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Escape Rooms In Riyadh: Thrilling Activities In Riyadh


Are you seeking a thrilling, immersive experience that brings your favorite films and video games to life? Look no further than best escape rooms in Riyadh!

These exhilarating rooms let you and your friends solve hard puzzles and interesting scenarios, ranging from Harry Potter’s Philosopher’s Stone to playing Sherlock Holmes and solving a compelling mystery.

With these top-rated escape rooms, you can get right into the action and put your resourcefulness to the test. Each area provides an immersive experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the full 60 minutes.

With their hard riddles, detailed tales, and magnificent settings, these escape rooms are ideal for a fun night out with friends or a unique team-building exercise for businesses. So join your team and prepare for an exciting journey with Riyadh’s best escape rooms!

Top 5 escape rooms in Riyadh

1. Ahaji


Gather a group of up to six buddies and head to Ahaji. These immersive escape rooms are inspired by iconic Arab characters such as Uncle Saleh and his secret room, which his kids have not dared to explore since his death.

There are the pyramids, where you must flee the Pharaoh’s lair, and Ward 23, where you must investigate Detective Haytham’s death. This Arabic-themed game is one of the best escape rooms in Riyadh, offering an unforgettable adventure.

Fees: Starting from SAR 91 (per person)

Timing: Every day from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Location: An Narjis, Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd.

Telephone: 011 277 4299

2. Escape KSA

The intriguing environment with neon signs, black interiors, and dim lighting will captivate you when you visit Escape KSA. You’ll quickly put on your game face. Escape KSA provides two challenges to escape through VR, featuring four virtual games and four live action escape rooms. One of the best escape rooms in Riyadh and undoubtedly the most futuristic…

Fees: Starting from SAR 180 (per person)

Timing: Every day from 4 p.m. until 12 a.m.

Location: Takhasussi St, Gate 2, Riyadh.

Telephone: 0501148585

3. Escape the Room

Escape the Room, the largest of its type in the Middle East, promises a true experience with seven different rooms: Saw II, Lost in Time, The Prison, Mafia Kingdom, Z-Virus, Nightmare, and The Bank Job.

The thrill will grow as the minutes pass. The experiences will be immersive, so don’t be surprised if real hands offer you a suitcase in the Mafia Kingdom or a few people add to the fear in Saw II—one of Riyadh’s best escape rooms.

Fees: Starting from SAR 180 (per person)

Timing: Every day from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Location: King Abdulaziz Rd.

Telephone: 050809911

4. Planet X

Enter three rooms inspired by three popular films and characters: in The Philosopher’s Stone, you and your team of wizards and witches must collect the stone and combat the rising darkness.

To ensure your safety in Walking Death, you must flee the zombies. In Jack the Ripper, you and your team must uncover clues in order to apprehend the Ripper. After you’ve exited the area, proceed to Planet X to continue the journey through amusement arcades.

Fees: Starting from SAR 180 (per person).

Timing: Every day from 4 p.m. until 12 a.m.

Location: The Zone Mall, Takhasussi St., Gate 2, Riyadh

Telephone: 0501148585

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5. The Final Hour

How about 80 minutes if 60 minutes is too easy? The Last Hour presents The Interview Room, an 80-minute adventure in which you and your team of up to 11 individuals must work together to solve various problems.

You will have few options, and it will be up to you and your squad to decide your fate. The Pirates, a 60-minute exhilarating adventure for the boldest pirates, awaits you in the last hour, as you and your squad must find the wealth and return it to the Aztec.

Fees: Starting at SAR 120 (per person)

Timing: Every day from 4 p.m. until 12 a.m.

Location: Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, Al Wadi



Finally, Riyadh’s greatest escape rooms provide a thrilling and immersive experience that transports you and your friends into the realms of your favorite films and video games. These escape rooms are ideal for a fun night out or team-building activity, with hard puzzles, complex plots, and magnificent scenery. So gather your crew and prepare for an exciting journey that will put your ingenuity to the test!

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Escape Rooms In Riyadh FAQs

What are the top escape rooms in Riyadh?

Escape KSA, Escape The Room, and Ahaji are some of the most Escape room in Riyadh.

What is the entrance fees of Escape KSA?

Escape KSA tickets start from SAR 180.

Where is the Final Hour located?

The Final Hour is located on Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, Al Wadi.

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