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Cable Car Taif: Location, Timings, Ticket, And Attractions


Taif is a beautiful city famous for its cultural diversity and natural beauty. It houses some of the top tourist attractions such as rose fields, Al Hada mountain, Shubhra Palace and more. However, one of the most exciting attractions include the cable car, Taif. It has a series of cabins hovering above Al Hada mountain range that transport visitors while providing a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Built in 1997 Taif Cable Car spans over a distance of 1,550 meters. It can carry up to 40 passengers per cabin having large windows for a memorable experience. The total time taken to complete the ride is around 15 minutes providing the exquisite beauty of the beautiful landscape. On the way to the top, tourists get to experience a spectacular view of Shubhra Palace, Al Hada mountain, Taif rose fields and much more.

Taif Cable Cars’ location: The Taif Cable Cars, or Telefric Al Hada, are located at the Al Hada Car Resort. It is situated on the Al Hada ring road, Al Hada, Taif.

Taif Cable Cars ticket prices: The cost of a ticket is approximately 84 SAR; and can vary as per the time of the year or new ticket prices.

Taif cable car opening hours: 9 am to 8 pm

Cable car, Taif attractions

The Taif cable car offers a thrilling experience to the visitors. Along the cable car ride, visitors can enjoy spellbounding views of the surrounding area and spot some of the region’s top attractions. Some of the attractions are given below:

1. Al Hada Mountain


A major part of the ride covers the Al Hada mountain range. Tourists in the car can catch the view of beautiful flora and fauna below. Further, the height and apt weather makes the view more enjoyable and memorable.

2. Taif Rose Farms

Taif is popular for its rose fields. The car provides an exclusive top view of these fields. Tourists can spot some of the beautiful fields with spreading fragrance one can never forget.

3. Shubra Palace

Taking a crucial place in the history of Saudi Arabia, Shubhra palace can be spotted from the ride as well. The palace is a famous tourist destination for its beautiful architecture and exceptional design.

4. Al Hada Village

Located among the Al Hada mountain, Al Hada village is a small yet charming village habited by the locals in Taif. Tourists can take a picturesque view of the village from the cable car with their loved ones.

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Restaurants near Taif Cable Car

With several restaurants nearby, visitors can sample some of the authentic Saudi dishes. Some of the top restaurants near Taif Cable Car are as following:

  • Al Fakhamah: The restaurant serves traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine, including grilled meat and rice dishes.
  • Al Bashaer Restaurant: The restaurant offers a range of Middle Eastern and international cuisine, including shawarma, burgers, and salads.
  • The Farm: The restaurant is set on a farm and offers a range of organic, locally-sourced dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and grilled meat.
  • Al Muntazah Restaurant: Al Muntazah Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant located near Taif Cable Car. The restaurant provides Arabic and international cuisine, including grilled meat and seafood dishes.
  • Al Mukhtar Restaurant: Al Mukhtar Restaurant is a popular local restaurant that offers traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine. The restaurant is known for its delicious lamb and chicken dishes.

Things to remember before visiting Taif Cable Car

  • From weather to cable car height, tourists should keep a lot of things in mind to make the experience more enjoyable without interruptions.
  • Though one can enjoy the cable car ride in almost every weather condition, one should always check the local forecast. Strong winds, heavy rain, or thunderstorms may cause the cable car to close temporarily for safety reasons.
  • The temperature at the top of the mountain can be cooler than the plains. Hence, one should dress appropriately and wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • The height of Taif Cable cars can reach upto 2,500 meters. Therefore, heart patients and tourists with other altitude issues should avoid the cable car ride.
  • To avoid major inconveniences and maintain safety at all times, one must follow the rules laid by the authorities.
  • Help to keep the environment clean and do not litter around or throw trash from the compartments.

Hotels in Al Hada

The Le Meridien Al Hada, located 2.6 kilometers from Taif Cable Car, is one of the top nearby hotels. With 111 rooms, the hotel provides a well-rounded stay. The hotel is perched on the mountain range’s highest peak, up a steep and rocky green slope. At only 0.1 kilometers or a minute’s walk from Taif Cable Cars, Ramada By Wyndham Al Hada features warmly furnished rooms, a casual restaurant, and stunning mountain range views.

Cable car, Taif offer exciting experiences to the visitors to Taif. Tourists should keep the cable cars in their travel itinerary while visiting Taif for a unique and memorable outlook of Taif.

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Cable Car Taif FAQs

Where is the Taif Cable Car?

The cable car route begins at the highest point of Jabal al Hada, near the Ramada Al Hada Hotel, and descends through the old pedestrian road to al Kar, a tourist village at the foot of the Karakoram Mountain Range.

What is the cost of a Taif Cable Car ride?

The cost is approximately 84 SAR

What are the opening hours for Taif Cable Cars?

It is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm

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