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7 Popular Indian Restaurants In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Indian cuisine, with its rich and diverse culinary traditions, has become a valued and popular alternative for food connoisseurs in Riyadh, the capital city. From creamy curries to spicy biryanis and flawlessly burned naan bread, Riyadh’s Indian eateries provide a compelling choice of delectable menu items to please any pallet.

Each cuisine has distinct traits that distinguish it, and Indian cuisine is no exception. It is famous for its sophisticated cooking techniques and expert use of spices to create a robust and bright flavor character.

As a cultural and commercial center, Riyadh has embraced Indian cuisine as a homely and warm option ideal for sharing with friends and family. There is no shortage of top-quality Indian eateries in the city, whether you want a spicy and aromatic dish or a creamy and decadent stew.

So, if you want to dive into the lively and tasty world of Indian cuisine, check out these best Indian restaurants in Riyadh that are guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

8 best Indian restaurants in Riyadh

1. Amaly

Indian eateries with a beautiful view in Riyadh? Nothing beats Amaly’s performance. With terrace views overlooking the noise and bustle of automobiles racing by on the highway, this Indian restaurant does not disappoint when you want to eat outside. Also on the menu are Rogan Josh, lamb and chicken biriyani, and those hearty Punjabi samosas stuffed with a typical potato and spice mixture. This restaurant is a joy to be had despite its higher price tag.

Location: Veranda F&B, Northern Ring Road, Al Ghadir.

Contact number: 0553532515

2. Baba Khan

Khan Baba. One of Riyadh’s newest and hippest Indian restaurants. This location, located on Prince Turki Al Awwal Road, is everything but simple. When you want to visit India but want to avoid flying, Baba Khan is your next best option for experiencing the sight and tastes of street food. The décor alone will keep you returning for more at this self-proclaimed urban Indian eatery. A famous biryani, butter chicken, Tikka masala, and a variety of naans, including cheese, are on the menu.

Location: Road Prince Turki Al Awwal

Contact number: 966569951982

3. Blue Tok Tok

When you’re out and about in the city and looking for some Indian fast food done correctly, the Blue Tok Tok is all about those quick Indian dishes that will keep you full and satisfied. Classics include chicken biryani, chicken tikka, and butter chicken. Need something quick? Take a bite of the naan sandwich wrap. If you can’t handle the heat, this restaurant has a variety of spice levels so that you won’t need a glass of milk.

Location: Nakheel

Contact number: +966 53 375 2519

4. Indian Summer

Indian Summer began as one man’s quest to introduce some of the most flavorful foods to the Saudi capital, and it has since become a local favorite in Indian cuisine. Mutton rare and tandoori prawns, known as jhinga kadai, are highlights of the traditional meal. Vegans, don’t worry; there are plenty of items on the menu for you to enjoy.

Location: Muruj, Al Muruj

Contact number: 00966 582379870

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5. Indian Valley Restaurant

Do you fancy an Indian buffet for lunch? That option is available at Indian Valley for your midday meal. There is also an à la carte menu to look forward to at night. The chef’s signature recipe is chicken curry with herbs and spices, cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Location: Al Quds

Contact number: +966571328143

6. Kumar

If you like a bit contemporary with your traditional meals, this is the place for you. Kumar’s creates delectable tacos with traditionally seasoned chicken, beef, lamb, and veggie alternatives. They promote themselves as a blend of Malaysian and Indian cuisine, and their dishes include maharaja tempura prawns and mughalai rib sliders. Take advantage of their pistachio kulfi.

Location: Al Aqiq

Contact number: +966 58 179 7295

7. Maharaja East by Vineet

Chef Vineet provides a wonderful spin on traditional Indian favorites, and you’ll want to bring your phones for this one since his presentation is just stunning. This eatery does everything so well, whether it’s exquisite kebab platters or fantastic mughalai murg tikka. They also serve a sumptuous rabri topped with a traditional Indian ladoo.

Location: Sulaimaniyah

Contact number: +966 11 464 1111

Finally, Indian cuisine has established itself as a go-to alternative for food connoisseurs in Riyadh, delivering many flavors and textures sure to excite the senses. Indian cuisine, with its excellent use of spices and intricate cooking processes, is a true culinary art form that continues to attract diners in the city.


Whether you are a seasoned fan of Indian cuisine or a curious beginner, the top Indian restaurants in Riyadh will not disappoint with their delectable and authentic meals. So, why not embark on a gastronomic adventure through the diverse world of Indian cuisine and discover what makes it one of the world’s most beloved and delectable cuisines.

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Indian Restaurants In Riyadh FAQs

What are the top Indian restaurants in Riyadh?

Amaly, Baba Khan, Indian Summers are some of the most popular Indian restaurants in Riyadh.

What are best Indian food in Riyadh served in the Indian restaurants?

Biryani, butter chicken, Roghan Josh are some of the top dishes.

Where is Baba Khan located?

The restaurant is located on Prince Turki Al Awwal road, Riyadh.

Which is the Indian buffet restaurant in Riyadh?

Indian Valley Restaurant is the best place to enjoy buffet in Riyadh.

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