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Top 5 Must-Try Authentic Indian Restaurants In Dammam


Indian cuisine is a mash-up of rich and different culinary traditions that have become a favorite choice for Dammam foodies. Indian restaurants in Dammam provide a tantalizing choice of delectable menu dishes that are sure to suit every palate, from creamy curries to spicy biryanis and perfectly burned naan bread.

The distinct cooking techniques and adept use of spices distinguish Indian food from other cuisines. These characteristics give Indian foods a robust and lively flavor profile.

Dammam, as a cultural and commercial center, has embraced Indian cuisine as a welcome and soothing option ideal for sharing with loved ones. Dammam boasts a plethora of top-quality Indian eateries to select from, whether you want a spicy and aromatic meal or a creamy and decadent curry.

So, if you want to dive into the lively and tasty world of Indian cuisine, check out these best Indian restaurants in Dammam that are sure to delight your taste buds.

5 best Indian restaurants in Dammam

1. SHEZAN Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant in Dammam that prides itself on maintaining its true Indian characteristics. It is considered to be one of the top Indian restaurants in the Eastern Province. Its pricing are fairly pricey in comparison to its surrounds, but it is distinguished by the exceptional quality of its food and service. Serve buttered chicken with naan bread and chicken, corn and tomato soup. It also provides Asian cuisine.

Location: Gulf Main Road, Al Hamra, Near Sama Dirty

Contact number: +966138095290

2. Tajzadi

Taj Zadi is one of the most excellent Indian restaurants in Dammam, with a diverse menu that includes chilli chicks, real biryani, many types of edama, rice and prawns. The restaurant boasts an antique and harmonious décor, as well as sufficient ventilation. And its rates are affordable to all. It is recommended that visitors to the restaurant sample it. It is a family-friendly establishment.

Location: Mohammedia, Dammam

Contact number: +966138377882

3. Hrizon

If you want to eat Indian food quietly, you should go to Horizon Restaurant, as it is characterized by reasonable prices and cheap price despite the delicious food it offers, the cleanliness of its place, and the good reception, and it is one of the best restaurants that serve Indian drinks with great taste, and it is one of the best restaurants that serve Indian drinks with great taste.

Location: 8194 Ibn al-Furat, Al Souq

Contact number: +966138342466.

4. Anarkali

Anarkali Restaurant is an example of an Indian restaurant in Dammam; the restaurant respects the privacy of families by keeping all sessions closed. The restaurant is spacious and cosy, the service is outstanding, and the personnel is friendly. Tikka masala, butter chicken, biryani rice, trademark naan bread, and spring rolls are among the highlights. Visitors commended the restaurant’s cleanliness, excellent meal quality, and cheap rates.

Location: Gulf Road, Al Hamra

Contact number: +966 55 578 3583

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One of the most highlighted South Indian restaurant in Dammam is Red Table, which offers a fresh type of Indian cuisine. It provides steak, fish, and buttered chicken with South Indian-inspired spices and herbs. The restaurant concentrates on the ingredients in its dishes and is very concerned with cleanliness; the business has a slogan for it: “To experience Red Table hospitality, enter our restaurants and make sure to leave with a smile and a taste that you want to return to.”

Location: Mohammed Bin Fahad Street

Contact number: +966562445651



Finally, Indian cuisine has become a favored and popular alternative for Dammam food fans, delivering a mouth-watering assortment of dishes sure to satisfy any craving. Dammam’s Indian restaurants offer a broad array of flavors and textures that are unique to this cuisine, ranging from fiery biryanis to creamy curries and perfectly burned naan bread.

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Indian Restaurants In Dammam FAQs

Are these Indian restaurants family-friendly?

Yes, most of the Indian restaurants in Dammam, including Tajzadi, Anarkali, and SHEZAN, are family-friendly and provide a welcoming environment for all visitors.

Are their any vegetarian restaurants in Dammam?

Absolutely! Indian cuisine is known for its extensive range of vegetarian dishes. These restaurants typically have a variety of delicious vegetarian options available on their menus.

What makes Indian cuisine unique?

Indian cuisine is known for its rich and diverse flavors, which are achieved through the adept use of various spices and cooking techniques. The combination of aromatic herbs, spices, and ingredients creates a robust and lively flavor profile that sets Indian food apart from other cuisines.

Why is Indian food a favorite choice for Dammam foodies?

Indian cuisine has gained popularity among Dammam food enthusiasts due to its wide array of delectable menu dishes. From creamy curries to spicy biryanis and perfectly baked naan bread, Indian restaurants in Dammam offer a tantalizing choice that suits every palate.

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