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Sky Zone Khobar: Saudi Arabia’s First Trampoline Park


Located to the south of Dammam on the Persian Gulf, the oasis and port city of Al Khobar is a popular tourist destination. Because of the city’s panoramic landscapes, brilliant seashores, gorgeous parks, and outstanding skyscrapers, there are many activity centers to visit in Al Khobar. One such park is the Sky Zone Khobar.People of all ages visit this park all year-round to partake in the facility’s many fund and adventure activities. The park has numerous trampoline platforms and pits of sponge blocks, as well as a dining hall and a separate activity area for ladies.


How to reach Sky Zone Khobar

Sky Zone Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday, 4 pm to 11 pm; Thursday, 4 pm to 12 am; Friday,2 pm to 12 am

Sky Zone Khobar Ticket Price: The entry fee is 50 SAR for 30 minutes, 80 SAR for 60 minutes, 100 SAR for 90 minutes, 110 SAR for 120 minutes. Tourists will have to pay SAR 10 for Sock Sky Zone

Sky Zone Khobar Location: Prince Sultan Road, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34235

Sky Zone Khobar Facilities: Sports Games, Trampoline, Party Halls, Restaurants, etc.


Top Sky Zone Khobar activities

1. Gaming Zone

Visitors of any age may enjoy activities at the gaming zone. The activities include bouncing from one trampoline to the next, jumping into pools with foam balls, and playing a form of dodgeball that is played on trampolines.

2. Freestyle Jump

Players get to be free of gravity and soar through the air on expansive trampoline courts that are completely enclosed. While flipping and leaping on the largest trampoline court in the park, children have the opportunity to compete against a buddy, display their inner acrobat, and achieve new levels of success.

3. Skyslam

Visitors are given the opportunity to test the boundaries of what is feasible by indulging in a basketball type of game. There are hoops available in a variety of heights to suit jumpers of varying proportions so that anyone may dominate the rim.

4. Ultimate Dodgeball

The Ultimate Dodgeball at Sky Zone  brings the childhood game to another level. it is a fun and high-flying sport that offers players a brand new approach to enjoying time with their loved ones or family. The twist is the height one can achieve from the ground during the game while rules remain the same.

5. Foam Zone

It is all about huge air and gentle landings in the Foam Zone. The zone is a perfect spot to try out the most dangerous tricks in a pool made of giant foam cubes.

6. SkyHoops

With SkyHoops, players take the popular arcade game to new heights. Visitors can challenge their friends to a game of basketball while attempting to block each other’s shots several feet above the ground.

7. SkyLine

The ability to maintain balance when standing on SkyLine is impressive in and of itself, let alone the skill required to walk the full length of it without tumbling.

8. SkyLadder

Although similar to other balancing games, SkyLadder takes players literally off their feet. They must work their way up the shaky ladder to the peak, where they may firmly plant their flags. And if they fail, they can always pick themselves up from the cushioning and try again.

9. SkyJoust

Players may compete against their friends in the SkyJoust in a unique way. Players in SkyJoust face off on pedestals suspended over a foam pit or airbag, evoking the style of ancient Roman gladiators. Even if players manage to preserve their equilibrium, they still need to topple their opponents.

10. Volleyball

In Ultimate Volleyball, the ball never touches the floor. Players may use their trampoline courts to play, gaining an aerial advantage that can result in devastating shot or unbreakable stonewall blocks or players.

11. Rock Climbing

The Wall combines elements of trampolining, parkour, and a vert skate ramp to provide a new and exciting canvas for aerial artists. Coming in and giving it a try is the only way to get a feel for what’s possible.

12. Group Events and Parties

A party at Sky Zone Khobar is a great way to take the traditional birthday bash to new heights. The parks provide packages for a memorable and exciting party, whether it’s a birthday, bachelor, group event, or Sweet 16 celebration.

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Things to keep in mind while visiting Sky Zone Khobar

  • Players need to listen to their intuition and not do flips, jumps, or tricks that they aren’t confident they can pull off successfully. Flips and other stunts are risky and should be attempted at one’s discretion.
  • One should never engage in jumping if a staff member is not around.
  • Players should not attempt more than a single flip in one go.
  • Players should stay away from the playing area if they feel sick.
  • Parents should maintain strict supervision over their kids.

Sky Zone Khobar, Saudi Arabia’s first trampoline park, is located in Khobar. The park got its name from the activities it mostly entails, primarily related to high jumps and trampolining. It is the perfect activity center for those who are searching for ways to engage in active pursuits to have fun and experience the thrill.

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Sky Zone Khobar FAQs

Is there any women-only day at Sky Zone Khobar?

Yes, Saturdays and Tuesdays are women only at Sky Zone Khobar.

What are Sky Zone open days?

Sky Zone is open Monday to Sunday, except for the holidays.

Are there any good hotels near Sky Zone Khobar?

Staybridge Suites Al Khobar and Park Inn Al Khobar are two main hotels near Sky Zone Khobar.

Is there a cafe at Sky Zone?

There are eateries at Sky Zone Khobar to enjoy scrumptious meals.

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