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Deffi Park: A Wonderful Spot To Organize Picnic In Jubail


Deffi Park is one of the most famous parks in Al Jubail, which is the perfect place to enjoy the greenery and fun-filled afternoon with family and friends. The park is the city’s largest green area, filled with many lush green trees and plants. It is widely famous among locals and tourists as a picnic site due to its verdant vegetation, seating spots, play area, cafés, and other attractions. It is the perfect place for fitness activities as it has jogging tracks, cycling tracks, and a well-equipped open gym. One of the best things to do is to witness various species of lovely birds between spring and winter.

Best things to do in Deffi Park


Deffi Park is one of the ideal places for people to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The park provides a variety of activities to create long-lasting pleasant memories.

1. Walking and strolling across the park

There are dedicated long tracks for walking and jogging all across the park. Visitors coming to the park can go for a quick walk or leisurely walk while talking and relaxing with their loved ones; they can also admire the beautiful greenery around them. The presence of flowers and trees around the park makes the walk more pleasant. They can also go for a jog to keep themselves fit and healthy.

2. Enjoy the relaxing picnic

The park is among the favorite spots in Al Jubail for locals and tourists to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. The park’s tranquility and gorgeous green space provide a great setting for a memorable picnic. Visitors can spread carpets on the grass and enjoy having some delectable food and beverages. There is also a barbeque area for visitors to try out grilling.

3. Admire the beautiful birds

Deffi Park is also famous for its wide range of species of birds, and the area is filled with these lovely creatures between the spring and winter seasons. Given that it is a home of birds, it is the ideal location to bring binoculars and engage in bird watching. It is also heaven-like, where photographers can click some beautiful pictures of these adorable creatures.

4. Indulge in fun and entertaining activities


The park is perfect for the kids to indulge in various entertaining games and activities. There is a dedicated play area for the kids with various slides, rides, and games where they can play all day long. Visiting the park can be a great learning experience for them, where they can watch several birds, trees, and beautiful flowers.

5. Enjoy cycling around the park

There are tracks made for the visitors where they can go for a bicycle ride around the park. It can be a fun activity for visitors and a way to stay fit and healthy. The tracks are large and well-designed, allowing multiple people to enjoy cycling at once.

6. Play games and sports at the playground


A playground in the park is suitable for everyone to enjoy several games with their loved ones. The playground is large enough that multiple individuals can be seen playing various ball sports, such as football. A playground is a wonderful spot to make some long-lasting memories.

7. Have some delicious food at restaurants

There is a cafeteria in the park with different restaurants that serve delicious Arabic cuisine, snacks, beverages, and desserts. The cafeteria is one of the nicest spots in the park to sit and relax while conversing and eating with loved ones. Additionally, visitors can also have some tasty desserts such as ice cream.

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Deffi Park general information

Al Deffi Park’s location: 2704 Al Andalus, 8267, Deffi, Al Jubail

Al Deffi Park’s timing: Open 24 hours (every day)

Al Deffi Park’s entry fee: Free for all

Al Deffi Park’s Facilities: 

  • There are a few eateries in the park that serve delicious Arabic cuisine.
  • There are few rides and slides for the entertainment of children.
  • There are dedicated jogging and cycling tracks for visitors.
  • It also has a playground where visitors can enjoy several games and sports.
  • There are separate washrooms for men and women.
  • There is a mosque in the park where visitors can pray.

How to get around the park: Deffi park is located beside Shaikh Fahad Bin Abdulatif Mosque and close to Andalus park.

Best time to visit: Deffi Park can be visited any time of year, although the best time is during the winter when the weather is pleasant. During this time, visitors get a chance to see some beautiful migratory birds. Morning and evening are the ideal time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the park.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Deffi Park

  • Visitors should dispose of trash in the garbage cans and not leave trash anywhere in the park.
  • Visitors should dress appropriately by social norms.
  • An adult should accompany and look after kids while visiting the park.
  • Visitors should refrain from plucking plant leaves and flowers.

Deffi Park is unquestionably a fantastic area in Al Jubail to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. The park is a beauty of nature, with a wide variety of gorgeous trees, flowers, and birds, making it a popular tourist destination. For kids, this park is a  paradise where they can enjoy many recreational activities and games. It includes a range of facilities and services to ensure visitors have the greatest experience possible, including a seating area, playground, cafeteria, mosque, and many more.

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Deffi Park FAQs

What is the entry fee at Deffi Park?

There is no entry fee for visitors coming to Deffi Park.

Is there a mosque near the park?

Shaikh Fahad Bin Abdulatif Mosque is located very close to Deffi Park.

How far is Deffi park from the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Al Jubail Naval Airport which is 35 km away from Deffi Park.

What are the places to stay near Deffi Park?

Holiday Inn, Park Inn by Radisson and Warwick are some hotels near Deffi Park.

Are there restaurants and cafes inside Deffi Park?

A few restaurants and cafes inside Deffi PArk serve delicious Arabic cuisine.

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