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Visit Aseer National Park To See Wilderness And Adventure Come Alive


Popular for untouched wilderness in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the Aseer National Park is an exceptional place with resplendent natural beauty spread all around. It is also famous for being the first National Park of Saudi Arabia, covering an area of over 1600 square kilometers. The park is home to over 300 different species of animals and birds. The park has numerous nature trails, camping sites, hiking paths, and animal spotting spots.

Things to do in Aseer National Park

1. Hiking on the trail of Jebel Soudah

Prominent walking trails and hiking routes dotting the natural park are ideal for adventure seekers and active tourists alike. Additionally, the highest peak of Saudi Arabia, which towers at 10,552 feet above sea level, is situated within the premises of this park. Jebel Soudah lined with Junipers make for an ideal hiking trip, especially during the summer months. Winters become exceptionally chilly, and it could even snow when the temperatures dip below normal. Also, the mountain remains covered in a thick coat of fog during the winter months, making it exceptionally challenging for trekkers and hikers to find their way.

Best time for activity: May to September

Trail length: 15.4 km in total

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2. Camping under night sky

The lush green vegetation provides the ideal backdrop for camping within the Aseer National Park. There are over 67 camping sites waiting to be explored by increasing tourists everyday. All these spots are demarcated with dots on the map of the park clearly for the convenience of the tourists. Each of these sites has parking facilities, clean toilets, and seating arrangements with tables and seats. There are nature trails, play areas, and lookouts for young children, making camping a truly exhilarating activity to enjoy with the entire family. Apart from these campgrounds, the remaining portions of the park remain shrouded in the wilderness.

3. Taking a cable car ride to Jebel Soudah

With the spectacular views of the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, Jebel Soudah is best enjoyed via the exciting cable car ride. The ride is one of the star attractions of the the park and one of the best ways to capture the most gorgeous sights and natural sounds. However, it is to be kept in mind that owing to the popularity of cable car rides, it is likely to be extremely crowded. Tourists will need to queue up for tickets and wait patiently for their turn once the tickets have been purchased.

Ticket price: SAR 100

4. Spotting diverse wildlife


Aseer National Park boasts of unspoiled wilderness and is home to hundreds of species of wild animals and birds. It is also a heaven for birdwatchers or ornithologists who are looking to pick up facts about rare species. Spotting rare wildlife is one of the most intriguing activities in the park. Tourists can consider treading through one of the many nature trails on foot and lookout for something interesting. Alternatively, jeep safaris are available for swiftly exploring the length and breadth of the forest.

5. Enjoying some great food at local restaurants

There are quite a few restaurants and cafes in and around the park. Tourists can have breakfast before beginning their national park exploration. They can explore one of the many cafes nearby, like JavaBeans and eat a quick lunch with a cup of coffee. Tourists should remember, visiting the park will not consume anything less than 5 hours; therefore, one must make sure they have eaten well beforehand.

Popular eateries nearby: KFC, JavaBeans, Aya Sofya, Burger Taste, Camel Step and more

Things to keep in mind while visiting Aseer National Park Abha

  • Make sure to wear warm and comfortable layered clothing while visiting the park.
  • Consider comfortable footwear as one will likely be walking a lot.
  • Tourists planning to go camping or trekking should make sure they carry insect repellents and mosquito creams to keep themselves safe from diseases.
  • Always choose the summer months for visiting the Aseer National Park.
  • Take time at hand. Touring the entire park can consume up to 5 to 6 hours.
  • Spare some moments wandering amidst the gorgeous untouched wilderness.

Highlights of Aseer National Park


  • The undisturbed wilderness and pure tranquility are highly enjoyable
  • The park houses the highest mountain peak in the country, Jebel Soudah.
  • It is home to a massive range of species of flora and fauna.
  • Bird watching is a truly interesting activity.
  • There are over 67 camping sites for picnics and adventures alike
  • Tourists can make the most of nature trails, walking tracks, hiking paths for simple adventures.
  • Tourists can also opt for 4×4 safari rides to cover more areas of the park in less time. One can enjoy riding cable cars inside the park.

Aseer National Park location

Aseer National Park is at a distance of 14 minutes drive from Abha, which is a glorious tourist attraction in itself. The park is 16.2 km away from Abha (AHB) airport and is located on the King Abdulaziz Rd near Abu Kheyal Park. Tourists can easily hire a car from any part of the Abha city or the airport to reach the park conveniently.

Aseer National Park weather

The weather in the park is essentially relaxed and comfortable during the summer months. The wintertime can be exceptionally cold and immensely foggy. Sometimes, the park also witnesses snowfall during the winter when the climate is freezing. The best time to visit is during the summer when the temperature remains between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Aseer National Park is the ideal destination for those who are in love with exploring the wilderness. Tourists can enjoy the pure greenery and lush vegetation while exploring the hundreds of species of wildlife and birds residing here. It also provides some of the best views of the tallest peak in Saudi Arabia. The Aseer is also home to numerous walking trails, camping sites, and trekking routes, providing the ideal setting for the active and adventurous tourists.

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Aseer National Park FAQs

Where is Aseer National Park located?

Aseer National Park is located 16.2 km from the city of Abha in Saudi Arabia.

Are there good restaurants near Aseer National Park?

Yes, tourists can find Camel Step, KFC, Cafe Promised among others.

How much is the entry fee for Aseer National Park?

There is no entry fee for Aseer National Park. Entry is free.

What are the Aseer National Park timings?

The park is open round the clock for 24 hours.

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