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Indian Restaurants In Jeddah: Exploring The Native Spices


Indian cuisine is well-known for its rich and diverse flavors, spices, and fragrances that entice the senses. Unsurprisingly, Indian cuisine has become popular worldwide, and Jeddah is no exception. With a thriving Indian expat community, Jeddah has many authentic Indian restaurants to suit all tastes and preferences.

Jeddah’s Indian eateries have you covered whether you want a substantial biryani, creamy butter chicken, acidic pani puri, or savory chaat. Additionally, the city has something for everyone, from informal, laid-back cafes to sophisticated fine-dining venues.

This list will showcase some of the best Indian restaurants in Jeddah that serve amazing food, outstanding service, and a friendly atmosphere. These eateries are a must-try for anyone desiring a taste of India in Jeddah, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Indian food or new to the flavors and spices.

9 best Indian restaurants in Jeddah

1. Five Rivers

The service at this restaurant is one of its primary selling points. 5 Rivers is a popular choice for a family meal because of its pleasant atmosphere and warm welcome. The prices are very reasonable so that it may become a regular location for an evening out. Murgh lababdar, biryani, aloo samosa, butter chicken, and other delectable delicacies are available, and there are no better Indian restaurants in Jeddah.

Location: Ascott Centre, Sari Street

Contact number: 0508265666

2. Asha’s

This well-known Indian chain is renowned throughout the Middle East, and the Jeddah location is at Le Mall. Asha Bhosle, a famous Indian singer, and actor, founded the brand in 2002, and it has since become a go-to location for delectable Indian cuisine, with approximately 20 outlets worldwide.

Roasted potato salad, chicken tikka salad, prawn khurchan, murg malai, chicken tikka gosht seekh kebab, Kerala chili garlic prawns, and palak chaat are the dishes on the menu. The food is fresh and wholesome, and remember to pile on the buttery naans to ensure you receive every last drop.

Location: Jeddah’s Le Mall

Contact number: 012 261 7037


3. Bharat

Looking for ingenious modern Indian cuisine? If you’re searching for great food in a stylish setting, Bharat is one of the coolest venues in town. Expect fragrant curries, succulent, juicy seekh kebabs, fluffy naans, and other delectable dishes.

It’s on the pricey side but has both style and substance, and it’s a great pick for Indian fine dining. If you’re in Jeddah, this is one of the best Indian restaurants to visit.

Location: The address is Stars Avenue

Contact number: 050 396 9617

4. Chennai Darbar

This prominent restaurant is noted for its traditional cuisine, and the Jeddah branch is Chennai Darbar’s only operation outside India. The original eatery is, predictably, in Chennai.

The restaurant serves a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Indo-Chinese, Arab, and tandoori foods, so if you’re dining with a diverse company, everyone will be satisfied. Darbar chicken or mutton soup, veg or beef kothu paratha, prawn masala, Kadhai fish, dum aloo, chicken jalfrezi, and other dishes are available. Szechwan noodles and dosa are also available. Everything on the menu is calorie-counted, so if you’re watching your weight, this is a good option.

Location: Sara Sahafa Street in Aziziyah

Contact number: 056 9170 283

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5. The Ginger Leaf

This lavish restaurant at the Hilton Hotel Jeddah is decked out in opulent fixtures and settings (all whites and golds), but it still seems cozy and private. The lobster butter masala, chicken meethi malai, and prawn chaat are among the many intriguing dishes on the menu, and the quantities are ample.

Location: North Corniche Road, Hilton Hotel Jeddah

Contact number: +966 92 000 3800

6. Indian Restaurant Holi

This popular restaurant is famous for its grills, biryanis, and flavorful curries. As the name implies, the restaurant takes pride in providing a colorful experience, from the meals to the environment. There are many vegetarian options on the menu for non-meat eaters, and you can also customize the spice levels.

Location: Jeddah, Prince Sultan Street

Contact number: 012 250 3083

7. Naan

With the purpose of “serving the best Indian food ever,” this hip establishment serves you tasty, traditional cuisine. The crew enjoys using fresh, healthy ingredients in various spice levels, so you’re in for a treat whether you prefer mild or super-hot.

Among the specialties are chicken tikka masala, dahl makhani, tandoori, mint, tamarind chutney, lamb vindaloo, and garlic naan. Numerous vegetarian dishes are available, like beetroot tikka, vegetable jalfrezi, and others. The food is vibrant and flavorful, and the service is pleasant and welcoming.

Location: Sawari Mall, King Abdulaziz Street

Contact number: 0535586000

8. The Tikka Express

This laid-back Indian eatery offers everything from biryanis and curries to stir-fries, noodles, and French fries. Various foods are available, and everything may be cooked with varied levels of heat. Expect chicken pakora, naan, butter roti, chicken tandoori, mutton sheesh kebab, malai boti, tikka fish, and other traditional Indian meals, as well as foreign fare, including chicken and apple salad, lentil soup, prawn spaghetti, and mozzarella fingers. Tikka Express makes a unique naan bread with lotus spread or Nutella for dessert.

Location: Al Andalus

Contact number: 053 008 4111

9. Zaikaki

This very wealthy restaurant features plush décor and a diverse menu of traditional foods. There are also vegetarian and vegan options, and while the prices are more, the quality is high, and the flavor is delicious. There is a wide menu, so there are lots of reasons to return time and time. Prawn masala, chicken biryani, tandoori meals, and other popular foods are available.

Location: Al Rawdhah Street in Jeddah

Contact number: 012 611 1798

To summaries, Jeddah’s Indian cuisine sector is a dynamic and rich world just waiting to be discovered. There is something for everyone to enjoy with a broad choice of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets.

Whether you’re seeking traditional biryanis, scrumptious curries, or delectable street cuisine, these nine top Indian restaurants in Jeddah will please your taste buds.

So, if you’re searching for a true flavor of India in Jeddah, make a point of visiting these top restaurants and sampling the best of Indian cuisine.

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Indian Restaurants In Jeddah FAQs

What are the top Indian restaurants in Jeddah?

Five Rivers, Ashas, Bharat, and Chennai Darbar are some of the most popular Indian restaurants in Jeddah.

What are best Indian food in Jeddah served in the Indian restaurants?

Kebab Tikka, Murgh lababdar, Pani Puri are some of the top dishes.

Where is The Ginger Leaf located?

The Ginger Leaf is located inside the Hilton Hotel Jeddah.

Which is the best place to enjoy Tikkah?

The Tikkah Express is the best place to enjoy Tikkah in Jeddah.

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