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Al Tawfiq Plaza Hotel

Near The Haram

Mecca, Saudi Arabia (5N)

24 Jul 24 - 29 Jul 24
2 Adults , 1 Room

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Al Tawfiq Plaza Hotel

Near The Haram 1
Ajyad Alsad Street Ajyad Al Sud, ,    Map

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Facilities and Services

The property offers quite a few facilities and conveniences to make the stay of the pilgrims and family guests comfortable. The accommodation units are supplied with cozy bedding, seating areas, and current services. The hotel ensures the safety and security of the guests and staff with 24-hour security services. The public area and the guest accommodations are well-connected with high-speed internet services. A designated smoking area is present on the property. Furthermore, the hotel arranged accessible wheelchairs, high-railed restrooms, and elevators for specially-abled guests.

Due to the hotel's convenient location, the property is mainly sought after by solo pilgrims. The Great Mosque of Makkah, Kaaba, the Black Stone, and the Station of Ibrahim is situated a short distance away. In addition, the Makkah Museum, the Hira Cave, and numerous shopping destinations are present within a few kilometers.

The housing policy does not allow pets on the property. However, children of all ages are welcome. Those above the age of 13 are fully charged for their stay on the property. The staff are helpful with the specially-abled guests; visual signage, high-level elevators, and accessible wheelchairs are available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Al Tawfiq Plaza Hotel

Is there a parking option present in or around the Al Tawfiq Hotel?

Nearby public parking is present in the vicinity of the hotel.

Is 24-hour room service available in Al Tawfiq Hotel?

Yes, the hotel offers 24-hour room service and concierge services on arrival.

What is the smoking policy of the Al Tawfiq Hotel?

The property is not 100% smoking-free as a designated smoking area is allocated. Though, the rooms are installed with carbon monoxide detectors.

Which is the nearest mosque to Al Tawfiq Hotel?

Al-Masjid al-Haram is the nearest mosque to Al Tawfiq Hotel.

Can my kid stay for free in Al Tawfiq Hotel for 5 days?

Children above 13 need to make full payment to stay on the property.

Certified by Ministry of Hajj & Umrah