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Prince Majed Park In Jeddah, Know Before You Go!


Being the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah offers a wide range of amusement opportunities. The city is well-known for its historical sites as well as various recreational activities. Spread in over 13,200 square meters, Prince Majed Park is a perfect place to visit with your family. It offers a variety of fun activities ranging from fountain shows to play areas for children. The park maintains lush green spaces attracting tourists from around the world.

Prince Majed Park General information

Prince Majid Park location: The park is situated on the Pasta Branch Road of the Al-Rabwa area, Jeddah 23446, Saudi Arabia

Prince Majed Park entry fee: Entry to the park is free of cost.

Prince Majed Park timings: The park is open 24 hours for the public.

Things to do inside Prince Majed Park

1. Play with your children in the kids’ area

A particular area inside the park is developed especially for the kids. The play area houses various kinds of swings and slides. Further, parents can bond with their kids while playing different games in the park. Parents are advised to keep an eye on their kids to avoid minor accidents while playing on the swings and slides. Inside Prince Masej Park, several activities and games are organized for the visitors, including a lucky ball, balloon pop, crazy basketball, etc.

2. Enjoy live concerts on the community stage

The community stage is located in the carnival area, where artists from all parts of the world perform. Cultural nights are organized each Friday, like the Bangladeshi night, Indian night, and Filipino night. Such cultural shows act as a source of learning and a glimpse into other world cultures. These theme-based nights attract tourists and locals in huge numbers.

3. Enjoy delicious food

One can find the food street inside the park, which has famous international food chains. The stalls in the park sell food from different cuisines offering meals like biryani, samosa, burgers, tea, coffee, etc.

4. Explore the art street

There are many small cabins along the street in the park, which are designated for the artists to display their creative work and abilities. Some artists also make live paintings that visitors can marvel at. Visitors can also try their hands on painting and explore the beautiful art gallery.

5. Haunted house

Kids can also enjoy the haunted house located inside the park. Haunted house experience can be a little scary for children; however, the combination of thrill and scare can be fun. The whole tour of the haunted house gets completed in thirty minutes. The tickets for the same can be purchased from inside the park.

6. Shop at the on-site market

There is an on-site market where visitors can buy various things like souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings, perfumes, books, etc. They can shop for exciting items for kids or families at home.

7. Attend the dancing fountain show

The musical fountain is 30 meters tall and is a popular attraction of Prince Masjed Park. Visitors can enjoy a musical fountain show after a regular interval of thirty minutes. The music track gets changed in each show to keep the experience fresh for revisiting visitors.

8. Cultural exhibitions and shows

The cultural exhibition is another prominent attraction for visitors. Each week the different countries of the world exhibit their arts and handicrafts. The park also has an amphitheater where artists perform beautiful acts. The theater is fully equipped and can accommodate more than a thousand people at a time. These shows provide a unique perspective on the different cultures of the world.

9. Take Instagram-worthy pictures

The park is beautifully decorated with colorful flowers. At night, the park is illuminated with pretty lights. The pathways look radiant at night, with the entrance decorated using trees, plants, and statues of camels. Additionally, tourists can click some wonderful pictures for their social media feeds.

10. Relax and walk around the park

There are designated pathways built in zig-zag patterns for the visitors to walk around the park. The park also has a sitting area with many benches in the middle where tourists can sit, relax and rejuvenate themselves.

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Things to keep in mind before visiting the park

  • The tickets are free of cost; however, an online reservation of them is mandatory to enter. One person can buy a maximum of 4 tickets at a time.
  • Avoid visiting the park during the daytime in the summer as the weather gets harsh.
  • Ensure to wear comfortable footwear, as the parking area is huge and can be challenging to walk around.
  • Outside eatables are not allowed inside the park.
  • Do not litter in the park

Prince Majed Park facilities

  • Ample parking spaces
  • Restrooms for males and females
  • Electric cars for visitors
  • Designated and beautifully decorated walkways.
  • Fully equipped theater, food joints, water fountains

Prince Masjed Park is among the biggest parks in Jeddah. The park is best suited for families with kids looking to spend a memorable outing.

Prince Majed Park FAQs

What is the entry fee for Prince Masjed Park?

Entry is free of cost; however, online booking is mandatory.

Are there restaurants and cafes inside the park?

Yes, there are restaurants and cafes inside the premises.

Is there any play area for the kids?

Yes, there is a separate play area for kids with numerous swings.

Is outside food allowed in the park?

No, outside food is not allowed.

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