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Explore The Beauty Of Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Park


Hafar Al Batin is home to many destinations that catch a traveler’s fancy and the lovely and sizable Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Park has the potential to be amongst the very best of them. Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Park is a stunning park created by the Asir National Park administration. Because of its prime location, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Garden is regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful and is a highly visited park.

Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Garden is recognized for its lovely and pleasurable views, due to its magnificent construction and being located around a quaint hill. By visiting, you will be able to appreciate a different fold of the beauty and splendor of the Saudi countryside, particularly in the evening. The park is a well-liked hangout for locals due to its abundance of green spaces and wonderful mountainside seating. Additionally, the park has 268 hectares covered in dense juniper trees.

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Park, Hafar Al Batin general information

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Park address: XHVC+6F4, King Khalid Military City, 39748.

Park timings: Wednesday to Monday 1:40 PM to 11 PM. Closed on Tuesday.

Ticket price: Free

Features: Prince Sultan Park is the best garden in the Military city in terms of cleanliness and the availability of games and food stalls. The park offers a great view of the lake and the ducks, which is soothing to the senses, especially in the wintertime, when it is at its peak of magnificence. The Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, provided funds for the construction of the park.

What to expect at Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz Park

It is a majestic garden and a great outlet for both residents and visitors of the Military city. Amongst the hubbub of city life, the park provides necessary space and greenery to all who visit.

1. Track and sports

While strolls and walks are also an option, people looking for a little more adventure and competitive edge may opt to go for track and sports activity in the park, where required space is abundant and one can easily bring their equipment or find amicable people to share their interests with.

2. Picnics and sitting areas

On the other side of the spectrum to Track and sports, ample space is provided in the park for a scenic picnic in front of a majestic rock formation or garden or simply sitting and admiring still beauty.

3. Exercise and yoga

In the same vein as track and sports, Prince Sultan Park is filled with opportunities for enthusiasts to go for their favorite activities like exercise and Yoga. If one connects with locals, finding a group of regulars is quite easy.

4. Boating and waterside activities

Boating and other waterside activities like fishing are also possible in the park. Boats are easily available at water-bodies at minimal costs while activities like shore-fishing or fish-feeding are free to do.

5. Hiking and trails

Due to its great location at a height and being part of an elevated hill region, there are great opportunities to hike and run/walk on trails in the park. Hiking enthusiasts are found regularly here, although we suggest taking proper safety measures and guides before deciding to do this activity.

6. Kids’ areas and recreational areas


Similar to the picnic and sitting areas, there are specialized areas for children to play in and stay engaged. These are designed with child safety in mind and are ideal for children of all ages to play or spend time in.

7. Restaurants and eateries

Prince Sultan Park is filled with restaurants, cafes, and eateries both within and in its surrounding areas. Tourists will find nearly any cuisine, from local to pan-Asian or American. However, for the best cultural experience, opting for some local food would be a great idea.

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Important reminders (Things to remember while visiting the park)

  • Keep in mind Saudi rules and regulations when traveling. Do not carry weapons or alcohol into the park.
  • Be mindful of the fact that visiting on the weekends might have you face bigger crowds and have a diluted experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for walking long distances as the park is spread across a large area. Make sure to adhere to Saudi customs and laws regarding clothing.
  • Avoid the warmer months and visit during the evening dusk hours to enjoy the pleasant weather.
  • Don’t pick flowers or damage the plants in the park. Offenses like this could land you fines and have you banned from all parks under the jurisdiction of the Asir National Park administration.

Prince Sultan Park is a little green haven in the middle of ultra-modern constructions and desert sands. A man-made oasis. It is a well-liked vacation spot for families, nature enthusiasts, and tourists of all ages because of its abundance of attractions and conveniences. The park has beautiful gardens and green areas, play areas, jogging and walking trails, and a sizable center lake. The activities, events, and programs available to visitors include outdoor concerts, festivals, and guided tours. All visitors enter the park free of charge, and there are several parking sites accessible for those who visit.

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Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Park FAQs

What are the park timings?

Park timings are 1:40 PM to 11 PM every day, except Tuesday.

Does the park charge admission?

There is no entrance fee to the park.

What rules and restrictions should a visitor be mindful of?

No alcohol, firearms, or illicit substances may be brought into the park by visitors. Pets are not allowed either, with the exception of service animals.

Does the park have parking available?

The park has several parking areas with a combined capacity of about 2,500 automobiles.

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