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Saiysad National Park: Bird Watching, Camping, Picnic And More


Saiysad National Park is a perfect place for tourists looking to spend a day out amidst nature. Located northeast of Taif, the park offers a variety of green areas where one can unwind and revive with their loved ones. The national park is perfect for organizing picnics, camping, and family gatherings. Children can play for hours at the park’s play area, which has a variety of slides and swings. The park suits people of every age and from all walks of life. The park derives its name from its association with the famous archaeological dam of Saiysad, built in 677 AD by his companion Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan. The area was restored with his relics in 1998 and opened to visitors in 1999.

General information about the park

Location: Saiysad National Park, located northeast of Taif city, is one of Saudi Arabia’s major tourist destinations, characterized by its natural beauty. It stands out as a nature reserve amidst densely wooded mountains and vast green spaces with natural spring water. Saiysad National Park is surrounded by the confluence of many valleys in the region, such as Wadi Al Arj and Sisud Valley, the famous Arj Valley.

Timings of Saiysad National Park: The park is open 24 hours for visitors

Ticket price of Saiysad National Park: There is no entry fee to the park

Things to do inside the Saiysad National Park, Taif

1. Walk around the park

The park has long paths specifically designated for jogging and walking. Visitors to the park can stroll down the park while conversing, unwinding with their loved ones, and taking in the stunning scenery around them. The walk is made more enjoyable by the flowers and trees surrounding the park. They can jog as well to maintain their health and fitness.

2. Organize picnic with the loved ones

The park is one of the most popular places in Taif for locals and visitors to go picnicking with their loved ones. The peace and greenery of the park make it the perfect place for an unforgettable picnic. On the grass, visitors can spread out carpets and eat delicious food and drink while spending a memorable day with their family.

3. Bird and nature photography

The region sees numerous magnificent creatures between the spring and winter seasons. The location is particularly renowned for its variety of bird species. It is an ideal place to bring binoculars and go bird watching. Photographers can get stunning images of birds of varied species in this heaven-like setting.

4. Enjoy near the water stream

A water stream is located inside the Saiysad National Park. This is a beautiful sight to behold by anyone visiting the park. One can sit on the rocks surrounding the water body and rejuvenate oneself by looking at and enjoying the sound of the flowing water in this place’s tranquility.

5. Camping with loved ones

The Saiysad National Park has ideal settings to go camping with their loved ones. The landscape of this park makes it even more enjoyable. One is recommended to carry food and water while camping in the park. Visitors can organize a barbeque beside the water stream and indulge in stargazing at night.

6. Eat at nearby restaurants

Saiysad National Park is full of restaurants and eateries that serve a variety of delicious cuisines. Popular restaurants here are Queen Taste, Qanateer Cafe, Al Safy Cafe, and Restaurant Khayal Restaurant. These places can be a great choice after exploring the park.

7. Take Instagram-worthy pictures

The park’s landscape, which is over lush green gardens, water streams, waterfalls, and huge mountains, can be the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. Tourists can also photograph various flora and fauna of the place.

8. Fun activities for kids

The park is great for children to participate in various fun games and activities. There is a dedicated play area with a variety of slides, rides, and games for the kids to play all day long. Visiting the park is a great learning experience where one can see and identify several birds, trees, and beautiful flowers with their kids.

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Things to remember while visiting the park

  • Several types of snakes, scorpions, and other reptiles naturally inhabit the park. Therefore while moving, keep a vigilant eye on surroundings and wear safety shoes.
  • When visiting the park, bring enough water.
  • If someone intends to camp in the park but has never done so, they should get in touch with an expert. Another great choice is to hire a guide.
  • Ensure the surroundings are tidy. Heavy fines may result from littering.
  • Visit during winter or in the evening to avoid harsh heat.
  • Consider comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot.

Hotels near Saiysad National Park

There are several hotels in the vicinity of the park. These hotels have spacious and beautiful rooms with amenities such as free parking, free WiFi, an on-site restaurant, and 24-hour room service. Seven Garden‘s Hotel, Taif Promise Chalets, Aryaik Resort, and Gardens View are some of the best hotels near the park.

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Located on Taif Airport Road, the park is a great place to spend family outings. It has many slides and other fun activities for children. Tourists visiting Taif should surely put Saiysad National Park in their itinerary.

Saiysad National Park FAQs

What are the timings of the park?

The park is 24 hours open.

What is the entry fee for the park?

There is no entrance fee to the park.

Is camping allowed inside the park?

Yes, camping is allowed inside the park.

Is parking available near the park?

Yes, the park has its own parking space.

Are there any nearby restaurants?

Yes, there are a variety of restaurants located near the park.

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