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Atallah Happy Land Park: Attractions, Location, And Facilities

Atallah Happy Land Park

Located on the seafront with beautiful views of the Red Sea, Atallah Happy Land Park in Jeddah is one of the largest amusement parks to enjoy with family and friends. The park has a large number of rides, including adventure and thrill rides as well as air conditioned indoor entertainment for families. The park offer entertainment for people of all age groups to make their visit memorable, including 26 adult rides and numerous other rides for children. It also includes several games such as ice skating, air hockey, bowling, video and arcade games, and billiards. Additionally, the park allows guests to shop souvenirs and eat delectable food while they take a break from the excitement and adventure.

Atallah Happy Land Park attractions

Atallah Happy Land Park is one of the most famous amusement parks in Jeddah that offers various fun activities and rides to visitors. Some top attractions of the park are:


1. Musical Dancing Fountain

The fountain is one of the most pleasing things that visitors can see in the park. It offers great aesthetics and entertainment, where visitors can see the water changing its shape according to the timed music and laser lights. The beautiful combination of water, laser lights, and music makes Musical Dancing Fountain a wonderful place to spend time and relax in the park.

2. 6-D Adventure

It is one of the top attractions in the park for thrill and entertainment. Visitors coming here see a 3D film with special effects and full motion seats that can provide slight vibrations to strong ones. When all this combines, it lets the viewers feel like they are part of the action happening on the screen.

3. Ice Skating

The park has skating facilities for those who love ice skating. Atallah Happy Land Park is one of the few amusement parks in Jeddah that offers ice skating to visitors. There are guides present for the assistance of guests who are not familiar with ice skating. It is a fun filled activity that helps the visitors to feel good and get rid of daily life stress.

4. Climbing Wall

It is another fun activity to perform for both kids and adults. The walls have different levels of difficulty, which makes this adventure suitable for both the beginners and the professionals. Climbing the wall provides a unique experience and thrill, where the visitors can test their strength and ability to climb.

5. Big Wheel



The Ferris Wheel present in the park is very much liked and admired by all the visitors. It is a 40 m giant wheel that gives a unique experience to the visitors as they can see the beautiful view of Jeddah city, including the stunning park from the top of the wheel. It also provides great opportunities to click amazing pictures and create beautiful memories.

6. Dance Party Ride

The ride swings like a pendulum with full rotation upside down. It is suitable for those who love adventure and thrill because the ride provides guests with an adrenaline pumping experience. From the outside, it looks easy, but when someone goes for a ride, it can be a completely different feeling.

7. Children Theater

The park has a theater that is dedicated to the entertainment of children of all ages. Children can watch a variety of things here, including shows dedicated to kids and cartoon movies. It is one of the best places in the park where visitors can take their kids for fun. The visit to the children theater will turn out to be a memorable experience for the kids.

8. Tagadisco

It is one of the most unique rides present in the amusement park. Here, visitors sit on their seats inside Tagada and have to hold the metal bars when the ride starts spinning with the music being played in the background along with colorful lights. This ride gives visitors entirely a different experience that is unforgettable.

Atallah Happy Land Park address: Corniche Road, North Corniche, Jeddah

Atallah Park entry fee: SAR 25, VIP ride bracelets – SAR 90, Children’s ride bracelets – SAR 50

Attallah Park timings: The park is open daily from 5 pm to 2 am

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Facilities in Atallah Happy Land Park

  • The park is equipped with prayer facilities; there are separate rooms for men and women for praying
  • For Muslim visitors, kiosks in the park offer halal food such as burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, and shawarmas
  • The park has several shops and boutiques for the visitors to go shopping
  • Guests arriving with their vehicles are provided with parking facilities

Things to keep in mind while visiting Atallah Happy Land Park

  • Visitors are not allowed to take any kind of outside food and beverages inside the park
  • Visitors buying VIP bracelets or children’s bracelets don’t have to pay separately for every ride; these include all the rides
  • It is advised to dress appropriately while visiting the park
  • Visitors are not allowed to smoke as it is strictly prohibited inside the park

Atallah Happy Land Park in Jeddah is an excellent place to spend quality time and create great memories with family and friends. It is full of adventure and thrill activities, making it the favorite location of many tourists. The park offers a variety of entertainment and interesting activities to do, including adventure rides, ice skating, wall climbing, musical dancing fountain, and others.

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Atallah Happy Land Park FAQs

Is there a prayer facility in Atallah Happy Land Park?

Yes, there are separate rooms available for men and women in the park for doing prayers.

What is the ticket prices for the park?

Visitors, paying SAR 25 as an entry fee of the park, will have to pay separately for each ride.

Are bumper cars available at Atallah Happy Land Park?

Yes, bumper cars are available at the park. It is available for both adults and kids.

What are the top attractions in Atallah Happy Land Park?

Tagadisco, 6-D Adventure, Ice Skating, and Big Wheel are the top attractions of the park.

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