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Souks In Jeddah: A Reminiscence Of The Past With Modern Twist


Souks are traditional Arabian marketplaces with products beautifully decorating the alleyways. Jeddah is one of the major hubs of oldest and popular souks. Visitors can purchase from a great assortment of local products such as spices, leather merchandise, OUD perfumes, and many other items. Jeddah’s historic folk markets give a distinct cultural value. The market maintains the well-known Arabian culture, hospitality, and architecture. Tourists looking to find a token of Arabia, should visit these souks and purchase souvenirs for their family back home.

Historic Jeddah Souks

When visiting Historic Jeddah, you will come across its characteristic markets known as the souks. The bustling market area welcomes tourists from all around the world. The market is where classic designs meet the latest trends. The products hold the traditional values along with quality of being marketable in the 21st Century. Famous souks include Souq Al Badu, Souq Qabil, Souq Alawi, Souq Nada, Souq Al-Khaskeya, Souq Bab Al Makkah, and Souq Bab Shareef. Evolving from many decades, these markets are a symbol of the unique cultural identity of Jeddah.

1. Souk Alshat’a’s

Located conveniently in Alzahra’s neighborhood, Soul Alshat’a’s is widely known for its outdoor market, eateries, and sitting options. The numerous distinct stores specializing in Abaya design and retail provide the market a unique personality. However, it is not just restricted to Abayas. It has various store selections to suit any taste, such as home goods and family stores, as well as gift, beauty, and perfume shops.

2. Al-Murjan Souq

Souq Al-Murjanb is one of Jeddah’s prominent local markets located in the Al-Safa neighborhood. It is historically known as the “Syrian Market” due to the variety of Syrian items sold here by ancient Syrian merchants. They sell local and foreign goods at affordable to medium prices. This market specializes in apparel, Abayas, dinnerware, Bekhoor (incense), Oud, and perfumes.

3. Souq Bawadi

Souk Al Bawadi in the AlBawadi neighborhood is a wholesale market in Jeddah for home produced products. Many of the visitors come to buy handcrafted items, traditional clothing and accessories. Aside from many home-made goods and family stores, visitors will also find several leading local beautiful gold and jewelry stores with modern and traditional designs both.

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4. Souq Almena (also known as Souq AlSawarek)

Souq Almena spans over an area of more than 9 km sq southwest of Jeddah. It is a renowned market in the western region. Due its huge size, the market is divided into several portions, resulting in around 26 nearby commercial complexes separated by roadways and walkways for cars and people. Souq Almena (the Port Market) locally known as Souq AlSawarek is the ideal location for merchants and investors to buy and sell retail or wholesale products. The market is also popular for selling second hand products in good condition.

5. The gold market

Because of the intimate relationship gold has with Saudi local culture, particularly during special seasons and occasions, gold markets have earned a special place in the hearts of Jeddah’s inhabitants. Tourists looking to buy gold, jewelry, or silver pieces can explore the gold market of various souks in Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that most of these establishments are now located in modern malls, they preserve their local traditional designs. The complex contains a variety of high-quality gold and jewelry stores featuring the most recent international designs from popular local brands.

What would you like there?


Souks in Jeddah offer a colorful atmosphere that is absolutely unrivaled. There’s always something new to explore, from the busy crowds to the colorful stalls. The vast variety of items and products sold in these souks is simply astounding. Tourists can easily find everything from traditional textiles and handicrafts to modern products and accessories.

Souks in Jeddah showcase Jeddah’s rich history and culture, with many of the stores and booths displaying traditional architecture and design aspects. The pleasant and hospitable sellers are always willing to offer their knowledge and expertise, creating a fully immersive shopping experience.

Things to know before visiting the souks in Jeddah

  • One should ensure to be respectful towards Saudi culture and not offend the local views
  • Tourists should dress modestly as per the local traditions
  • You can bargain at the shops but make sure to be polite
  • The souks have set opening and closing time; therefore enquire from the local about the timings before visiting the shops
  • Try to visit the souks in the evening for a good experience and avoid Saudi heat

The Al-Balad market and various souks continue to attract large visitors both local and foreigners. Visitors to the marketplace can purchase a variety of products such as spices, perfumes, clothing, traditional costumes, luxuries, and anything else that comes to mind from both traditional and contemporary goods.

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Souks In Jeddah FAQs

What are Souks?

Souks are traditional Arabian marketplaces that are synonymous with long intertwined decorated alleyways. They sell a wide variety of indigenous and locally produced wares to locals and tourists both.

Why are Souks in Jeddah famous?

Souks in Jeddah do not function for purely economic or tourism reasons. Souks in Jeddah are of social-cultural and historical importance. Those marketplaces have functioned for hundreds of years and have acted as a hub for interactions and trade among locals for just as long. Tourists today flock there hoping to get a glimpse of that culture.

What Souks should I look to visit in Jeddah?

Souk Akshat’a’s, Al Murjan Souq, Souq Al Bawadi, Souq Almena, and the various local gold markets are worth a visit, while in Jeddah.

What can I buy at a Souk, as a tourist?

You can look forward to local Arab commodities and produce such as Spices, perfumes, fabrics, locally stitched clothes, and carpets amongst many other things. Jewelry, golden, and precious/semi-precious metal wares can also be a piece of memorabilia for your Jeddah visit.

Are there any important reminders for tourists visiting souks?

While Saudi Arabia has a very low crime rate, always be mindful of your belongings and carry-ons. Be cautious of being upsold fake or inferior materials. And as always adhere to Saudi laws and customs.

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