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10 Places To Visit In Jubail: Beaches, Malls, Parks, And More


Al Jubail is among the largest industrial cities in the Arabian Peninsula. Due to recent technological and cultural advancements, the city has developed into a tourist hub. There are numerous places to visit in Jubail including historical towers and cultural centers, pristine and beautiful beaches, green natural parks, and equipped shopping complexes. Tourists visiting Al Jubail can engage in numerous watersports and sightseeing activities. Further, nature tourists can visit Marine Wildlife Sanctuary to get up close with the diverse flora and fauna of Saudi Arabia.

Top places to visit in Jubail

Monumental cultural centers and historical towers

1. Knowledge And Creativity Center – International events and activities

Knowledge And Creativity Center is an appropriate place to visit with family, especially kids for a informational and fun-filled outing in Jubail. Tourists visiting the Knowledge And Creativity Center can participate in various international events and activities organized at the place. Additionally, the center has several corporate offices and labs, such as FABLAB.

Address: Near Fanateer Mall, Al Jubail.

Phone number: +966 13 346 0635

Opening hour: Saturday to Thursday, 8 am – 9 pm

2. Al-Fanateer Cultural Center – Global business events

Located near Fanateer Beach, Al-Fanateer Cultural Center has a charming interior with a large seating capacity. People visiting Al Jubail for business purposes should visit this site as it is ideal for holding business meetings, company presentations, or other business events. Also, numerous open-to-all business events are organized at Al Fanateer Cultural Center for locals and tourists.

Address: Near Fanateer Beach, Al Jubail.

Phone number: +966 50 581 6567

3. Al Tawia Historical Tower – Near Al Tawia well

Al Tawia Historical Tower was built in 1929 on the orders of King Abdul Aziz. The tower was constructed to protect the Al Tawia well, which was the principal source of water for the nomadic people. Today, the tower serves as a remnant of the past, entailing a historical tale for the tourists and locals alike.

Location: Abu Ali Road, King Fahd Industrial Port, Al Jubail.

Serene and clean beaches

4. Al Nakheel Beach – Water adventure sports


One of the top tourist attractions in Jubail, Al Nakheel Beach is known for its breathtaking views and tranquil environment. It features fun rides for children and has a park, restroom, and rest area for ensuring a worthwhile trip. Visitors can also enjoy delicious quick snacks provided by several food vendors near the beach.

Location: Seaside of road number 6, the beach is situated on road number 101, Al Jubail.

Top activities: Tourists visiting Nakheel Beach can participate in water activities offered at the beach, like banana boat rides and parasailing.

5. Al Fanateer Beach – Beautiful sunrises and sunsets


Within 3 miles of Al Nakheel Beach, tourists can find another spectacular tourist spot, Al-Fanateer Beach. The white sand coastline features paved walking paths and green lawns dotted with palm trees. The beach offers excellent sunrise and sunset views. People can organize picnics with easy access to food stalls and tourist activity spots to spend quality family time.

Location: Seaside of King Fahd Highway along the Fanateer Cornish SideWalk, Al Jubail.

Top activities: People can immerse in beautiful sunset views or take a walk at the beach. Water adventure sports like scuba diving are also offered at the beach.

6. Dareen Beach – Relaxing environment near seashore

Dareen Beach is a good Jubail tourist spot for a family outing popular among locals and visitors for providing awe-inspiring views of the sunset. The beach also features a playground for families visiting with kids. It is relatively clean and best suited for people who want to relax in a natural setting.

Location: Al Khobar Road Roundabout, Al Jubail.

Top activities: As mostly unspoiled, Dareen Beach is an excellent location to relax in the serene setting of seashores.

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Unspoiled parks and conservation reserves

7. Marine Wildlife Sanctuary – Wildlife in natural habitat

Marine Wildlife Sanctuary was established to protect the aquatic biodiversity that exists in Al Jubail. It is home to flamingos, terns, ducks, herons, and seagulls. It also has animals like the red fox and golden jackal. The sanctuary provides tourists to watch numerous animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Location: Ash Shati, Al Jubail.

Phone number: +966 55 231 4453

Top wildlife attractions: Flamingoes, herons, and Golden Jackal.

8. Jalmudah Park – Serene green park

Dotted with lush green trees and small plants, the park is a popular destination for people who like taking a walk in lush and peaceful surroundings. It is a clean and well-maintained park that stays open throughout the day. The park has seating benches and a rest area at regular intervals.

Location: Opposite Ubai Bin Kaab Mosque on road number 6, Jalmuda, Al Jubail.

Phone Number: +966 13 341 3000

Top activities: Family picnics and relaxing walks down the long pathway in the park.

Lavish shopping centers

9. Galleria Mall Jubail – With Vox Cinema Studio


A premier shopping, entertainment, and dining destination in Al Jubail, Galleria Mall is popular place to visit in Jubail among locals and tourists alike. The place offers numerous popular international and local brands. One can find products from clothing, technology, services-based, daily necessity, and more brands. The mall also features a Vox Cinema Studio along with a children activity center.

Address: Al Khamis Road, Fanateer, Al Jubail.

Phone number: +966 13 345 0385

Top stores: Mothercare, next, Cinnzeo, Lilac, McDonald’s, and more.

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday, 9:30 am – 1 am and Friday, 2 pm – 1 am

10. Al Huwailat Center – One-stop shopping center


Al Huwailat Shopping Center houses several electronics, clothing, and interior décor outlets. Families visiting with kids can enjoy the activity arcade located within the premises making it rank among top places to visit in Jubail.. The complex has a large parking space among the various facilities for the convenience of visitors.

Address: Al Huwaylat, Al Jubail.

Phone number: +966 13 340 7428

Top stores: Renads, Hot Pasta, Khonaini Perfumes, Innovation Technology, Jarir Bookstore.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10 am – 11 pm, and Saturday and Friday, 5 pm – 11 pm

Jubail history

The history of human settlements in Al Jubail dates back to 7,000 years. The history narrates about the settlements of Dilmun tribe living near the coast of Persian Gulf in the old Jubail city. Further, the city also ranks among the top industrial cities in the world. It is believed that the city was the first land of site where the geologists found oil to be used for commercial purposes.

Best time to visit Jubail

Jubail weather

One can visit Jubail tourist places during the spring or autumn seasons. Spring is the busiest season for tourism in Al Jubail. At this time, the atmosphere is moderately warm and humid. The second most active season for tourism is autumn. The cool wind and adequate humidity make the atmosphere pleasant during this time of the year.

Jubail temperature

The average high temperature in Jubail during summers range from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, while the low drops down to 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Whereas, high in temperature remains around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and low seeping down to 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Situated in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, Al Jubail houses the largest industries in the world. Since 1975, the city that was once a popular fishing spot, has gone through massive developments. Jubail tourist attractions include beautiful cultural centers, large shopping malls, green parks, and serene beaches. Besides the places mentioned above, tourists visiting Al Jubail can also explore Tarout Castle, located approximately 56 minutes away from the city. The castle is situated on a hill on Tarout Island and was built during the rise of Dilmun Civilisation. From beaches to natural parks, tourists can visit a number of beautiful places to see in Jubail.

Places To Visit In Jubail FAQs

How far is Al Jubail airport from the industrial city?

King Fahd International airport is located approximately 25 km away from the industrial city.

Are there any good beaches in Jubail?

Yes, Jubail has Fanateer beach, Nakheel Beach, Dareen Beach.

What is the best time to visit Jubail?

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit Jubail.

What are the top malls in Jubail?

Fanateer Mall, Galleria Mall, and Huwailat Shopping Center are some of the famous malls in Jubail.

What are the top activities offered at Jubail beaches?

Jet-Skiing, surfing, swimming, banana boat ride and other beachside activities are offered at Jubail beaches.

Where is Jubail in Saudi Arabia?

Jubail is a port city located in the Eastern Province on the coastline of Persian Gulf.

How far is Jubail from Riyadh?

Jubail is around 482 km from Riyadh.


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