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Enjoy Fishing In Jeddah And Maximize The Fun With Family


Amidst all the spectacles such as the King Fahd fountain, the Fakieh aquarium, and the Tayebat museum, fishing in Jeddah may seem like an odd tourist activity to indulge oneself in. But it is something that brings out a unique and adventurous aspect of touring Jeddah and exploring the beautiful Red Sea adjacent to it.

Fishing is a popular traditional sport in coastal cities of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, especially, is noted for its rich marine life and fishing culture due to its easy access to the Red Sea. Fishing enthusiasts can expect to catch kingfish, tuna, barracuda, and snapper, among other species. Fishing is a popular hobby in Jeddah amongst locals and now it is beginning to catch on to tourists. It provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the majesty of the sea while experiencing the thrill of the hunt.

Prepping for fishing in Jeddah

A tourist would find multiple stores dedicated to fishing along the coastline and in the city centers of Jeddah. They are located near the fishing zones and provide facilities to buy or rent fishing gear or make bookings for trips oriented around fishing. To be specific, a network of fishing stores can be found along the Northern Corniche leading to Obhur Al Shamaliah and near Marsa Al Ahlam located in the north of Jeddah. Everyone partaking in the activity must keep in mind the Saudi Arabian fishing regulations, such as the prohibition on using firearms and nets to catch fish, as well as collecting marine mammals such as Dugongs and dolphins, as well as prawns, sea cucumbers, crabs, Coral trout fish, and leopard coral grouper during the prohibited seasons.

Famous fishing spots in Jeddah

1. Gulf of Salman

A tranquil beach away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Visitors come here to swim and fish in any of three locations: “Hosh Al-Jallab,” “Hosh Al-Masry,” and “Hosh Al-Ghamra.” You can catch a lot of Coral trout as they swim in the shallow water of the calm sea.

2. Sharm Obhur

The breathtaking view of the deep translucent seas and the picturesque colorful coral life beneath, are bound to take your breath away. Sharm Obhur is home to diverse marine life with various species, including grouper, Arab fish, and sardines. Tourists seeking both peace and adventure frequently visit this location while in Jeddah.

3. Corniche du Nord

The two great fishing places open at all times at Corniche du Nord, the Pier, and a fishing platform. There are about 9 kilometers apart surrounded by the Corniche which also allures tourists with its superb trekking opportunities.

4. The Corniche of the South

This is a local fishermen’s hotspot for catching big fish. Tourists coming here find themselves not only surrounded by exquisite beauty but challenge to catch any of the many giant fishes like great white sharks, spinner sharks, and barracudas.

5. Dhahban district

Located around 20 kilometers north of Jeddah, Dhahban district is considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful hiking locations around Jeddah. Its coastline also attracts many fishers for a plentiful supply of Parrot Fish, which tastes best when grilled.

Best time to fish in Jeddah


The best time to go fishing in Jeddah depends on the type of fish you want to catch. In general, the ideal time to fish in Jeddah is between October and May.

The water temperature is colder during these months, which brings various fish species to the coast for warmth. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best time in the day to go fishing. During these hours, the water is calmer, and the fishes are active which improves the chances to catch multiple fish.

It is important to keep in mind all the fishing regulations and restrictions applicable in Jeddah. Visitors should seek advice from local fishing organizations and adhere to the rules and regulations established by Saudi Arabian authorities.

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How to rent boats for fishing

There are various fishing boat options in Jeddah, ranging from tiny boats for individual use to larger ships for group fishing outings.
Many tourists prefer renting a classic wooden dhow boat, a popular transport for fishing in Jeddah. These boats are often booked through local fishing charters and include a skipper and equipment.

Renting a modern fishing boat, which can range in size from small motorboats to bigger luxury yachts, is another alternative. These boats, which generally include a captain and crew, can also be chartered through local fishing charters.

Fishing tips while in Jeddah

While fishing in Jeddah can be exciting, it is crucial to understand that some laws and regulations apply while fishing to safeguard the marine ecosystem’s viability. To ensure a safe and pleasurable fishing experience, get advice from local fishing organizations and follow them religiously.

Examining the weather and tides before embarking on a fishing excursion and verifying that the boat and equipment are in good shape is also critical.

To summarize, fishing in Jeddah provides a unique experience for anyone wishing to discover the Red Sea’s natural beauty while immersing themselves in a unique adventure-filled experience. One can find anything and everything related to fishing in Jeddah including several fishing areas, diverse types of fish, and various fishing products.

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Fishing In Jeddah FAQs

What types of fish can be caught in Jeddah?

There are a variety of fish species in Jeddah’s marine ecosytem, including kingfish, tuna, barracuda, snapper, and more.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Jeddah?

Yes, a fishing license is required to fish in Jeddah. You can obtain a license from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

What is the best time in the year for fishing in Jeddah?

The best time for fishing in Jeddah is during the cooler months between October and May. During these months, the water temperature is cool, which attracts a variety of fish species to the coast.

Are there any regulations or restrictions on fishing in Jeddah?

Yes, there are regulations and restrictions on fishing in Jeddah to ensure the sustainability of the marine ecosystem. It is recommended to seek guidance from local fishing organizations and follow the rules and regulations set by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

Can I rent fishing equipments in Jeddah?

Yes, there are several fishing charters and rental companies in Jeddah that offer fishing equipments for rent. It is recommended to research and book in advance to ensure seamless fishing experience.

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