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Skydiving In Saudi Arabia: Everything One Needs To Know


Skydiving is a thrilling sport of jumping out of an airplane with adrenaline pumping beyond limits. It involves free-falling out of an airplane before activating a parachute.  Skydiving in Saudi Arabia has become one of the things on bucket lists for tourists visiting the destination in recent years.Moreover, it houses many professional skydiving centers for tourists and adrenaline enthusiasts. Skydiving in Saudi Arabia is done at an altitude of around 12,500 feet, with a 40–50 second freefall. The landscape of Saudi Arabia is wonderful which makes the jump a more memorable moment in anyone’s life by capturing mesmerizing views.

Places to skydive in Saudi Arabia

There are many centers available for Skydiving in Saudi Arabia, some of them are:-


1. Skydive Fiji

Founded in April 2004, Skydive Fiji is a great skydiving center located in Fiji. It takes pleasure in being one of the most seasoned and prestigious skydiving businesses in Fiji, with an admirable safety record. Skydive Fiji provides visitors with an amazing experience that one cannot forget. The experience provides tandem skydiving over the magnificent islands and coral reefs of Fiji. The team has a great local and ground staff who are extremely friendly and with professional experience that ensures that the guests are safe and will leave with an experience of a lifetime. The instructors are internationally certified and are well-equipped with all the safety requirements for the guests to have a stress-free course.

Skydiving cost: It has 3 options to perform which are Legend, Extreme and Typical, which cost SAR 640, 750, and 830 respectively.

2. Riyadh Air Sports

Riyadh Air Sports is the skydiving center in Riyadh. People from all over the world visit Riyadh Air Sports and experience different adventures. The local ground crew is pleasant and knowledgeable.  The internationally-certified instructors and pilots make sure that their guests are safe and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with enduring memories to take home.

3.  Clouds Aviation Dhahran

Clouds Aviation is the sky diving center in Dhahran. If one wants to try something new while flying above the ground, Clouds Aviation’s skydiving trip is for them. Live the adventure with one of the region’s top air sports experts. The center helps in providing the best adrenaline-filled experience with great safety.  To fly with the Clouds Aviation center one needs to be more than 18 years of age.

Skydiving cost: SAR 400-450

How to Prepare for Skydiving in Saudi Arabia

  • An empty stomach will put any nerves into overdrive, whereas a full one will lead to bellyaching for entirely other reasons. Carrying snacks will help to stay calm and grounded while waiting for the green light. Take care not to overeat or drink before bed.
  • Nerves the night before a big event is quite normal, and skydiving for the first time is tremendous. Take care of the body and mind to prepare oneself to handle new experiences that will accompany one’s first jump.
  • The temperature on the ground differs from that in the clouds. Dress in close-fitting layers to stay comfortable throughout the day – yoga pants, leggings, or sweatpants for the bottom, a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt for the top, and sneakers for footwear.
  • Some sites provide students with a jumpsuit, and it is always recommended to take the advantage of the offer. Jumpsuits keep the clothes snag-free, and grass-stain-free during freefall and prevent unanticipated costume malfunctions.

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Types of Skydiving offered in Saudi Arabia


There are different types of techniques for jumping in skydiving during the trip. There are mainly 3 types of jumps that one can try during sky diving.

1. Static line Jump

The static line jump is a type of jump technique that is used during sky diving. In this technique, the diver is connected to the aircraft with a cord and the parachute automatically opens up within 3 seconds of the freefall and no action is required from the diver. One should note that the jump is made from only the height of 3000 feet and requires 6 hours of training and abiding by the safety instructions.

2. Accelerated Free Fall

Accelerated Free fall is one of the most thrilling techniques of jumping in the course of skydiving. This technique is not for the faint-hearted as one jumps without any attachments and does a free fall. This technique happens from a height of 13000 feet and requires theory instructions along with practical training for utmost safety during the course.

3. Tandem Jump

It is one of the simplest techniques of jumping in the course of skydiving. The tandem jump requires the diver to be connected to the instructor through a harness. The diver and instructor jump together and the instructor handles the cord for the parachute giving the diver a relaxed and safe experience of skydiving. This type of technique requires minimal instruction and training during the course

Skydiving in Saudi Arabia is a thrilling sport that is ideal for creating lifelong memories. The activity provides a wholesome and memorable experience.

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Skydiving In Saudi Arabia FAQs

What is the location of Riyadh Air Sports?

Riyadh Air Sports is located at King Fahd Road, Al Arid, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What is the cancellation policy for Clouds Aviation?

If called 24 hours before the reservation time, one can cancel the session and receive a full refund.

What is the free fall time for Radical fall in Skydive Fiji?

The free fall time is 60 seconds for Radical fall in Skydive Fiji.

What is the height of Extreme fall at Skydive Fiji?

The height of Extreme fall is 3,700 meters at skydive Fiji.

Can one keep the phone in their hand while skydiving?

One can snap as many shots on the ground one wishes before and after the jump. However one cannot bring a camera, phone, GoPro, Selfie Stick, or similar device to the skydiving event.

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