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Loopagoon Water Park In Dhahran: A Women-Only Adventure Place


The first significant all-women water park in Eastern Province, Loopagoon Water Park offers a thrilling selection of slides, attractions, and rides geared solely toward women, girls, and kids. It is situated on the pristine lagoon waters of Dana Bay at Half Moon Beach in Al-Khobar. The park is a premier beachfront development that features 12 exclusive, cutting-edge rides, slides, and attractions. The park strives to provide five-star service and safety while fostering lifelong memories for each of its visitors. It covers 2.8 million sq m and is the first water park in the Kingdom solely dedicated to women.

Loopagoon Water Park general information

Location: End of Half Moon, Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone Number: 920029929

WhatsApp: +966 50 064 2660


Loopagoon Water Park attractions


1. Exciting Water Rides

a) Cannon Bowl

Visitors can take a slide on the Cannon Bowl if one is looking for exciting water entertainment. They will have to hold onto the inner tube firmly in order to remain stable. One might feel queasy after riding this attraction while screaming with joy. Visitors can ride in a single inner tube or a double tube with a friend. The tubes swiftly pass through an enclosed, winding pipe before entering a huge bowl, where they will spin endlessly and make their final drop into a pool.

b) Tornado

The more daring sliders are sure to enjoy this unique water attraction. Riders with their friends start the ride as they slide through a long tunnel that plunges them right into the center of the tornado. A huge inner tube will hold two, three, or four riders as they embark on an unforgettable voyage through the water.

c) Thunder Waves

Swimmers, inner tube floaters, and others who want to watch the waves break can do so at Thunder Waves. The depth of the pool is 0 to 1.8 m. Visitors can enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear water with the exhilaration of the waves. The waves alternatively switches between being on and off for fifteen minutes.

d) Flow Rider

Visitors can come for an exhilarating ride with qualified trainers to help them have fun. They can learn how to surf bodyboard style from qualified park instructors and hone their skills. If one has ever watched surfers from the shore and longed to try to do it themselves, FlowRider is best suited for them. It is also among the best approaches to learn surfing.

e) Octopus Racer

For those who enjoy racing at high speeds and getting soaked, there are four lanes of thrilling action. On the Octopus Racer, four people simultaneously race side by side from a great height. Riders go head first through a wide descending curve that will help them move faster while lying on a mat.

f) Twisters

Tourists can choose from two distinctive enclosed body slides that feature a unique combination of twists and turns. Two towering enclosed slides are designed for lone riders who like to move quickly and get soaked. On the riding surface, there are no hard or pointy items and no unsecured items for the rider’s safety.

g) Pipelines

Tourists can have fun on this chaotic, entertaining ride alone or with a friend. They have to pick up an inner tube and ascend to the top, where two separate slides are available, each of which offers thrilling water fun of its own. The pipelines descend down, providing the thrill of being in a water park.

h) Lazy River

While slowly floating down a meandering river in the inner tube, one can slow things down and maintain their composure. The 250 m long, round Lazy River has a 0.9 m depth, transports passengers past waterfalls, and has a hydrotherapy facility.

2. Kids Aqua Venture


Kids Aqua Venture is more than just a usual playground; it is a water playground where visitors and their small children may get as wet as they like. A specially designed interactive water play area with multiple levels is fun for the little ones and their companions. Further, there are no regulations to stop them from exploring besides the necessary safety precautions.

3. Restaurant and kiosks

The restaurant at Loopagoon Water Park offers visitors with the best eating experience and an amazing view of the Bay. It serves a diverse range of food, including fast food, pasta, healthy food, and Arabic cuisine. For the convenience of the customers, the restaurant is subdivided into the ground and first floors. The outdoor beverage kiosk in the water park offers slushes, a fruit juice bar, cold beverages, and coffee.

4. Retail Shop

One can also explore the retail store to get one-of-a-kind and specially crafted gifts, fashionable clothing, and other accessories to take home. Towels, water bottles, Rubik’s cubes, swimwear, and other items with the Loopagoon brand are also available. Tourists visiting the park can shop for souvenirs and take them back home to their families.

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Things to remember while visiting Loopagoon

  • Men are not permitted; only ladies are allowed at the water park
  • Only male children who are under seven and less than 120 cm tall can visit the park
  • There are no refunds or day-change options for tickets
  • On Sundays, the water park remains closed

Loopagoon Water Park timings

The park remains open from Monday to Saturday between 2 pm and 9 pm. The water park does not operate on Sundays due to maintenance purpose.

Loopagoon ticket price

The ticket price of Loopagoon is SR 230 for adults who are more than 13 years old. For children aged between 4 and 12 is SR 180. The entry is free for children aged less than 3.

Visitors can purchase tickets from

  • Villagio Complex, Khobar, between 6 pm and 10 pm
  • Sheraton Dammam Hotel, Dammam, between 4 pm and 9 pm
  • Dana Beach Resort between 10 am to 6 pm
  • And one can directly purchase it from its website, Loopagoon ticket booking.

The Loopagoon Water Park is the world’s first water park open only to women and children. It is a great place to visit in Al Khobar. Further, the rides at the park are adventurous yet highly safe.

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Loopagoon Water Park FAQs

What is the location of Loopagoon Water Park?

Dana Bay, Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Can men enter the park?

No, men cannot enter the park on ladies night. Boys who are taller than 120 cm or who are older than 7 years old will not be allowed access. Men can purchase a day permit to get into Dana Bay and access the following: 1. One fine-dining meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner 2. Availability of swimming pools 3. Access to all public amenities, such as a petting zoo and a stage

Does Loopagoon offer swimming gear?

Yes. Its retail store, located inside the park, sells various kinds of swimming gear, trinkets, and other accessories.

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