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8 Amazing Parks In Jeddah: Nature, Amusement, And Water Parks


Parks in Jeddah are among the top visited tourist spots for their comforting greenery and excitement spread around. These parks are perfect places to spend the holidays and indulge in numerous fun activities. The variety of parks in the city includes nature parks, theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks among others. Tourists can visit these parks with family and friends and organize picnics for a perfect day out.

Here is a list of some of the best parks in Jeddah for a memorable vacation:

Nature Parks

1.  Middle Corniche Park


Middle Corniche Park, located on the waterfront, is the best place to go on a picnic and spend time with family and friends on weekends. The park’s ambiance is enhanced by the presence of a beautiful sea in the front and palm trees scattered around The best time to visit the park is in the morning when beautiful birds are all over the place, and visitors can have fun feeding birds and fish with bread. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the refreshing views of the King Fahad Fountain visible from the park.

Location : Corniche Road, Al Hamra District, Jeddah

Timings : Open 24 hours (every day)

Facilities : There is a dedicated play area for kids with a few swings. Wheelchair facility is available and there are separate washrooms for both men and women.

2.  Fayhaa Park

Fayhaa Park is the ideal destination for visitors to have fun and escape daily life’s stresses. Lush green spaces and trees scattered in the park provide spectacular views and add to its beauty. There are designated walking paths around the park, and visitors can also rent bicycles to travel around. Morning is the best time to enjoy the cool breeze in the park. The park is ideal for morning exercises and houses a variety of exercise equipment.

Location : Al Fayhaa, Jeddah

Timings : Open 24 hours (every day)

Facilities : There are numerous exercise equipment in the park along with  designated tracks for running and jogging. Neat and clean restrooms are also available.

3. Tihama Park

Tihama Park is one of the most popular destinations for families and groups of friends looking to spend quality time together. The atmosphere makes it ideal for a weekend picnic getaway. The park has well-maintained and spacious green gardens. The park is best for kid’s entertainment as it includes a playground with several slides, games, and swings. Tourists can also organize picnics and indulge in games with kids or take Insta-worthy pictures.

Location : Aziziyah, Jeddah

Timings : Open 24 hours (every day)

Facilities : There are many food stalls selling snacks, ice creams, and drink along seating areas at regular distances for people to relax. Several slides and swings are present for the entertainment of kids.

4.  Attahlia Park

Attahlia Park, spread over 21000 sq meters, is a famous public park in Jeddah for its recreational activities. The park’s peaceful atmosphere and less crowd make it ideal for spending time with family. The abundance of palm trees and shrubs enhances the park’s beauty, attracting a large number of visitors. There are several jogging tracks to walk all across the park, as well as swings for children.

Location : Al Kurnaysh Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Timings : Open 24 hours (every day)

Facilities : There are many seating areas with shades along with a dedicated play area for kids.

Amusement Parks

5. Al Shallal Theme Park

Al-shallal-theme park

Located on Jeddah corniche, Al Shallal theme park is among the Jeddah’s top amusement park. The park is great for people who want to experience adrenaline-pumping rides also who want to relax by riding a boat on the lake. There are various rides for the visitors, including pirates, a samba tower, amazon, bumping cars, a crazy submarine, a merry-go-round, tea cups, a roller coaster, and a slingshot. Ice skating, ladies night, and arcade games are additional attractions.

Location : Al Kurnaysh Road, Ash Shati District, Jeddah

Timings : Saturday to Wednesday, 5 pm to 1 am; and Thursday & Friday 5 pm to 1:30 am

Facilities : Visitors can find a variety of food options at the restaurants along with various souvenir shops throughout the park that sell a range of goods.

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6. Atallah Happy Land Park

Atallah Happy Land is a popular amusement theme park in Jeddah with exciting rides and games. It is also regarded as the best amusement park for kid’s entertainment. It has a distinct theme gaming area, including an arcade game zone and a bowling alley. There are various thrilling rides such as skyloop, surfrider, space gun, big wheel, terminator, dance party, and much more in the park. The park also has a dancing fountain, which is pretty fun to watch.

Location : Al Kurnaysh Road, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Timings : Saturday to Wednesday 5 pm to 12 am; and Thursday & Friday 5 pm to 1:30 am

Facilities : There are various toys and gift stores available at the park along with restaurants and food stalls that offer delicious food items. Also, there is a 3-D cinema in the park.

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Water parks

7. Aqua Park


Aqua park is well-known for its attractive ambiance and distinctive design, greatly inspired by the African environment. There are many incredible things to experience, such as a large swimming pool with seven slides, which is plenty of fun. There is a cinema in the park that shows cartoon and comedy films for the kids. Visitors to the park can sit and relax in the wonderfully constructed African huts.

Location : Prince Sultan Road, Al Zahraa, Jeddah

Timings : Sunday to Friday, 4 pm to 2 am; and Saturday, 3 pm to 2 am

Facilities : Restaurants and cafes in the park serve delicious food items along with a shopping facility for visitors to shop from. There is a garden with trees and lovely flowers to relax.

8. Water Village

Water village park is widely famous among locals and tourists for offering a variety of exciting water slides and games. Various indoor and outdoor swimming pools are appropriate for people of all ages, and each collection includes exciting water rides. There are unique games within the water park, such as a climbing hall and a monkey house. Fantasy Stationery Libraries located in the park is a shopping venue with various international and local brands selling different items.

Location : Al Makarunah Rd, Ar Rabwah, Jeddah

Timings : 4 pm to 12 am (every day)

Facilities : Visitors can enjoy delicious meals at the restaurants. They can also buy toys and gift items at Fantasy Stationery Libraries.

Jeddah has a wide variety of tourist attractions, but the city’s parks give a fantastic chance to enjoy valuable time with loved ones. The incredible parks in Jeddah offer unique and fascinating memories, leaving visitors with wonderful experiences.

Parks In Jeddah FAQs

Are there cycling tracks in Fayhaa Park?

Yes, visitors can rent a bicycle and ride around the designated tracks in Fayhaa Park.

What is the entry fee at Tihama Park?

Entry to Tihama Park is free for visitors.

Does Atallah Happy Land Park have a shopping center?

There are various toys and gift stores in Atallah Happy Land Park.

What hotels are available near Al Shallal theme park?

Rosewood, Jeddah Hilton, and Ascott Sari are some hotels nearby Al Shallal theme park.

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