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5 Top Hotels In Al Ula: Accommodations In The Traditional City


Al Ula, considered the living museum of Saudi Arabia, is one of the most enchanting places in the world. The location is known for housing UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Hegra and other geographical monuments like Elephant Rock and Hidden Valley. Due to its increasing popularity among global tourists for its traditional offerings Al Ula has started to gain huge attention over the years. Due to the increasing footfall, a surmounting number of hotels have been built over the years. Let us explore some of the top hotels in Al Ula.

Best hotels in Al Ula

1. Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ula

Cloud 7

Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ula is the go-to place for spending short and long-duration vacations at an affordable cost. The hotel is the best place to discover your creative skills away from home or relax in a soothing environment near the mountains. The rooms are organized in a cozy home-like decor so that guests don’t feel uncomfortable living away from home. Cloud 7 Hotel was launched as a movie destination and has been converted into a hotel over the years. Guests also get to choose to live in secluded bungalows that further enhance the productivity of remote professionals and freelancers.

Location: Cloud7 Residence AlUla, Alola, AlUla

Food options: Rooms are equipped with kitchenettes. Guests can also explore the local restaurants to sample traditional dishes from the Arabian cuisines.


  • An open swimming pool for all the guests
  • Free parking area
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping services\
  • Recreational area


Sky Hotel is an excellent choice for budget-friendly accommodation in Al Ula. It houses almost every amenity and offers standard services to the guests. The apartments and rooms are lavishly designed to enhance the staging experience. Walls have a warm tone mixing greatly with the overall appeal and décor of the rooms. Most of the balconies in the apartments open up to the mountain view elevating the experience by providing beautiful scenery. The fine décor of the apartments compared to the pricing may look like a fantasy.

Location: AlUla North, AlUla

Food options: The apartments are fitted with equipped kitchenettes


  • Free internet via high-speed Wifi
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Private check-ins and check-outs

3. Our Habitas Hotel Al Ula

Our Habitas

Boasting a sustainable option in the city known as the living museum in Saudi Arabia, Our Habitas Hotel Al Ula promises nothing less than luxury and comfort. Our Habitas is a great hotels near Elephant Rock offering numerous options as per the taste and requirements of the guests. Guests can choose from Art Villas, Arabian Villas, Celestial Vilas, Canyon Villas, and Wellness Villas, each showcasing a different appeal altogether. It is home to one of the most beautiful swimming pools near the canyon setting. Guests get to explore the nearby locations and traditional tours organized by the staff.

Location: Ashar Valley, AlUla

Food options: Tama, an in-house restaurant provides delicacies from an infusion of global and traditional cuisines. The food has fresh ingredients cooked as per the authentic and innovative recipes.


  • Wellness center with certified instructors
  • Custom-made tour creations
  • Traditional events within the hotel property

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4. Banyan Tree Al Ula

Banyan Tree Al Ula

Banyan Tree Al Ula takes its inspiration from the natural landscape of the Asher Valley to design their rooms and villas. The villas have great designs to provide the excitement and thrill of traditional Arabian accommodations. Most of the Villas offer tent roofs and provide access to private pools attached to them. With their proximity to nearby tourist attractions such as Elephant Rock, Maden Salieh, and more, the villas act as the best location to explore these destinations. Numerous resort activities such as wildlife watching and event hosting make the stay as holistic as possible.

Location: Ashar Valley, Al Ula

Food options: The two in-house restaurants Saffron and Harrat provide delicacies from a wide range of cuisines such as Thai, Arabic, and international fusion.


  • Private pools in each villa
  • Peaceful spa treatments
  • One-of-a-kind rock pool

5. فندق الوتين ALwateen Hotel

Providing a standard hotel experience, Alwateen is a great choice for booking a casual stay in Al Ula. The hotel offers tailor-made services to the guests with a great emphasis on comfort. Guests can choose from the various accommodation options including Deluxe King Room, Deluxe Double or Twin Room, Presidential Suite, Suite with Terrace, etc. All the rooms and suites provide a cozy and inviting interior. The hotel is only 18 miles away from Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz International Airport enhancing the connectivity. It offers airport transport for the ease of the guests.

Location: 2852 طريق المدينة المنورة، حي العزيزية، DAAA6091، 6091, AlUla

Food options: Breakfast is provided by the hotel


  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Free-of-charge parking

From the opulence of modern resorts to the charm of 5 star hotels in Al Ula, each accommodation reflects a commitment to preserving the unique heritage and natural wonders that define this region.

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Hotels In Al Ula FAQs

Where to stay in al ula?

Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ula, AL ULA SKY, فندق الوتين ALwateen Hotel are some of the top stays.

Are there good resorts in Al Ula?

Banyan Tree Al Ula, and Our Habitas Hotel Al Ula are two best resorts in Al Ula.

Are there any restaurant in Banyan Tree Al Ula?

Yes, the hotel has Saffron and Harrat as two in house restaurant.

Is there parking option in فندق الوتين ALwateen Hotel?

Yes, there is a free of charge parking.

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