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Caves In Saudi Arabia: Unveiling the Kingdom’s Mysteries


Saudi Arabia, renowned as the realm of Arabian wonders, boasts a plethora of captivating
tourist attractions. The country offers a great mix of nature and religion, imparting an extraordinary and otherworldly experience. Notably, the caves of Saudi Arabia hold immense significance in both Islamic history and the realm of hospitality. Let us explore more about these caves in the list provided below.

Enigmatic caves in Saudi Arabia

1. Jabal Al-Qarah Caves – Limestone Caves

Jabal Al-Qarah Caves

Jabal Al Qarah is a unique mountain offering numerous breathtaking experiences such as amazing views, historical museum, concert theater, etc. However, the mountain is more popular for its age-old caves that have geological significance. The caves are carved out by the natural weathering processes from water and wind. The various caves in the mountain have optimized temperatures caused by the regular inflow of fresh air. Birdwatching and organizing picnics are some of the top activities offered at the caves.


Jabal al Qarah houses the Judas cave Saudi where Judas committed suicide. He was a follower of Jesus and betrayed Jesus. Also, Bu Saleh, An Naqa, Al Eid, Al Maheub, and Al Mua’adhamah are located in the mountains where traditional potters gave workshops related to craft and pottery.

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Address: Al Ahsa, Eastern Province

2. Umm Jirsan Cave – Lava Tubes

One of the mysterious caves in the world, Umm Jirsan Cave is a tube formation from the molten lava that ran down through the earth’s surface. The cave hosts several enigmas including the bones of a bovine beast that went extinct 8000 years ago. It is strictly for people who are seeking extreme adventures and should be avoided by the faint hearts. Various streams run through the cave and a natural dam made from the falling rocks.


Umm Jirsan Cave is a geological wonder and preserves years of history in the form of nature’s landmarks and bones of various animals.

Address: Harrat Khaybar, north of Madinah

3. Ghar Hira – Place of Revelations

Ghar Hira

Among the most crucial religious caves around the world, Ghar Hira is a renowned cave in Islamic beliefs. The cave is located in the prestigious Jabal Al Noor or the mountain of light. Though the cave may look dark, it is aptly lit and is easy to explore. Pilgrims coming for Hajj and Umrah ensure to keep Ghar Hira in their itinerary of ziyarat sites. Pilgrims can catch the beautiful sight of the Makkah city during sundown.


Cave of Hira is the location where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got his first revelation of the holy Quran. As per the Islamic scholars, Hajrat Jibreel revealed the first verse of the holy Quran when visited Prophet Muhammad with a red silk brocade.

Address: Jabal Al Noor, Makkah

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4. Jabal Al Thawr Cave

Cave of Thawr

Not far from the holy city of Makkah, Cave of Thawr is another important religious site in Islam. Also called Ghar e Soor, the cave has witnessed several miracles leading to its importance in the religion. It is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr took refuge avoiding their persecution. Pilgrims visiting the twin holy city are required to explore the cave and surrounding area to know about the perils that the beloved Prophet Muhammad avoided during the expansion of Islam.


It is known that Abu Bakr was bitten by a snake and stayed still so that Prophet Muhammad wouldn’t wake from sleep. When the Prophet saw this, he applied his saliva, and the wound healed completely. Upon the arrival of the enemy, a spider weaved the web and warded off the enemy.

Address: Jabal Al Thawr, Hijaz Range

5. Jabal Sawda Cave – Sawda Mountain

Jabal Sawda Cave, nestled in the awe-inspiring Jabal Sawda mountain range, captivates visitors with its natural splendor. This cave, located in the Asir Province of Saudi Arabia, offers a unique and serene environment for those seeking solace and exploration. Jabal Sawda Cave invites adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers for its stunning views


Jabal Sawda Cave is renowned for its picturesque setting, attracting explorers and nature enthusiasts. As part of the majestic Jabal Sawda mountain range, the cave holds geological and ecological importance, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the region. Visitors are drawn to its natural beauty and the sense of tranquility it imparts.

Address: Asir Province, Saudi Arabia, in the Jabal Sawda mountain range.

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6. Heet Cave – Sparkling springs

Heet Cave

Heet Cave Riyadh is a top destination for a thrilling adventure in Saudi Arabia. The entrance, shaped like an eye, requires trekkers to wear rubber shoes due to the slippery terrain. Heet cave Saudi Arabia, inclined at 45°, narrows down, and adventurers reach a stunning chamber with a 150m wide, 30m deep crystal-clear lake. Safety precautions, including a torch, are essential for this off-beaten trek, making it a haven for adrenaline enthusiasts.


The cave is significant to adventure seekers from around the world. It provides numerous opportunities for thrilling activities such as climbing, trekking, swimming, etc.

Address: 50 km from Riyadh

These were the top 5 caves in Saudi Arabia that every tourist must keep in their itinerary.

Caves In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Which are the top caves in Saudi Arabia?

Ghar E Hira, Heet Cave, Jabal Al Thawr cave, Jabal Al Qarah are some of the popular caves in Saudi Arabia.

Why is Ghar e Hira famous?

Ghar e Hira is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got the first revelation of the holy Quran.

Why is Jabal Al Thawr popular?

Jabal Al Thawr is the cave of miracles and has numerous stories relating to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

How was Jabal Al Qarah cave made?

Jabal Al Qarah cave was made from the weathering process of wind and water.

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