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Green Mountain Abha: Perfect For Family Outing With Children

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Abha, Green Mountain offers a beautiful spectacle to tourists worldwide. The mountain is also known as “Jabal Thera” in Arabic, referring to the green glow surrounding the peak. The light can be seen from several kilometers. Tourists can take a cable car ride to reach the site and enjoy the natural splendor of the surroundings. The region was first used as a military command center, which later became a tourist spot. Today, thousands of tourists visit the mountain to see the beauty spread around. The mountain is a popular destination among families with kids.

Overview of the Green Mountain Abha

Tourists who wish to seep in the breathtaking sights of the lovely city of Abha can climb the mountain. It is spread over an area of 8,161 square meters. The cable cars that go up the mountain take tourists from the city center to Abha Park, where tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. The mountain gets its green glow from various lights installed on the mountain edges. Further, the mountain has various restaurants and activity centers to engage tourists in an ideal family outing.

Green Mountain location

At the height of around 2,270 meters (7,450 feet) above sea level, Abha’s Green Mountain is situated in Asir’s southern section. The mountain is located 13.6 km south of the city center of Abha. Tourists can hire a car to reach the destination and then take a cable car ride to reach the summit of the mountain.

Best time to visit

Green Mountain is a prominent landmark in the center of the city. Evening is the ideal time to visit the location. The mountain is clearly visible from a distance as it is illuminated with green lights. Every day after 2 pm, the mountain is open to tourists who have to pay an entry fee of 20 riyals. Tourists are recommended to visit the mountain in the months of April, August, and November when the temperatures are soothing all around.

Things to do at Green Mountain Abha

Taking a ride on the town’s famous cable cars, which provide expansive views of the nearby the mountain, is among the top things to do at the mountain. Further, tourists can eat delicious food at the various restaurants on the mountain or camp at night.

1. Enjoy cable car ride


Abu Khayal Park cable car line, which is almost 300 meters high, is allegedly the only one in the world to be strung between just two pillars that are a kilometer apart. As the tourists travel along this path to Green Mountain, they can get a bird’s-eye view of the kids-friendly Abu Khayal Park.

Cable cars from Abha Al Jadidah Cable car station go 400 meters above the New Abha Resort to reach the mountain. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Sadd and the surrounding hills before returning to the resort. In addition, tourists can indulge in kid-friendly activities, fine dining, upscale shopping, and watersports.

2. Experience the breathtaking evening view

The mountain’s name pertains to its green color since it is covered in grass and has green lights arranged in a cone. Tourists can see the lights at night from a considerable distance. They can enjoy the view overlooking the city from the top of the mountain. Further, tourists can engage in campfire and Barbecue facilities offered at the mountain. They can gaze at the clear sky and experience the majestic view of the Arabian night sky.

3. Eat delicious food at the restaurants

Tourists can enjoy the stunning views of the well-lit Green Mountain from any of the cafes at the site while having delicious meals. A few of the most famous cafes and restaurants on the mountain are Pizza Hut, Nine Sense Cafe, Restaurant Nights India, Palm court Cafe, and N Lounge.

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Highlights of the Green Mountain Abha

  • Because it is covered in grass and adorned with green lights in a cone shape which can be seen at nightfall from a great distance away, the mountain received its color-themed moniker.
  • A green grandstand, several tourist attractions, a family restaurant with a variety of foods and sweets, a coffee shop, and an internet café are available at the mountain.
  • Due to its advantageous location, the mountain was formerly utilized as a military headquarters. Later authorities transformed it into a wireless communication center. It eventually became a popular tourist destination with a wide range of services supporting local tourism.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Green Mountain Abha

  • Tourists visiting with kids should take care of the safety of the kids and not allow them to go near the edges of the mountain.
  • They should make advanced reservations in the cafes and restaurants to avoid inconvenience.
  • Tourists should enquire about various activities offered at the mountain beforehand to form a conclusive itinerary.

Perfect to visit with family and friends; the Green Mountain Saudi Arabia is one of the top tourist locations in Saudi Arabia. The mountain offers numerous activities, along with imparting a serene and peaceful environment to spend time with family.

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Green Mountain Abha FAQs

What is the Green Mountain in Abha?

Green Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Abha, Saudi Arabia, and is a must-visit site. It was first used as a military headquarters because of its ideal location before becoming a tourist destination. However, people who want to see the breathtaking views of this beautiful city can climb Green Mountain.

How to reach Green Mountain?

The easiest way to reach the top of the mountain is by opting for a cable car line.

What are the things that one can do at Green Mountain?

Ride the cable car lines from different routes that take tourists to the top of the mountain, bowling, and sightseeing. Tourists can eat at the cafes and restaurants overlooking the view of the Mountain.

Are there any popular cafes or restaurants at Green Mountain?

Pizza Hut, Nine Sense Cafe, and Restaurant Nights India are some of the popular eateries at the mountain.

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