained endlessly right from the time they enter the main gate. The park has three sections. The first one is reserved exclusively for games. The second has about 15 restaurants, including international names offering the exclusive food. The third and the most popular section is a shopping facility.

Top rides: The top rides at Star City are the suspended train, the monorail, the unknown trail, the race of time, and the famous giant scissors game

Facilities: Weekend theater shows, a walk along the path dotted with palm trees, a visit to the adventure land, and a trip on a circular boat are some of the additional facilities

Location: Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra

Timings: 4 pm – 11 pm on all days of the week

Ticket cost: For adults, it is SR 79. For children between 3 and 10, it is SR 39. Free entry for kids under three years.

3. Alkhaimah Theme Park

The Alkhaimah Theme Park is among the best places to experience thrilling and entertaining activities. This magnificent family parks in Riyadh is one of the top-rated tourist places in the city. It has a huge recreational center, fascinating rides, and a load of activities one can indulge in. The tent theme is a major attraction for kids as they quickly identify the place with their fantasy world. There are many other activities suitable for children of all ages, including car games, water boat games, and rides on trains that are uniquely shaped.

Top rides: The grand Ferris wheel is the biggest attraction of the park. One can view the whole Riyadh landscape from the top. The park also has a roller coaster ride.

Facilities: The theme park offers guided lessons for quad biking and skateboarding. One can enjoy the best of Arabic cuisines at onsite restaurants.

Location: Al Wurud, Riyadh

Timings: 4 pm – 11 pm on all days of the week

Ticket cost: SR 10 for seven years and above, and for kids from 3-7 years SR 5. Free for kids below three years of age.

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4. Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park

Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park is the best go-to place for a full-family vacation. The cozy ambiance and the range of recreational activities make this park the right choice for an enjoyable evening. The deluxe swimming pools, the squashing waves, the zigzag pipelines, and boating facilities ranks it high on the adventure theme park list. Other exciting things to try include motorbiking and adventurous sports. There are dedicated kids playing areas and loads of rides to enjoy in the park.

Top rides: The top rides to enjoy at the Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park are the inclined water slides, the kid’s play area, and the boating zones

Facilities: The park is famous for its opulent restaurants that offer delicious food. The changing rooms are hygienic and clean.

Location: Al Thoumamah Rd, Ar Rimal

Ticket cost: One has to pay individually for every ride. The average cost for a ride is SR 10-12

5. Extreme Trampoline Park

Bounce Riyadh Extreme Trampoline Park is among the best park in Riyadh and the world’s first female-only trampoline park to open in Saudi Arabia. It is also open to children and boys under 10 years of age. The park covers an area of 3000 square meters and has over 80 trampolines, all interconnected. It has a dodgeball arena and slams dunk spots. The other popular features are an inflatable airbag and basketball hoops. X-park agility course, the signature theme of the Bounce brand, is also a part of this park.

Top rides: The key activities are Super Tramp, Free Jump, Slam Dunk, X-Park, and the Wall

Facilities: The park is a training ground for aerial sports

Location: Khurais Branch Rd, AR Rawdah

Timings: Sunday to Friday: 2 pm – 10 pm and Saturday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Ticket cost: For all jumpers, the price for a one-hour session is SR 90. The second session is SR 70. One can buy a two hours super pass for SR 120.

There are many places in Riyadh offering high-value entertainment for visitors. Choosing the best one may pose a challenge due to diversity in options available. One such place to experience maximum fun are various Amusement parks in Riyadh. These parks have something unique and exciting to offer, leaving one with amazing memories.

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Amusement Parks In Riyadh FAQs

Which are the best amusement parks in Riyadh?

Al Hokair Land, Star City, and Alkhaimah Theme Park are top amusement parks in Riyadh.

Why is Bounce Riyadh Extreme Trampoline Park famous?

It is the first women-only trampoline park in Riyadh.

Are there any good water theme parks in Riyadh?

Yes, Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park is a great park in Riyadh.

What are the attractions in Alkhaimah Theme Park?

Grand Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster Ride are top attractions in Alkhaimah Theme Park.

Where is Al Hokair Land located?

The location of the park is Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra.

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