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Water Village Jeddah: Location, Attractions, Ticket Prices And More


Water Village Jeddah is one of the top tourist destinations in the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, The park provides a wide range of thrilling water activities such as slides, tunnels, swimming pools, and waves.Additionally, the Water Village park in Jeddah offers other services and amenities, such as a restaurant that offers delectable food options for visitors from around the globe. Tourists can also purchase souvenirs from Fantasy Stationery Library showcasing some great gifts for family and friends.

Water Village Jeddah general information

Water Village Jeddah’s Ticket price: Entry ticket for access to all the water rides to Jeddah Water Village costs SAR 129. In comparison, the price for just the entry into the water park will cost around SAR 39 for whosoever does not wish to take the water rides or are parents and caretakers to watch over the kids in the water park.

Water Village Jeddah’s Timings: Sunday to Wednesday, 4 pm to 12 am

Water Village Jeddah’s Address: South of the Island Shield Roundabout,  Prince Sultan Street,  near master of libraries, 562 0932

Things to do in Water Village Jeddah

1. Water Area

This area includes water slides, a swimming pool, splash pads, and a water playground along with a floating, bathing, and surfing area. This is a whole different area specially designed to enjoy water slides and a giant bucket from the top splashes water at the visitors at different intervals. Kids can enjoy different slides in the water area. Also, parents can sit outside the water area and check on their children. The water area includes:

1. Water Slides: The water area includes different slides which are safe for kids. One can enjoy these slides the whole day and still not feel tired as they are so fun to ride. There are open water slides and closed tube water slides of different colors and lengths according to the visitor’s choice.

2. Swimming pool:  The whole area spread across the park is covered with water. All the rides and activities have a water body or a swimming pool at the end of the ride. There is a separate pool for people to enjoy just floating or swimming. Life Guards are around the area for the protection of the children.

3. Wave pool: In this part of the water area, waves constantly feel like an ocean. The wave pool also has music playing for the entertainment of the visitors and gives the replica of a fun beach to enjoy. The kids enjoy the splash pads a lot.

4. Water Playground:  Besides the main water area, it has a separate section for kids to play. The kids are given balls and other stuff to play among them. The water playground has different sprinklers, slides, and interactive games. Also, different animal structures are placed for kids to remain entertained throughout. There is a seating area outside the playground for parents to watch over their children and a lifeguard for safety purposes.

2. Fantasy Stationery Library

The Fantasy Stationery Library is a shopping area located inside Water Village Jeddah. It contains a store where one can buy souvenirs, household goods, gifts and toys, and items from well-known national and multinational brands.

3. Restaurant

There is a food court that provides delectable food options from various kiosks in the food court. Visitors can pay directly in the kiosks to get food. The food court provides a variety of delicious cuisines for guests to try and relish. There is also a little market with a few eateries where one can sample various food options.

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Water Village Jeddah facilities


  • The park is very well decorated with greenery and beautiful pathways
  • At night, the whole area is wonderfully lit for a great mood
  • The area has numerous seating areas for visitors to sit and rest peacefully
  • There are lifeguards located in all areas for the safety of the visitors
  • There are designated locker and changing areas for visitors to use on a chargeable basis
  • Visitors can store their personal belongings in the locker area with utmost safety
  • The shopping areas are well-equipped with daily needs, and equipment visitors might need during their day in the water park
  • The area is cleaned and well-maintained, keeping all safety risks and hazards in mind
  • Medical services are available in case of any emergency

Things to keep in mind when visiting Water Village Jeddah

  • According to Water Village’s rules, female adults over 140 cm in height are not permitted to use the water games.
  • Parents and Nannies are not allowed in the water area.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and pay an additional fee at Water Village.
  • Entering Water Village necessitates donning a mask and maintaining social distance.
  • Not applicable to elderly individuals 65 years of age and older, those with chronic illnesses, or anyone with a fever.

Water Village Jeddah is the best option if one is looking for a perfect family getaway. Visitors can enjoy the fun-filled water rides and activities throughout the day. Further, parents and adults can enjoy the great shopping facilities for souvenirs, houseware, and gifts for their loved ones. One can end the day with the perfect meal with numerous food options available at the food court.

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Water Village Jeddah FAQs

What is the location of Water Village Jeddah?

Water Park Jeddah is located on Prince Sultan Street, just south of the Island Shield Roundabout, and close to some of the finest libraries in the world.

What is the timing for Water Village Jeddah?

The time for Water Village Jeddah is 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

What is the price for an adult in Water Village Jeddah?

The ticket cost SAR 60 for an adult in Water Village Jeddah.

Is the park open all 7 days of the week?

Yes, the park is open all 7 days of the week.

How much does a ticket to Water Village Jeddah cost for a child?

The ticket price is SAR 25 for a child in Water Village Jeddah.

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