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Mountains In Saudi Arabia Are Home To Historical Peaks And Charming Vistas


From surmounting peaks to historical hills, the stunning beauty of mountains in Saudi Arabia attracts global tourists. The mountains provide a lush green environment and a respite from the heat of Saudi deserts. Tourists can participate in hiking, exploring, picnics, and other enjoyable activities at these mountains. Another attractive feature of many Saudi mountains is the cable car rides that offer clear and gorgeous views of beautiful valleys. Some mountains, such as Jabal al Nour are important historical and religious sites as well. The mountains in Saudi are a perfect getaway for those looking for a pleasing break for everyday life.

Top 7 must-visit mountains in Saudi Arabia

Mountains in Arabia are a natural retreat for locals and tourists visiting the Kingdom. Here is a comprehensive list of popular mountains in Saudi Arabia:

1. Al Souda – The highest peak in Saudi Arabia


Located within an expanding Asir National park with an area of 4,500 sq km, Al Souda is the highest mountain range in Saudi Arabia. It is a part of the Asir Mountain range. The mountains offer numerous tourist spots, with green valleys having juniper trees all around. It entails a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Rijal Almaa showcasing several forts, museum, and other old structures. In addition, the mountain offers many adventure sports due to its height and natural settings. There are several eateries and restaurants nearby the area, such as Jasmine Gardens Restaurant. However, hikers are recommended to carry essentials such as water and light snacks during the hiking trip as there are limited dining options on the mountain.

Best time to visit: March to November are the best months to visit al Souda for a vacation.

Elevation: 3000 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Al Souda offers cable car rides, hiking trails, and adventure sports for tourists visiting the mountain.

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2. Jabal Al Lawz – Ideal for trekking

Hosting a popular 2-day trek route, Jabal Al Lawz is a tall mountain near the NEOM project. The mountain houses inscriptions and remnants that are thousands of years old. It is also the territory of Arabian Ibex; hence, visitors come to watch the wildlife in their natural habitat. Promoting eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Al Lawz offers beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing valley views. In winters, the area gets deep snowfall apt for clicking pictures, enjoying snow activities, and admiring the beauty spread all around. Restaurants are present on the mountain’s base, but there are no eateries at the Jabal al Lawz’s summit. Hence, trekkers should carry ample food and water while performing the trek.

Best time to visit: Jabal Al Lawz conduct tourist activities throughout the year. The favorable months to experience snowfall are December and January.

Elevation: 2580 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Trekkers globally set on the 2-day trekking trail offered at the mountain

3. Al Hada Mountain – The longest cable car


Al Hada mountain is a beautiful elevation with rocky terrain near Taif city. The mountains are famous for 4.2 km long cable cars, well-paved twisting roads, and stunning landscape at the summit. Tourists can stop at the fruit market run by local vendors selling numerous fruits like pomegranates, apricots, and dates. The mountain has amusement parks offering fun-filled rides and ferris wheels. It also has many spots perfect for family picnics and getaways. The mountain is only 20 mins ride from the city of Taif. There are many restaurants along the mountain road serving authentic food and dishes.

Best time to visit: Summer is the most suitable time to travel to Al Hada mountain.

Elevation: 2000 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Taking a ride in the cable car and spending a day at the amusement park.

4. Fayfa or Fifa Mountain – For some fresh honey

Fifa mountains are about  100 km from Jazan. They are famous for their vast agricultural fields efficiently protected from soil erosion. Also known as Fayfa, these mountains feature high-rise buildings and offer modern facilities. The main attraction for tourists here are the numerous green parks and summits, including as Al Washl, Al Laghtha, and Al Surra. The mountains are also popular for fresh honey that is harvested and marketed in the region. Mendy Viva Mountains, Farm Restaurant, and Restaurant Countenance are some of the well-known eateries in the Fayfa mountains.

Best time to visit: July and August are the most pleasant months to visit Fifa mountains.

Elevation: 1428 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Tourists can visit a traditional market known as Al Nafia to purchase souvenirs and local specialties.

5. Mount Uhud – Battle of Muslims and Arabs


North of Madinah, Mount Uhud is the place where the battle between the Muslims and tribes of Makkah was fought. The mountain is a part of the Hejaz Mountain range. Tourists visit the mountain to watch and experience a significant battlefield in Islamic history. The mountain has the peak where the archers of Madinah or Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) army were positioned, providing a decisive edge on the battlefield. The location is only 13 km from the city center; hence has many cafes and eateries along the road.

Best time to visit: People coming to Madinah put Mount Uhud in their itinerary. The best time to visit the mountain is October to May.

Elevation: 1077 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Visit the battlefield and the grand mosque near the field.

6. Jabal Al Nour – Home to the Cave of Hira


Jabal Al Nour, or Mountain of Illumination is famous for housing the Cave of Hira. It is the place where Angel Jibril revealed the holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, Jabal Al Nour is an important part of the history of Islam. The mountain is located 4 km from the sacred Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram and is famous tourists spot among the pilgrims visiting Makkah. Also, there are many restaurants serving authentic Saudi food near Jabal Al Nour.

Best time to visit: Apart from Hajj, the most appropriate time to visit Al Nour is November to March.

Elevation: 642 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Visiting the Cave of Hira, taking around one to two hours to climb.

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7. Al Qarah Mountain – Hidden heritage sites


Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Qarah Mountains offer many caves and archaeological sites nearby. Al Qarah village nestled in the mountains provides a memorable experience with a worth visiting museums. Tourists can trek the mountain space or stroll around the heritage sites. In addition, they can find a plethora of hints and signs of prehistoric Arabian tribes in the region. The hill is a bustling tourist spot; therefore, one can find numerous eateries such as Al Fariz AlShamali, Yamashita Cafe, and Showrmetna.

Best time to visit: Best times to see Al Ahsa and Al Qarah mountains are March, April, and May.

Elevation: 225 m above sea level.

Popular activities: Climbing to the Judas caves and trekking in the mountainous region.

People looking for a respite from the desert climate of Saudi Arabia tend towards the mountains. The mountains in Saudi Arabia never disappoint anyone offering pleasing views of the valley and countless tourist activities. When coming to the Kingdom, do add a few of these Saudi Arabia mountains in your itinerary.

Mountains In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Which is the highest peak in Saudi Arabia?

Jabal Sawda with an elevation of 3000 m is the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia.

Why is Jabal Al Nour famous?

Jabal Al Nour has Hira Cave where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation of the holy Quran.

Where is Judas Cave?

Judas Cave is located in the Al Qarah mountainous region.

Why is Mount Uhud popular?

Mount Uhud is famous for the battlefield where muslims fought against the arabian tribes for the future of Islam.

Are there any heritage villages in Al Souda?

Yes, Rijal Almaa is a heritage village located near Al Souda.

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