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Olaya Park: Football Field, Picnic Spot, And Jogging Track In Riyadh


Olaya Park is situated in Riyadh’s famous Al Olaya area, popular for sky-high buildings and upscale commercial markets. The park is one of the most-visited nature parks in the capital city. The whole park is enveloped in lush greenery. It has secure resting areas, restrooms, playing space for children, a small football field for young men, proper night lighting, and a great fountain at the center of the recreation center with ideal seating to adore the exquisite view of it. Tourists visiting the park can have a great time with family and friends by organizing a picnic in a peaceful setting. They can also take part in community activities and play various sports in the park.

Olaya Park, Riyadh general information

Olaya Park location: Al Olaya, Riyadh 12311, Saudi Arabia

How to get around the park: The Olaya Park location is just beside the Mosque of Olaya. It is also close to the King Fahad Library Park.

Olaya Park timings: Open 24 hours

Olaya Park ticket price: Free entry

Facilities: Seating arrangements, kids’ playing area, fountain, cycling track, etc.

Nearby attractions: Al Faisaliah Hotel, King Fahad Library Park, Cave Park, King Khalid Grand Mosque, Hyper Panda, etc.

Things to do at Olaya Park

For many locals and tourists, Olaya Park serves as a relaxing place and a refuge from the mundane routine of daily life. It has a wide space that is covered with extensive palm trees and colorful flora. There are kid-friendly games, walking trails, and water fountains in the park. Further, the natural park has a lot to offer to its visitors, some of the things that visitors can do here are:

1. Take an enthralling stroll through the wide trails


Olaya Park is a huge park with extensive well-defined tracks for walking and jogging. Visitors usually come here every morning and evening for a walk. The smell of flowers and dense trees surrounding the area makes the stroll even more peaceful. There are numerous park benches and seating facilities for catching a breath after long walks.

2. Go picnicking with the loved ones

Olaya Park is one of the most sought-after picnic locations in the city because of its preferable features. Visitors are never short of grass fields for spreading out their picnic mats. There are picnic tables available for visitors as well. Kids also enjoy it here as there are numerous gaming zones and designated kids’ areas. Further, the natural setting highly complements the overall activity.

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3. Enjoy Olaya Park’s view


There are multiple fountains and an artificial pond enhancing the overall beauty of the park. The fountains located at the central building of the park pump out high-speed water, serving as a perfect spot for taking Instagram-worthy pictures. Visitors can also find many kinds of birds amidst the thick frondescence. They can also spot friendly and playful cats around the park.

4. Let kids indulge in outdoor play

The grass fields serve as the best place to engage in outdoor children activities. Visitors can encourage the kids to catch their siblings chasing away, play football and try other outdoor games. There are many swings and slides for children to have a playful time and to bring out their adventurous side in a safe environment.

5. Get sporty at the football field

Football lovers unite at the football field in the park to engage in a friendly football match. The fields also serve as a practicing ground for many. It is adequately modified to serve professional and amateur players practicing the famous sport.

6. Skateboard or bicycle at Olaya Park

Adults may engage in a variety of leisure activities like cycling or skateboarding in the morning or evening while gushing over the park’s lush canopies and flower-filled gardens. The tracks are well-built to minimize any kind of injuries or accidents and maximize the fun involved.

7. Enjoy light shows at Olaya Park

As the sun sets, the fountains at the park pump out colorful water, thanks to illuminating lights. The colorful fountains embellish the whole place in prismatic hues. People come here during the evening to enjoy the aesthetics. The light show is one of the significant attractions that visitors come to experience at Olaya Park Riyadh.

Visitors can witness some of the tallest buildings in Riyadh from here, including the Al Faisaliah Tower. The park is heavily guarded by security personnel, and the most significant part is that a mosque is located just beside its boundary. The prime location serves as a vantage point for visitors. The park’s locality connects to major commercial hubs of Riyadh in Olaya.

Things to keep in mind while visiting the Olaya Park


Visitors to Olaya Park Riyadh should keep the following things in mind:

  • They should not invade the privacy of others visiting the park
  • Since no restaurants or cafes are located inside the park, visitors should bring water and other snacks
  • Kids should not wander the park by themselves. Even in the playing area for kids, they need to be watched over by parents
  • Visitors should dress modestly and according to the conventions followed in society
  • They are suggested to keep extra cash with them in case they need to make an emergency purchase, such as food or drink from a store
  • Visitors should have an extra bag with them to throw in the trash. They should not leave trash in the park

The Olaya Park is a beautiful spot to unwind with near and dear ones after a long, busy week. The park makes one feel peaceful and connected to nature. The park is also suitable for families visiting with kids as it houses a kid zone. From defined walkways to well-maintained picnic areas, the park offers something for everyone in Riyadh.

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Olaya Park FAQs

What is the Olaya Park ticket price?

Entry to the park is free.

What are the different attractions at Olaya Park?

The park has extensive network of cobblestone walkways, elaborately crafted lighting, and towering palms providing a picturesque scene. The park also features a remarkable kids area with swings and slides to keep them entertained. Adults can engage in many activities, such as skating or a leisurely evening stroll. There are night light shows as well.

When is the closing time for Olaya Park?

The park is open 24 hours.

Are there restaurants and cafes inside Olaya Park?

No, there are no eateries inside Olaya Park, Riyadh. Visitors are recommended to carry their food and water when visiting the park.

What is the best time to visit Olaya Park?

The best time to visit the park is early morning or evening (after sunset). The park in the early morning witnesses less crowd, and visitors get to see the colorful fountains in the evening.

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