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Unravel The Beauty Of Horse Riding In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


When the weather is pleasant, and the temperature cools down, it presents an excellent opportunity to engage in outdoor activities in Riyadh. One of the most breathtaking experiences is horse racing, both as a spectator and participant. Additionally, Horse riding in Riyadh presents a distinctive and exhilarating approach to discovering the breathtaking beauty of this dynamic city in Saudi Arabia.

Whether seeking a leisurely or adventurous outing, horse riding in Riyadh caters to all age groups, skill levels, and preferences, providing a remarkable and unforgettable experience that visitors will treasure for years.

Horse riding in the desert

Riding horses in the red dunes of Saudi Arabia can be an exhilarating experience. Many tour operators and clubs provide guided desert tours. These guides are highly trained and familiar with the desert terrain. They can guide you to sunset and sunrise points for a truly magical experience. Professional riders can ride their horses to high peaks of sand dunes to admire the unique rock formations and experience the vastness of the desert. These rides can range from a few hours to an entire day, depending on the tour package. Horse riding in the desert provides ample opportunities for photoshoots and sightseeing. You can capture your horse riding experience along with the stunning beauty of the Arabian desert.

Riding lessons

The various equestrian clubs offer basic to advanced horse riding lessons to visitors. Riding enthusiasts can learn under the guidance of experienced professionals and learn the tips and tricks to rear farm animals. One can indulge in the city’s remarkable history, culture, and traditions as they embark on an enchanting horse riding excursion. The clubs have trained professionals who can guide you through the learning process. In addition to horse riding lessons, the clubs provide experiences such as the adventurous knight, equestrianism between past and present, horse authenticity, horse riding principles, and much more.

The price range for riding lessons: Most equestrian clubs and riding facilities in Riyadh require an entrance fee, which averages around SAR 50 for adults, while children’s admission is typically free. The clubs offer 10-minute horseback riding sessions for SAR 80. Prices for horse riding lessons in Riyadh start at SAR 80 for four lessons per month and go up to SAR 2,100 for 12 classes per month

Events and competitions


For horse riding enthusiasts, Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly a paradise. Whether you are a novice or an experienced equestrian, ample opportunities exist to get in shape and have fun. You can visit the most esteemed horse riding clubs and racecourses in Riyadh, where one can enroll oneself for lessons, or races. Riyadh hosts many events associated with horse riding.

1. Riyadh horse racing

The city of Riyadh hosts the $20m Saudi Cup, which is the richest horse race in the world. King Abdulaziz Racetrack is the dream racetrack for every jockey and horse rider. Horse riding season typically begins in October and lasts till March in Riyadh. They conduct various international horse races where world-class riders compete for the first position to win $10m. It is a great attraction for the spectators to watch their favorite rider and interact with people across nations.

2. Traditional shows

Riyadh hosts many traditional shows and events to showcase its deeply rooted relationship with horse riding and its association with its culture and heritage. One such event is the Arabian Horse Festival, also popular as Jawadi. It was last held in November 2022, where around 347 breeds of horses were paraded. It was a 5-day event and had many attractions for tourists and visitors of the festival. Jawadi also featured a horse beauty competition, the Saudi Breeders Cup, and the Saudi Production Champions Cup.

3. Showjumping

This is a famous competitive sport in and around Saudi. It involves riding horses over a course of fences and other obstacles in an arena, with penalty points and faults. The fastest rider with the minimum faults wins the competition. Riyadh has hosted many prestigious showjumping competitions and events, attracting the top riders around the world. One of the most prominent competitions is the Riyadh International Showjumping Championship organized by SEEC. It attracts renowned riders and provides a platform for a thrilling display of their horsemanship.

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Top destinations for horse riding in Riyadh


There are several prestigious clubs where you can enroll in horse riding lessons, allowing you to learn from the best while experiencing the thrill of riding. These clubs cater to riders of all levels, ages, and genders. They allow you to rent your horse and stroll around the fields under supervised guidance. In addition to horse riding lessons, they also offer various services, including horse boarding and recreational sessions. Some of the most popular equestrian clubs in Riyadh are:

  • Al-Nemer Equestrian Club
  • Haow Platform
  • Voyage Equestrian Club
  • Al-Farisa Club
  • Nofa Resort Farm
  • Ramah Stud Stable

Riyadh horse racing and riding tips

From Understanding the Tracks and horses to studying the odds and placing intelligent bets, we’ve got you covered. This part will provide valuable tips and insights to help you get ahead of the pack in Riyadh’s exciting horse racing scene

  • Research and find a reputable horse riding club in Riyadh that suits your needs and skill level.
  • Prioritize your safety by wearing appropriate gear and helmets to prevent any mishap during horse riding
  • Be realistic about your skill level. Don’t overestimate your skills and let the trainer decide on a suitable course for you.
  • In addition to horse riding lessons learn horsemanship and the behavior of the horse in certain situations. Understand the needs of your horse and build a connection by taking care of them.
  • In conclusion, horse racing in Riyadh is a popular and exciting pastime that attracts locals and tourists alike. To increase your chances of success in horse racing, it is important to understand the tracks and horses, study the odds, and place intelligent bets.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, there are many opportunities to get involved in horse racing in Riyadh and maximize your chances of winning big.

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Horse Riding In Riyadh FAQs

Do you need prior knowledge and experience to go horse riding in Riyadh?

No, you can learn from the equestrian clubs that offer beginner-level training. They offer riding lessons and programs suitable for those with no prior experience in horse riding.

How can you book horse riding activities in Riyadh?

You can book the horse riding sessions online or by directly contacting the many equestrian clubs mentioned above in the blog.

Can children participate in horse riding activities?

Yes, many clubs have certain programs specifically designed for children. They are safe yet quite enjoyable.

What should one wear for horse riding in Riyadh?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes during horse riding. You must also wear helmets for safety.

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