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10 Beautiful Parks In Saudi Arabia For A Splendid Outing


Though Saudi Arabia is a desert country, it offers numerous natural and man-made lush green parks. These parks in Saudi Arabia are designed to impart memorable and relaxing experiences to visitors. Additionally, owing to its technological prowess, the kingdom provides access to some of the most fun-filled and advanced theme parks in the world. The parks offer thrilling activities like trekking, hiking, and adventure rides. Most of the parks in Saudi Arabia are great spots for organizing family picnics.

Top national parks in Saudi Arabia

1. Al Kharrarah National Park – Lake of liquid light


Situated on the outskirts of Riyadh, Al Kharrarah National Park is a beautiful desert valley featuring sweeping sand dunes and craggy rock formations. It is home to the gorgeous Lake Kharrarah, nestled amidst majestic red-hued hills. The lake is also referred to as the ‘Lake of Liquid Light’. In addition to offering breathtaking views of the expanding valley, this remarkable national park in Saudi Arabia provides tourists with an opportunity to engage in various exciting and fun activities. One of the park’s major highlights is the rocky Tuwaiq escarpment, which is also popularly known as ‘The Edge of the World’.

Top activities: Dune bashing, sandboarding, quad bike riding, dune buggy riding, kite flying, camping under stars near the bonfire

Location: Al-Muzahmiya, Riyadh Province

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

2. Asir National Park – Expanding marine and terrestrial areas


Known for being the first national park in Saudi Arabia, Asir National Park is sprawled across a huge area of 1600 square miles. The park was established in 1981 and extends all the way from the Red Sea coast to the Asir mountains. It features terrestrial and marine areas and is home to rolling foothills, far-reaching plains, deep canyons, and majestic mountain peaks. The park serves as a delight for nature lovers and houses more than 300 species of animals and birds. Boasting some of the country’s most unspoiled and tranquil wilderness, it is also renowned for being home to the Jebel Soudah, the country’s highest mountain.

Top activities: Camping, bird watching, picnics, cable car rides, and hiking

Notable facilities: It features 67 camping sites and offers jeep safaris to help visitors explore all of its attractions.

Location: Abha, Asir Province

Asir National Park timings: Open 24 hours, every day

3. Saiysad National Park – Beautiful Waterfall and ancient dam

Located in the northeastern region of the city of Taif, Saiysad National Park features rolling valleys, lush greenery, tall mountains, and dense tree cover. The beautiful national park has a serene atmosphere. Serving as one of the country’s most important nature reserves, it is home to a stunning waterfall, hot water springs, and a famous archaeological dam.

Top activities: Picnics, bathing in hot water springs, nature photography, and camping

Notable facilities: This Saudi Arabian park is home to a play area featuring numerous swings and slides, making it very popular amongst kids. It also has football courts, where kids and adults can play together for a great time.

Location: Taif, Makkah Province

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Saiysad National Park ticket price: Free

4. Al Ahsa National Park – Sprawling wilderness


In close proximity to the majestic Qarah Mountain, Al Ahsa National Park in Saudi Arabia was originally established to prevent desert sands from being blown into the Umran city. Over the years, it has transformed into a lush green national park that serves as an ideal destination for a family outing. It features large green spaces and is an excellent spot for those who love to spend time amidst nature and wilderness.

Top activities: Picnics, strolling along the walking trails, swimming, horse riding, and motorcycle riding

Notable facilities: Al Ahsa National Park has numerous playgrounds, swimming pools, and recreational areas, making it an incredible place for kids and adults.

Location: Al Umran, Eastern Province

Timings: Open from 6 am to 6 pm, every day

Al Ahsa National Park ticket price: SR 50 for every visitor over the age of 12

Top nature parks in Saudi Arabia

5. Salam Park – With bird watching spots

Salam Park is a widely popular Saudi Arabian park spread across a massive area of 25 hectares in Riyadh. It has gained immense fame owing to its scenic beauty and remarkable natural features, welcoming thousands of tourists all year round. Lined with numerous attractions, expansive green spaces, pristine sports fields, thick groves, well-built walkways, and long jogging tracks, it houses a gorgeous lake and magnificent fountain that add to its beauty.

Top attractions and activities: Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque, Al-Musmak Fortress, Qasr Al-Hukm Palace, the illuminated fountain, nature reserves, pony riding, bird watching, picnics, boating, and jogging

Notable facilities: Some of the park’s major facilities include eight free playgrounds equipped with various electric games, train tours, car parking, baby pushchairs, wheelchairs, a mosque, prayer areas, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and 13 kiosks and food stalls.

Location: Salam Street, Salam, Riyadh

Timings: The park opens at 1 pm and closes at midnight from Monday to Saturday and remains closed every Sunday

Salam Park ticket price: SR 5.25 for all visitors over the age of 3 and free entry for children below 3 years and those with special needs

6. Ar Ruddaf Park – Lake with dancing fountain


Situated in the vibrant city of Taif, the park is known for its lush green landscapes, prime location, and massive size. The remarkable family park has a stunning lake featuring a synchronized fountain. It is popular for organizing spectacular flower festivals during the spring season, displaying thousands of colorful flowers.

Top attractions and activities: Lake featuring a synchronized fountain with fabulous light shows, picnic spots, kid’s playgrounds equipped with swings, an open gym, two football fields, and a volleyball court

Notable facilities: Some of the major facilities maintained by the park include food stalls with benches nearby, a fresh fruit market, a big on-site mosque, and cart services.

Location: Abu Talib, Al Ruddaf, Taif

Timings: Remain open between 4 pm, and 1 am from Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays

Ar Ruddaf Park ticket price: Free

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7. King Fahd Park – A stunning swan lake

King Fahd Park is renowned for being the largest park in Saudi Arabia. Sprawled across a huge 100 hectares, it is widely popular for its magical scenic beauty. The Saudi Arabian park is a delight for all nature lovers, featuring neatly manicured lawns, shrubs lining the promenade, stunning man-made lakes and lagoons, and gorgeous little waterfalls. It is home to numerous scenic walkways that wrap around the lush green hills and house a dancing fountain. Also, the park reflects the richness of the city’s fauna with hundreds of species of plants, trees, and bushes.

Top attractions and activities: The dancing water fountain, bird watching area, amusement park with 25 different adventure rides, swan lake, jogging tracks, walking trails, and nurseries for plants

Notable facilities: A pedestrian bridge, fast food restaurant, events center, VIP building, shaded seating areas, and benches dotting the walkways

Location: Al Shifa, Dammam

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Entry fee: SR 10 for all individuals over the age of 12, SR 5 for children between the ages of 3 and 12, and free entry for children under the age of 3 and those with special needs

8. Al Salam Park – Roller coaster and pony rides

Listed amongst the most popular tourist places in Abha, Al Salam Park has vibrant gardens, colorful flowers, and huge greenhouses. It features numerous traditional amusement rides like roller coasters, carnival games, and slides, making it a particular favorite amongst children. Also, it has a beautiful huge pond offering a serene environment to the entire place.

Top attractions and activities: Roller coasters, carnival games, play areas, boat rides, picnics, walking tours, pony rides, a pond, and a mini zoo

Notable facilities: Restaurants, snack corners, cafes, benches, shaded seating areas, a shopping area, and electric play areas

Location: Al Muruj, Abha

Timings: Open from 4 pm to 1 am, Thursday to Saturday, from 4 pm to 12:45 am on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, and from 1:30 pm to 12:45 am on Tuesdays

Al Salam Park ticket price: SR 5 per person for those over the age of 5 and free entry for children below the age of 5

Top amusement parks in Saudi Arabia

9. Al Hokair Land – Oldest amusement park


Al Hokair Land was opened to the public back in 1987, ranking it among the oldest amusement park in Saudi Arabia. The park is lined with numerous fun-filled rides. It offers a myriad range of exciting activities for people from all age groups. The park has everything from exciting roller coasters and incredible water slides to amazing video games and food stalls. It has a massive entrance created to resemble a beautiful Arabian castle.

Top attractions: The rollercoaster ride, cancan ride, mini Ferris wheel, video game center, Eiffel Tower replica, and bumping cars.

Notable facilities: Al Hokair Land is home to several food kiosks selling items like burgers, french fries, and cold drinks. It also has various restaurants for a comfortable dining experience.

Location: Eastern Ring Road, Al Hamra, Riyadh

Timings: Open from 4 pm to midnight, every day

Al Hokair Land ticket price: SR 90 per person

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10. Al Shallal Theme Park – Ice skating rink

Counted amongst the most popular and frequently visited amusement parks in Saudi Arabia, Al Shallal Theme Park has a lively ambiance. The joyful atmosphere draws adults and kids alike to this place. Known for being the largest theme park in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East region, it is an excellent place to explore with family for a memorable day out. The park features thrilling roller coaster rides, exciting water slides, and other rides.

Top attractions: The skating ice rink, Amazon Forest, bungee jumping, carousel, zero-gravity, and magic carpet rides

Notable facilities: Souvenir kiosks, three on-site restaurants. Also, an enormous amphitheater with a capacity of accommodating up to 16,000 people for large events

Location: Jeddah Corniche, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Timings: Open from 5:30 pm to 2:30 am, every day

Al Shallal Theme Park ticket price: SR 75 per person

Saudi Arabia provides access to many incredible parks, offering tourists plenty of opportunities to create memories for a lifetime. One should not miss out on visiting as many of these Saudi Arabian parks on their trip to Saudi Arabia.

Parks In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Which is the largest family park in Saudi Arabia?

Spread across 100 hectares, The King Fahd park is the largest park in Saudi Arabia.

Is there a women only park in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Loopagoon Water Park is only women water park.

Which is the largest theme park in Saudi Arabia?

Al Shallal Theme Park is the largest theme park in Saudi Arabia.

How many national parks does Saudi Arabia have?

Saudi Arabia has 15 designated protected areas, all of which are overseen by the Saudi Wildlife Authority.

What are the activities offered at Al Ahsa National Park?

Picnics, walking, horse riding, motorcycle riding and swimming are some popular activities.

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