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Al Soudah: A Perfect Tourist Place In Asir, Saudi Arabia


Situated at an elevation of 3,000 meters in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region, Al Soudah is a breathtaking mountainous area perched on the side of the kingdom’s highest mountain Jabal Sawda. Featuring majestic mountains covered with lush green juniper trees, this gorgeous region has everything one could ask for in an incredible tourist destination. Al Soudah offers a perfect amalgamation of fascinating history, rich culture, and overwhelming natural beauty.

Flaunting a network of hiking routes, rolling valleys, cool fresh air, and enchanting landscapes, this region is a paradise for nature lovers and those looking to enjoy the serene environment. Everything from its soothing weather and peaceful atmosphere to hospitable people and delicious food has made this place a sought-after holiday destination for people from all parts of Saudi Arabia as well as the rest of the world.

Best time to visit Al Soudah

Al Soudah experiences relatively moderate climatic conditions throughout the year. Unlike other places in Saudi Arabia, the temperature in this region doesn’t exceed 25°C in the summers and 15°C in the winters. Owing to the pleasant weather conditions, this region serves as a great tourist destination all around the year. Tourists often plan their visits in the month of August to attend the lively celebrations of the Flowerman Festival. Winters are also particularly favored by tourists as the snow-capped mountains add to the region’s magnetic scenic beauty.

How to Reach Al Soudah?

Those planning to visit the beautiful Al Soudah region can book a flight to Abha International Airport, which is situated less than 50 km from the region. From the airport, travellers can readily find transportation to reach Al Soudah.

Where to stay in Al Soudah?

To keep the tourist comfy and relaxed, there are many amazing hotels, aparthotels, and resorts in Al Soudah. Some of the best accommodation options in the region include Beautat Hotel, Aram Al Souda Furnished Units and Abha Palace Hotel.

Things to do in Al Soudah

Renowned for being the adventure capital of Saudi Arabia, Al Soudah has no shortage of interesting and exciting activities to take part in. It always has something for tourists with varied tastes and interests. Some of the best things to do in Al Soudah include:

1. Explore the historical village of Rijal Almaa

Nestled in the shadows of stunning, towering mountains, Rijal Almaa is a quaint village with immense historical significance. It served as an essential stoppage for pilgrims and merchants traveling north to Madinah and Makkah. Widely inhabited by the members of the Aseri tribes, it is also known for its rich tribal culture. The inhabitants of this pretty village can often be seen wearing colorful floral crowns and vibrant outfits. The village has numerous ancient forts and interesting museums. It also houses a number of blocky stone buildings featuring brightly colored shutters.

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2. Visit the Asir National Park to explore flora and fauna

Asir- National- Park

Covering a massive area of 4,500 sq. km, the gorgeous Asir National Park stretches all the way to the expansive coast of the Red Sea. Opened in 1980, it holds the distinction of being the first national park in Saudi Arabia. Including both terrestrial and marine areas, it features stunning landscapes such as lush foothills, gorgeous coastal plains, deep canyons, and majestic mountains. It is home to a wide range of distinct plant and animal species. This national park is also a fantastic destination for birdwatchers, who can spot various migratory birds or spot birds like griffon vultures and eagles cruising through the currents.

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3. Enjoy the exciting adventure activities

Al Soudah offers endless options when it comes to trying out fun, adrenaline-filled activities. Riding a cable car from one steep mountain slope to another is one of the most popular activities amongst the tourists visiting the region. There is no shortage of scenic hiking trails all across Al Soudah for visitors to quench their thirst for adventure while enjoying the spectacular views. Camping, organizing picnics, and stargazing are other favorite enjoyable activities. They can also go for adventure sports like zip-lining, paragliding, and bungee jumping.

4. Witness the delightful Flowerman Festival

Al Soudah witnesses a lively celebration of the Flowerman Festival every August that showcases the indigenous Aseri tribe’s rich culture. The incredible festival celebrates the ancient tradition of wearing garlands during the week-long celebration. Many men and women can be seen wearing beautiful wreaths of leaves and flowers around their necks and heads. During this event, women paint colorful murals on the walls of their homes, and people enjoy regional folklore and dances.

5. Take-in the view from Jabal Sawda’s edge

Jabal- Sawda

Known for being the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Sawda is the kingdom’s crowning jewel and a significant attraction for tourists flowing in from around the world. A part of the inland Sarawat Mountain Range, it overlooks the southern Red Sea coast and offers the most jaw-dropping views of the stunning mountainous region. It serves as the dreamiest place for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Jabal Sawda is also a haven for hikers of all skill levels. Standing on the edge of this majestic peak covered with thick trees and lush greenery is an experience unlike any other.

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6. Ride on a Cable Car


Riding on a cable car from one steep mountain slope to another is one of the most popular activities amongst the tourists visiting the Al Soudah region. In addition to feeling the excitement of being high up in the air, riding a cable car also allows tourists to take in the mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. There is no dearth of cable car operators one can choose if they want to enjoy this activity.

There is a lot to explore is this beautiful region that makes such a popular destination in Saudi Arabia. The plenty of attractions are complemented by the beautiful stays and great hospitality of the locals. It is a highly recommended place for a delightful family vacay.


What kind of culinary experiences can be enjoyed in Al Soudah?

Visitors can treat their taste buds to delicious local delicacies at the various traditional local stalls.

Which is the nearest airport to Al Soudah?

Abha International Airport is situated 43.1 km from Al Soudah.

Which are the best hotels in Al Soudah?

Some of the best places to stay in Al Soudah include Beautat Hotel, Aram Al Souda Furnished Units, and Abha Palace Hotel.

What are the most popular dishes in Al Soudah?

Some of the most popular local dishes in Saudi Arabia are Hininy, Jalamah, Madfoon, Ka’ak, Mandi, and Markook.

What are the places to visit in Al Soudah?

Al Soudah has a number of places to visit such as Asir National Park, Rijal Almaa, and Jabal Sawda’s Edge.

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