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Experience The Epitome Of Luxury At Sindalah Island


Sindalah promises the utmost luxurious experiences, representing the first physical embodiment of NEOM’s vision becoming a reality. This incomparable island destination offers an exclusive gateway to the breathtaking Red Sea, warmly welcoming the global yachting community and visitors seeking exquisite extravagance. With unforgettable experiences above and below the water, excellent connectivity to the nearby Mediterranean, and spectacular golfing opportunities, Sindalah guarantees year-round delights thanks to its perfect climate.

Sindalah Island location

Sindalah Island is located in the Red Sea in the Tabuk region, covering an estimated 840,000 square meters. It is one of the islands that will be included in the Neom development plan, which aims to create a unique design for each island, making it distinct from the others.

Sindalah Island’s prime location and stunning natural landscapes make it a remarkable tourist destination on a global scale. It is set to become a maritime link between Arab and Western countries, providing a vital connection between these regions.

The island’s location has made it a prime destination for regional and European boat and yacht owners. Sindalah is ideally situated near the Mediterranean Sea, providing easy access to many yachting destinations in under a day through the Suez Canal.

Sindalah Island’s top attractions


  • A destination where responsive design and advanced technology meet exceptional architecture and enhanced nature, the luxury metropolis is set to offer exciting activities and events all over the year.
  • Sindalah Island will offer 413 world-class hotel rooms such as the first Marriott Autograph Collection Hotels property in Saudi Arabia and two Luxury Collection properties, 333 high-end hotel apartments, and 88 villas boasting exceptional services.
  • The Sindalah Island marina for luxury yachts includes 86 berths that can accommodate vessels up to 75 meters in length and floating platforms to serve giant boats up to 180 meters in length.
  • Sindalah Island will highlight one of the world’s most notable coral reef-protected areas, emphasizing its role in promoting environmental protection and conservation.
  • Sindalah is set to host various sporting extravaganzas and cultural events to attract tourists.
  • A beach club, spa and wellness center as well as over 51 luxury retail outlets will serve the tourists a luxurious experience.
  • The island’s facilities also feature a wide range of hospitality services, and dining experiences including 38 culinary options, and 9 fine dining restaurants
  • It is also going to offer a 6474-yard golf course par 70 course. Golfing enthusiasts can expect their best golf experience here at Sindalah.
  • Expect the best at this new year-round destination, where enjoyment is no longer dependent on the seasons, thanks to the consistently enjoyable weather.

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What’s unique about Sindalah Island

This ambitious project is set to challenge conventional notions of what tourism in Saudi Arabia can offer. Its unique design and location will undoubtedly make it an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. With its breathtaking natural surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities, the project is a testament to the bold vision and innovative thinking of those behind it.

When to visit the Island?

Sindalah Island is the first of Neom’s massive projects to be implemented. The project is set to be completed in early 2024 and is expected to welcome around 2,400 visitors daily by 2028.

The island promises opulent activities for each season

December to February: Partyheads and music lovers can visit this dream island in this period of social season, and be enchanted by music concerts and artful cultural events.

March to may: Glamour season will run between these months in the Sindalah Island

April to September: It will the the Active season when families can visit the island to experience various recreational activities and family-friendly beaches.

October to November: These will be peak yachting season when various events will be held around the island to celebrate yatchting enthusiasts.

Importance of Sindalah Island

The development of Sindalah Island represents a significant step forward in the country’s efforts to establish itself as a premier tourist destination in the region.

Furthermore, its economic significance lies in its potential to generate significant profits and drive investment in the tourism industry, raising the level of luxury and prosperity in Saudi Arabia. The island is already attracting investors’ and tourists’ attention.Sindalah Island is a major tourist and investment destination that seeks to promote economic growth and elevate the country’s living standards.


The Sindalah Island project reflects the speed of continuous development and progress at Neom, one of the most effective plans to be implemented under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The project’s success is attributed to meticulous planning and preparation and its exceptional geographical location, making it a highly sought-after tourism destination. The project’s ultimate goal is to achieve economic prosperity and elevate living standards in Saudi Arabia while providing tourists with an unforgettable luxury experience.

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Sindalah Island FAQs

What activities and events does Sindalah Island have to offer?

The island will provide visitors with various seasonal and year-round activities, including exclusive music concerts by renowned global artists, fashion festivals, and culinary experiences for food enthusiasts.

Where is Sindalah Island located?

Sindalah Island is located in the red sea in the Tabuk region. You can reach the island in just 17 hours by boat from the Mediterranean.

When will the Sindalah Island project be completed?

The project is set to be completed in early 2024. They are planning to host over 2400 tourists each day by 2028.

What are some key attractions of the island?

The island promises to deliver an escape like no other. With unforgettable sights of nature, yachting facilities, shopping opportunities from 51 luxury outlets, and a chance to explore over 600 native species, the island truly has everything to offer.

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