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Discover The Hidden Treasures: Unveiling The Islands Of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is renowned for its grandeur and magnificence. It is particularly noted for its captivating island and beaches, marine life, and an atmosphere worth exploring. Islands in the kingdom make up for a major part of its extravagant beauty. The kingdom has roughly 1300 islands, including 1150 in the Red Sea and about 150 in the Arabian Gulf. Islands in Saudi Arabia attract tourists from all around the world and offer numerous exciting activities. Let us explore them in detail.

Most important islands in Saudi Arabia

  • Farasan Island
  • Ahbar Island
  • Kudambl Island
  • Al-Nawras Island
  • Tarout Island

1. Farasan Island


The Farasan Islands is an archipelago consisting of a group of closely situated and adjacent islands, comprising 84 islands. They are considered one of the most important islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These Islands have distinct coral reefs, seashells, white shores, and rich wildlife and marine life.

Location: Southeast of the Red Sea, approximately 40 kilometers from Jazan.

Things to do: Visit the sandstone village of Al Qassar, a beautiful coral house- Beit Al Refai, and Najdi Mosque. Visitors can also go fishing on the island.

How to reach: Visitors can take a ferry from Jazan to get to the Farasan Islands

2. Ahbar Island

Also known as Thoo Alrakah, the Island of Ahbar boasts golden sand beaches, turquoise waters, and green spaces. This island is also suitable for nature lovers due to the presence of several rare and migratory birds.

Location: It is located in the Red Sea, approximately 15 kilometers from the Jazan shore

Things to do: This island has various amenities such as cafes, restaurants, seating areas, and engaging activities such as water sports and boating

How to reach: Take a ferry from Jazan

3. Kudambl Island

The island of Kudambl is one of the most enchanting natural islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mild climate of Kudambl Island has made it one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Kingdom. It is registered in the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage for the 20 Islamic tombs found on the island.

Location: It is located in the red sea off the coast of the Asir Region

Things to do: Visitors can also enjoy the mountainous scenery of Mount Kudambl, which forms a significant part of the island. This island offers many activities, such as fishing, diving, and various water sports, suitable for everyone. There are also plenty of rare fish and falcons to be found.

How to reach: Tourists can take a four-hour boat trip to arrive on the island

4. Al-Nawras Island

Nawras Island is a waterfront project known for its unique blend of urban and natural habitats. It is a relatively large island that extends over an area of 11 kilometers and is one of the islands that rivals the most beautiful islands in the world.

Location: Nawras Island is located in the industrial city of Yanbu

Things to do: Nawras Island contains many activities including water games, a marine museum, a boat dock, camping areas, events, and plenty of green spaces. It provides a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to the tourists.

How to reach: The island is accessible through 7 hour’s cruise from the Yanbu port

5. Tarout Island

Tarout Island is one of the largest and most prominent islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, extending over an area of 32 square kilometers. Its earliest settlement known to humankind dates back to 5000 BC.

Location: Tarout Island is located near Al Qatif of the Eastern Province in the Arabian Gulf

Things to do: There are many beautiful areas on the island, such as the Darien Corniche, Al-Ramla Al-Baida Beach, Ain Al-Awda, Tarout Castle, and the Mosque Museum.

How to reach: Tarout Island can be reached through cab from Al Qatif

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Saudi Arabia has a diverse range of stunning islands that offer visitors a unique vacation experience. From the sandy beaches of Tarout Island to the coral reefs of Atawil Island and the mountainous scenery of Kudambl Island, there is something for everyone. These islands are not only a great place to relax and unwind but also offer a glimpse into the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Kingdom. Tourists from all around the world visit these islands to create lasting memories of Saudi Arabia.

Islands In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Are there accommodations available on the islands for tourists?

Some islands like the Farasan Islands have accommodation options for tourists. Not all islands provide these facilities. Hence, it is essential to check for accommodations while visiting the islands.

How many Saudi Arabian islands are there in the Red Sea?

There are 150 islands of Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

What are some popular activities to do on the islands?

Tourists can do multiple adventurous and relaxing activities on the islands such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching, hiking, and sightseeing of historical and archaeological sites.

How many islands does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have?

The number of islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is approximately 1300. Among these islands, there are 1150 islands in the Red Sea and 150 islands in the Arabian Gulf.

Which is the most beautiful island in Saudi Arabia?

After verifying information from multiple sources, and monitoring comments and opinions, it has become clear that the Farasan Islands are the most beautiful ones in the kingdom for their rich coral reefs, diverse marine life, and clean beaches in the Red Sea.

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