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Splash Water Park, Riyadh: Rides, Tickets, And Tips


Splash Water Park is one of the best places in Riyadh to enjoy leisure activities and spend a holiday with family and friends. The park has a big pool where visitors can try various water slides and engage in a lot of fun games. The lake is full of slides and cylinders that offer thrill while plunging rapidly into the water. The park also has a children’s area with bumping cars, swings, and other entertainment options. It has a sizable, lush garden, which is best for unwinding after a long day of fun.

In addition to some adrenaline-pumping rides and activities, the water park also offers space for some classic games like the Hide and Seek, Hopscotch and others that provide boundless fun for visitors of all ages. The Cyclone Family Slide, Harakiri, Multi-lane Slides, Mini Columbus Ferris Wheel, Mushroom Fall, and Splash Pools are some of the rides that draw large crowds.

Kids can enjoy a wide variety of water activities and other amusement rides at Splash Water Park, making it a highly sought-after location for school field and family day trips. The water used for the rides is maintained to international standards of purity and is routinely changed by the authorities.

The Splash Waterpark Riyadh entry fee: SAR 15 for adults and SAR 30 for children (including water games).

Timings: Splash Water Park in Riyadh is open from 2 pm to 12 am on Saturdays and Fridays.

Location of Splash Waterpark Riyadh: Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra, Riyadh

The Splash Water Park’s layout

The Splash Water Park’s layout is divided into two sections: On one side, there is a pool and a variety of slides. A few rides created especially for children are located on the park’s other side. These attractions include Break Dance, Mini Columbus, Carousel Revolving Tower, Striking Car, and Cup Plate. Additionally, there are some slides that are sure to stoke your sense of adventure. Body Slide, H2O Slides, Turning Point Slide, Mushroom Slide, Family Slide, Wave Pool, Waterfall, Aqua Dance, Lazy River, and Cyclone Slide are a few of the slides.

Top rides inside the Splash Water Park, Riyadh


1. Cyclone family slide

It is a special water ride that offers an exciting experience to people of all ages. It produces effects similar to a loop and cyclonic spin before a drop into a pool. There are numerous stages in the ride that increase the overall thrill.

2. Harakiri

The ride is famous for providing sudden jumps and free fall sliding experiences. The thrill of this ride, which combines speed and jumps, compels sliders to go on it repeatedly. The slide course can have a variety of custom jumps and drops. As the ride can be dangerous at times, one must perform in supervision of an expert.

3. Carousel revolving tower

It is a ride with eight four-person gondolas that can be raised as high as 14,5 meters around a tower. As the tower steadily rotates, the gondolas swing outward, giving passengers a fantastic view of the surroundings included with a hint of adventure.

4. Speed body slide

A speed slide is a type of body slide in which riders are propelled to the ground in steep free-fall descents. The slide is appropriate for speed seekers who loves to slide down at breathtaking speeds in water parks.

5. Wave pool

The park has a swimming pool with large, artificially produced waves that resemble ocean waves. It is fun to swim around and indulge in various fun activities with family and friends in the pool.

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Things to keep in mind while visiting the Splash Waterpark, Riyadh

1. Swimwear

Typically, visitors to water parks are not permitted to enter the water without swimwear. Before you start trying on any swimsuits you might want to bring, always check the specific water park’s dress code. Bring no swimwear with zippers, buttons, belts, rivets, or other metal accents. Because they could harm the water park’s machinery, you might not be allowed to ride on some slides with them.

2. Carry extra pair of clothes

If the clothes don’t dry, bring a change of clothing that is easy to change into later. Include a spare set of underwear to wear when returning home. Consider bringing an extra set of bathing suits per person if you’re splitting up the day at the water park so the one doesn’t need to put on a wet suit again.

3. Wear sunblock

Bring sunscreen with an SPF between 30 and 45. To shield yourself from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun, look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Select a water-resistant variant. Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside, and carry extra with you in case you need to. Bring baby sunscreen if needed.

4. Bring a backpack or a beach bag

For carrying around water shoes, sunscreen, snacks, and towels, a beach bag or backpack comes in handy.

5. Store valuables in plastic bags

Bring waterproof, sealable bags. Bring cash with you in case anyone wants to buy food, drinks, souvenirs, or anything else they might have overlooked packing. Some water parks also accept major credit cards for purchasing food, merchandise, and admission.

6. Bring a waterproof camera, if possible

Compared to a smartphone or digital camera, a disposable, waterproof camera would be less of a loss and less likely to be damaged. If you intend to bring a camera, be aware that some water parks do not permit the use of monopods or selfie sticks. Depending on whether your camera requires them, bring film or batteries.

The Splash Water Park offers birthday parties, corporate events, pool parties, product launches, and small gatherings in a clean, safe environment. It is a unique blend of entertainment and adventure.

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Splash Water Park FAQs

How far is the Splash water park from Riyadh Center?

The park is 25km away from Riyadh center.

Are children allowed inside the water park?

Yes, children are allowed inside the water park.

Are there any lockers available inside the water park?

Yes, there are private lockers available inside Splash water park, Riyadh.

Is the park open on all days?

Yes, the park is operational on all days of the week.

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