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Cafes In Riyadh: Experience The Traditional Drinks And Food


Riyadh has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number and diversity of cafes that cater to every palate and preference. From the aromatic wafts of freshly ground coffee beans to the soothing ambiance that invites both solitude and sociability, each café in Riyadh tells a unique story. In this blog, we embark on a delightful journey to explore the diverse and enchanting world of cafes in Riyadh, uncovering the hidden gems that await both locals and visitors alike.

Best cafes in Riyadh

1. Cafe Bateel

Boasting a futuristic cafe with a traditional ambiance, Cafe Bateel in Riyadh is great for casual dining. The cafe boasts flavorful food and beverages from various international cuisines highlighting the Mediterranean. The food is mixed with Arabian tradition and hospitality combined with a soothing environment. It has been awarded with numerous awards since its opening including Saudi Arabia’s Best Restaurant at the World Culinary Awards 2021 and BBC Good Food Magazine Awards. The cafe’s special coffee or Qawah is made from beans brought from the mountains in Yemen. It uses natural and fresh ingredients to prepare exciting dishes and a fusion of international cuisines.

Location: Riyadh Park Mall, Northern Ring Branch Road in Al Aqiq, Riyadh

Phone number: +966 800 111 0222

2. Urth Caffe

Associated with the Urth Caffe franchise, Urth Caffe Riyadh is a great place to spend time with your loved ones. It has a cozy vibe with an open environment packed with the excitement of a cafe. It is located in the crowded region of Riyadh Front visiting engaging and fun. As the standards for each caffe in the Urth Caffe franchise are set beforehand, you can rest assured about the quality of the food and beverages. The experience doesn’t end at the cafe but it is just the beginning. Cakes are among the specialties of the place and a must-try at the cafe.

Location: 5090 Prince Muham Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Road As Sulaimaniya District, Riyadh

Phone number: +966 9200 07498

3. Draft Cafe

draft cafe

A homegrown brand in Saudi Arabia, Draft Cafe is a creatively thought outdoor cafes in Riyadh. The name is synonymous with modern decor and the traditional taste of coffee and other beverages. The cafe has a great feel to it with vibes inside and outside the cafe being the highlight of the place. There are 8 branches of Draft Cafe throughout Riyadh. One can easily visit one of them as per their convenience and indulge in an excellent dining experience. With handpicked beans for coffee and healthy ingredients for salads and snacks, the location offers a great dining experience to tourists and locals alike. The menu offers wholesome options including various beverages and snacks from all around the world.

Locations: Al-Rashid Tower, Park Avenue, Shorofat AlNada, AlBustan Village, MOT, Riyadh Front, U-Walk, and Oud Square

4. Kiva Han Coffee

Another great name on the list, Kiva Han Coffee is a chain of shops offering innovative menus as per the local taste. The cafe sells beverages that preserve the original taste of the country. From hot chocolates to organic teas, you get to choose from a wide array of options. Kiva Han Coffee House is a renowned name in the coffee retail industry. One can also find the option to purchase coffee beans and innovate their own coffee at home. Apart from coffee, the cafe offers fruit smoothies, refreshers, and blended drinks.

Location: Wadi Hauran, Al Ghadir, الطريق الدائري الشمالي الفرعي, Riyadh

Phone number: +966 58 041 4213

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5. Coyard Coffee Roaster – Alsulaymaniah

Coyard Coffee Roaster - Alsulaymaniah

Coyard Coffee Roaster is a unique cafes in Riyadh. The shop uses self-roasted beans that provide an amazing experience to the guests and tourists. Apart from the usual coffee and menu, the shop also offers vegan-friendly milk to serve a wide base of customers. Most of the offerings are homemade and handpicked to provide nothing less than the best ingredients for everyday coffee. The cafe also offers extensive options for snacks and light munchies.

Location: Coyard Coffee Roasters, King Saud Rd, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh

Phone number: +966552645213

Cafes in Riyadh have become more than just spaces to caffeinate; they are social hubs, artistic expressions, and culinary destinations that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of its residents and visitors. Next time you are in Riyadh ensure to visit one of these cafes.

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Cafes In Riyadh FAQs

Are there any great cafes in Riyadh?

Cafe Bateel, Urth Caffe, Kiva Han Coffee are some of the top cafes in Riyadh.

What makes Cafe Bateel unique among cafes of Riyadh?

Cafe Bateel is distinguished by its fusion of traditional ambiance and futuristic design.

What makes Kiva Han Coffee a popular choice in Riyadh?

The cafe preserves the original flavors of the country in its beverages, offering options like hot chocolates, organic teas, and a variety of drinks.

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