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The Best Theme Parks In Saudi Arabia For Family And Kids


With a surge in non-religious tourism to Saudi Arabia, Theme parks have lifted to the limelight recently. Theme parks in Saudi Arabia feature unique rides for children and adults to provide an all round experience full of energy and enthusiasm. Visitors can enjoy a day out with family, getting onto thrilling rides and make numerous beautiful memories. Further, while addressing the fact that Saudi Arabia is a desert country, these theme parks and water parks offer a much needed retreat from the summer’s heat.

Top 7 theme parks in Saudi Arabia

1. Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah


Boasting over 1 million visitors every year, Al Shallal theme park is one of the most advanced amusement parks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. To become the “best theme park in Saudi Arabia”, The Al Shallal Theme Park provides roller coaster rides, ice skating rink and more. The park has a total area of 60,000 square meters housing fun rides, a beautiful lake, and themed restaurant.

Location: Ash Shati, Jeddah 23413, Saudi Arabia

Timings: Tourist can visit between 4 PM – 2:30 am, every day (subjective to change as per events and festivals)

Entry fee: The park has a wristband system allowing access to most of the rides at SR 75. However, one may have to pay extra for not included rides.

Top attractions: Big 8 Roller Coaster, Sling Shot, Super Shot, Telecombat, Samba Tower, Amazon Ride, Sombrero, Bumper cars, and Tea Cups

Notable facilities: Ladies night, ice skating rink, restaurants, arcade games, and souvenir shops.

2. Al Hokair Land, Riyadh


Being a family-oriented amusement theme park, Al Hokair Land truly imparts a memorable family outing. The theme park maintains the much needed fantasy theme for children with a giant entrance in the shape of a fairytale castle. Along with various thrilling and enjoyable rides, the park also has an arcade and activity centers for kids. One can also eat quick snacks at food stalls or can dine in at restaurants in the park.

Location: Eastern Ring Rd in Al Hamra, Riyadh

Timings: Tourists can visit between 4 pm – 12 am any day of the week

Entry fee: Ride wristband for SR 90

Top attractions: Roller Coaster Ride, Can Can Ride, Water Slide, Mini Ferris Wheel, Bumping Cars and Eiffel Tower Replica

Notable facilities: Restaurants, food stalls, kids activity center and arcade center

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3. Jungle Land Theme Park, Jeddah


Covering an area of 104,413, Jungle land is one of the largest theme parks in Saudi Arabia. The park boasts to accommodate 15,000 visitors at a time into a jungle theme spread all over the park. It also hosts a mini-circus with professional acrobatic and clown performances. Further, it has a marketplace for visitors to shop around and take souvenirs from the park back home.

Location: Umm Hablain, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Timings: Friday to Wednesday, 5 pm – 11 pm, and on Thursday, 5 pm – 1 am

Entry fee: The ticket costs SR 35 for people above 3 years of age while entry for kids below 3 is free

Top attractions: Free Fall Ride, Roller Coaster Ride, Color Island, Mombasa, lake, fountain and the game parlor

Notable facilities: Prayer room, large parking space, food stalls and restaurants, shopping market, and souvenir shops

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4. Atallah Happy Land Park, Jeddah


The Atallah Happy Land Park is an amusement park with rotating themes as per the season and festivals. The park has designated rides for kids and adults to culminate fun into safety. While at Atallah Happy Land Park, visitors can enjoy some of the most thrilling rides available in theme parks around the globe. The park also features a giant wheel with an astounding height of 35 m from the ground.

Location: Corniche Road, Al Shati, Jeddah

Timings: 5 pm – 12 am, everyday

Entry fee: SR 30 on normal days and SR 80 on ladies night

Top attractions: Rock N Roll, Pirate, Terminator, Skyloop, Surfing Whale, Stinger, Flying Chair, Tagadisco and Big Wheel

Notable facilities: Dining facilities, ladies night, restrooms and toilets at regular distances

5. Loopagoon Water Park, Al Khobar


Loopagoon Water Park is the first of its kind amusement park in the Eastern Province that caters only to women. This amazing water theme park in Saudi Arabia has an area of 15,616 sq m. It serves as an excellent spot for the ladies to enjoy a day filled with fun and adventure. The park features everything from exciting water rides and slides to incredible attractions and world-class facilities.

Location: Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar

Timings: 8 pm – 2 am from Wednesday to Saturday and closed from Sunday to Tuesday

Entry fee: SR 200 per person for those above the age of 13. SR 125 for those between the ages of 4 and 12 (and with heights ranging from 90 cm to 120 cm). SR 100 for nannies, senior citizens, or those with special needs and free entry for children under the age of 3 (or below 90 cm in height)

Top attractions: Canon Bowl, Lazy River, Octopus Racer, Thunder Waves, Tornado, Twisters, Pipelines, FlowRider, Kids Aqua Venture, Spray Ground, and Bubble Cove

Notable facilities: A ladies’ private beach with chaise lounges, lockers, towel rentals, complimentary life jackets, a first-aid room, a nappy changing room, a tube kiosk, and an on-site mosque

6. Al Kar Tourist Village, Taif


Al Kar Tourist Village is located in Al-Hada, Taif. It can be reached by taking a cable car ride from the top of Hada Mountain, bypassing ancient pilgrimage and caravan routes. Al Kar Tourist Village is home to Taif’s largest water park, including Water Skiing, Whirlpools, and Artificial Waves, among other activities. Besides, Tug-Of-War, Laser Tag, and Paintball are just a few of the thrilling games that can be enjoyed here with family and friends.

Location: Al Kar Tourist Village, Al-Hada, Taif-Saudi Arabia

Timings: 11 am – 10:30 pm, everyday

Top attractions: Tug of War, Laser Tag, Paintball fight, Water Skiing

Notable facilities: Mosque, restaurants, shopping space, and cable car ride

7. Dolphin Village, Dammam


Dolphin Village is an integrated entertainment theme park into a village with several attractions for kids and adults. This Saudi Arabian park features electric rides, video games, and large swimming pools for kids and adults. It offers a wide variety of aquatic animals with information on each species. The park also provides specially designed shows and rides to kids for a memorable experience.

Location: Cornish Rd, Al-Hamra’a, Dammam

Timings: Open from 3 pm – 11 pm from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays

Entry fee: Free (Charges may apply for various rides and attractions)

Top attractions: The dolphin show, sea lion show, swimming with dolphins, a museum of wildlife, a cave of terror, displays of the predatory Egyptian and black African circus, and a modern electric ride village

Notable facilities: An on-site restaurant serving seafood, covered pools, and an outdoor seating area overlooking the sea

Theme parks in Saudi Arabia offer a great opportunity to spend time with family and kids. The thrill of sitting in some of the scariest rides, attracts visitors to these parks from around the Kingdom. Further, the parks are quick access to an enjoyable day away from the mundane routine of city life.

Theme Parks In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Are there any ladies-only water parks in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, there are many women-only water parks in Saudi Arabia including Loopagoon Water Park.

Which are the top amusement parks in Jeddah?

Al Shallal Theme Park, and Jungle Land Theme Park are the best amusement parks in Saudi Arabia.

Why is Dolphin Village popular?

Dolphin Village is famous for marine shows of dolphins and sea lions.

Is there a roller coaster in Al Shallal Theme Park?

Yes, there is a roller coaster ride in Al Shallal Theme Park named The Big 8.

What are the top amusement rides in Atallah Happy Land Park?

Rock N Roll, Skyloop, and Big Wheel are the most popular rides in the park.

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