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Shab E Barat In 2024: Meaning, Significance, Hadith, And Namaz

Celebrated on the 15th of Shaban, Shab e Barat night or the Night of forgiveness is a significant Islamic festival. On the night, Muslims worldwide ask forgiveness for their sins from the all-merciful Allah. Additionally, the night can be used to seek mercy for the deceased and ill family members. It is believed that Allah decides the fortune and the future of every creature of the earth on this night. Muslims across the world celebrate the night differently depending upon cultural diversity and local traditions.

Shab e Barat meaning

The literal meaning of Shab e Barat can be translated to the night of Atonement. It has numerous names as per the different cultures worldwide, such as Cheragh e Barat, Barat Night, Berat Kandili, or Nisfu Syaaban. Due to the virtues of the night, it is one of the holiest nights in Islam. People use the night to atone for the sins of their ancestors and prevent them from hellfire.

Month of Shaban


Shaban is the eight-month in the Islamic calendar and carries immense significance. Muslims prepare for the holy month of Ramadan by voluntarily fasting during the month or eating nutritious food. The month marks the changing of Qibla, the celebration of the 15th of Shaban, and the birth of Abbas Ibn Ali. People use the month for doing good deeds and multiplying the rewards of Ramadan.

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Shab e Barat 2024 date

The 15th of Shaban will fall on the 25th of Feb 2024. Shab e Barat in Islamic date is on 15 Shaban 1446 AH.

Shab e Barat history


On the 15th of Shaban, Muhammad al Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Muslims was born. From that day on, the community celebrates the day as his birthday. Many Muslims believe that on the 15th Shaban, Allah saved the arch of Nuh from the life threatening flood. In a hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was seen visiting Jannatul Baqi on the 15th of Shaban. On the night, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed for his family members in the graveyard. Following the gesture, Muslims would go to the graves of their loved ones and seek forgiveness for the deceased.

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Significance of Shab e Barat

Apart from Shab e Barat history, scholars say that on the night, Allah takes the past deeds into account and accordingly writes the destinies of an individual in the coming years. However, experts suggest that one should only offer shab e barat prayer on the night if they ritually perform night prayers every day. Otherwise, it would be considered a Bidah (religious innovation), which is highly discouraged in Islam and is a great sin.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told Hazrat Ayesha about 15th of Shaban:

“In it, the record is made of every human being who will be born, and of every human being who will pass away this year. In it, their deeds are taken up to heaven and in their provisions are sent down.”

– (Baihaqi)

Shab e Barat namaz


The namaz of 15th of Shaban is no different from the usual daily namaz. Muslims should offer the 15th of Shaban namaz before Betor Namaz and after the Isha. They can recite surah ikhlas, iaat al quchri, surah qadar, or surah taquachur with surah fatah. One should perform as many rakats as possible with at least 12 rakats for maximum benefits. Reciting tasbih tahlil after every four rakats further increases the rewards. The 15th of Shaban namaz is also the best Shab-e-Barat nawafil, along with voluntary fasting.

Shab e Barat prayer and duas

As 15th of Shaban is the night for atonement of sins, one can offer duas that seek forgiveness from all forgiving Allah. One of the most common prayers offered on the night is Salatul Tasbih or the prayer for people seeking mercy. People offer Nafil with 100 rakaats. One can pray Dua-e-nisf-e-Shabaan-al-Muazzam and offer duas after Maghrib prayer to protect one’s imaan, for prosperity in life, and life full of piety and mercy from Allah. Muslims can also offer their own supplications to add on to the prayer of Shaban.

Shab e Barat in Quran

One may not be able to find particular verses relating to the benefits of 15th of Shaban in the holy book of the Quran. However, scholars relate some verses as the proof of the night’s mention in the sacred book.

“Surely, We have sent it down in the blessed Night. Surely, We are the Warner. In this (Night) judgment is given on all matters of wisdom (separately) by Our Command.”

– (Al-Quran, 44:3-5)

Shab e Barat celebration

15th of Shaban is the night to seek forgiveness for the sins and deceased. Hence, Muslims around the world stay awake at night to recite verses from the holy Quran. Conclusively, many countries observe public holidays on the next day of the night. People also visit the grave of the family members and reciting verses from the holy Quran, and atoning for their wrong deeds. As the night is highly rewarding, people keep voluntary fasts and pray at night.

Shab e Barat hadith

There are many hadiths relating to the importance and significance of the 15th of Shaban. In one such hadith, Ibn ali narrates that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“When it is the fifteenth of Shaban, then stand (in worship) at Night and fast during the day. Because Allah descends in this Night at sunset to the first heaven and says: ‘Is there any seeker of forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is there any seeker of sustenance that I may sustain him? Are there anyone in affliction, that I may remove his affliction? Is there anyone like this, like that (and so on)’. This continues until Fajr.”

– Ibn Majah

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered prayers for his loved ones on the night of forgiveness Shab e Barat. People also prefer to do good deeds on this date as the night is when Allah writes the destiny of Muslims worldwide. Therefore, believers of Islam use the night to seek forgiveness and enjoy good fortune in the future with a clean slate.

Shab E Barat FAQs

What is the importance of Shab e Barat?

The night is highly rewarding as Muslims seek forgiveness for themselves and their deceased family members by offering night prayers.

How to perform shab e barat namaz step by step?

Muslims can perform the namaz the same as normal namaz with at least 12 rakats of prayers.

What is the meaning of Shab Barat?

It means the night of atonement or the night of forgiveness.

What are the different names of 15th of Shaban?

Cheragh e Barat, Nisfu Syaaban, Barat Night, and Berat Kandili are the other names for the night.

Why Shab e Barat is celebrated?

15th of Shaban is celebrated for the birth of Muhammad al Mahdi, 12th Imam of Muslims.

How many rakats in 15th of Shaban namaz?

Muslims are required to offer minimum of 12 rakats in 15th of Shaban namaz.

What to recite on 15th of Shaban?

People can recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah e Naas, Surah-e-Fatiah, Surah Yaseen, and Dua-e-Nisf-e-Shabaan on 15th of Shaban.

How to wish 15th of Shaban?

Muslims can wish Shab e Barat Mubarak to their friends and family in person or text.

What to read on mid of Shaban?

Muslims can read verses from the holy Quran on 15th of Shaban.

What to do on 15th of Shaban?

People can offer voluantry prayers and keep voluantry fast on Shab e Barat.

What happened on 15th of Shaban?

Allah saved the arch of Nuh on the night of forgiveness.

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