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Boulevard Riyadh City: Location, Timings, Attractions, And More


Boulevard Riyadh City, a part of Riyadh season’s zones, showcases massive fireworks displays, traditional shows, and performances by numerous celebrities. The zone is further divided into sub areas each with its own unique lineup of attractions, eateries, activities, events, and retail establishments. With culture of more than ten different countries to discover, as well as numerous additional shopping and entertainment options, the Boulevard was like a world unto itself.

Boulevard Riyadh City ticket price

Entry tickets for Boulevard World were priced at SAR 100 on weekdays and SAR 150 on weekends. Entry for kids under 12 years old and people with special needs was allowed for free by presenting the official card.

Boulevard Riyadh City location: Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, Hittin, Riyadh

Activities in Boulevard Riyadh City


Riyadh Boulevard World has the largest man-made lake in the world with11 ports and boats that can transport tourists between Boulevard World cities. With various displays in the zone, one can visit nine of the richest cultures in the world in one trip, from East to West. Tourists can learn about various civilizations, cultures, and delectable cuisines as one explores the various attractions, landmarks, shops, games, and other things. Some of the most anticipated occasions that draw visitors’ attention each day include the following:

1. AREA 15

AREA 15 showcases VR games, music, and sculptures produced by some of the best artists in the world, from Riyadh to Las Vegas. The event will feature performances by The Spine, Dueling Axes, Wink World, and many other artists.

2. Ninja Warrior

The zone hosts a competition where competitors are forced to overcome obstacles in order to cross the finish line and turn into actual ninjas. Riyadh Season was the first to host such competition in the whole of the Middle East.

3. Slime planet

A planet made of slime provides social engagement, offering happy moments that the entire family remembers fondly. The activity is great to bond with family and friends.

4. Cocomelon Playtime & Pay O City

Cocomelon playtime organizes numerous games filled with fun and excitement. The games are perfect for people of all ages. Play O City is a wonderful place with challenging games that require movement and a gathering spot for friends.

5. Life-sized Monopoly

Here, players can purchase properties, compete with friends to become the wealthiest player. The game has a life-sized Monopoly board with players as the real pieces.

6. Japan Anime Town

Tourists can experience the authentic Japanese experience right in the middle of Riyadh. This distinctive town has it all, from the amazing Tokyo Tower to the biggest town in the world, restaurants, and shops that are brought all the way from Japan.

7. Combat Village

For those who enjoy playing military simulation games, Combat Village is a one-of-a-kind location where one can test your shooting skills with real or simulated ammunition. In addition to challenging virtual war games, there are other thrilling events that are held in the Season.

8. Lab 13

This enjoyable and thrilling game has nine terrifying rooms. These include a ghost playing the piano, dark rooms, gasses that will awaken your worst fears, and other unsettling things one didn’t see before in an exciting way.

9. Doos Karting

This event is one of the most significant in the city of Riyadh. Friends can compete to see who arrives first as part of the event. Doos Karting is an adventurous and challenging event that is appropriate for those who enjoy racing.

10. Firstaiment

One of the best activities in Boulevard Riyadh City, Firstaiment is where tourists come to experience the energetic atmosphere of the Riyadh season. The activities include paintball challenges. Event attendees get a number of surprises as well.

11. Masameer Experience

The Masameer Experience is one of the Boulevard Riyadh City activities that were in the Riyadh season 2021 and 2022 as well. Masameer experience is a 3D event in which the participant lives in an exciting environment as if they are driving a car or flying. In addition to receiving and retaining the identity of the Masameer products, visitors also dress as characters from the television show. A dynamic game called It also hosts a Masameer Experience requiring players to finish four stages in a maximum of 20 minutes.

With numerous restaurants, exhibitions, and a health club, Boulevard Riyadh City is one of the most popular and successful events during the Riyadh season.


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Boulevard Riyadh City FAQs

Can children visit Boulevard Riyadh City?

Yes, children can go and engage in numerous games and activities.

What are the timings of Boulevard Riyadh City?

The city is operational from 6 am to 1 am.

Is there parking space available at Boulevard Riyadh City?

Yes, Boulevard Riyadh City has VIP parking along with normal spaces.

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