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Things To Buy In Saudi Arabia: Memorable Saudi Souvenirs For Tourists


Bringing home souvenirs from a vacation in Saudi Arabia is among the best parts of the trip. The souvenirs act as remembrance of vivid experiences in the Kingdom. There’s no shortage of things to buy in Saudi Arabia. Tourists can purchase these items from heritage souks, luxury malls, and offbeat kiosks. Buying dates is a top priority for travelers visiting Saudi Arabia and looking for a taste of Arabia to take home as gifts. Oud Perfume, camel milk soap, gold, and spices are among the other Saudi Arabia famous things to buy.

Best things to buy in Saudi Arabia

While looking for what souvenirs to buy in Saudi Arabia, one is always recommended to opt for traditional items. Therefore, here is a list of things to purchase as souvenirs from Saudi Arabia:

1. Dates – Delicious and premium quality


Saudi Arabia is the world’s fourth-largest producer of dates, with more than ten types available to visitors. It can be found in any local market, including shopping malls and complexes. Tourists can choose from ajwa, medjool, zahidi, saghai, khudri, and more varieties of dates in the Kingdom. Each type has distinct characteristics based on sweetness, texture, and color.

Top Saudi dates varieties: Ajwa dates are the most expensive owing to their soft and delicate texture. Other notable varieties include sukkari, safawi, and saghai.

Best place to buy dates in Saudi Arabia: The Date souk, located immediately off exit 14 in Riyadh, is a great place to buy dates. It also has a large selection of fruits and vegetables.

Health benefits of Saudi dates: Saudi dates are very nutritious with a high concentration of antioxidants and fibers.

2. Gold – Traditional Arabian jewelry

Saudi Arabia is the best place for a sophisticated gold investor or a casual shopper looking to buy gold jewelry. There is no sales tax or VAT in Saudi Arabia; hence, locally designed gold is marketed at lower prices than in many other countries. In terms of cost, gold souks outperform malls. On the other hand, the malls have the best selection of high-end jewelry and precious gemstone-based ornaments. Since gold prices fluctuate a lot, items should be purchased on Saturday or Sunday to reduce rate slippage, as gold is not traded on international markets during Saturday and Sunday.

Top gold Saudi jewelry: Traditional and contemporary Arabic jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Best places to buy gold in Saudi Arabia: Batha Gold Market, Riyadh, and Balad Gold Market are the best places to purchase gold in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the jewelry shops that line the streets of Share Al-Hob or ‘Love Market’ in Dammam are a must-visit market for purchasing gold.

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3. Zamzam Water – The holiest water in Islam


Zamzam water is said to cure illness and is the holiest water in Islam. The water has its origin in Makkah at the Zamzam well. The story narrates that Prophet Ibrahim left Prophet Ismail and Hagar with dates and some water on the commands of Allah. Upon getting thirsty, Prophet Ismail hit the ground, and a stream of water spurted out. Today, this stream of water is what Muslims call the Zamzam water. Pilgrim coming for Haj drink Zamzam water for its many benefits. Experts tell that the water is free of any pathogen and bacteria and is safe for drinking.

Benefits of Zamzam water: Scholars suggest that drinking Zamzam water grants all the wants and wishes. Additionally, it increases the energy levels in human cells. The water also promotes healthy bones and enhances the overall bone density in a human.

Best places to buy Zamzam water in Saudi Arabia: Tourists can purchase Zamzam water from any souvenir shops in the holy city of Makkah. Further, Zamzam water is a common souvenir; hence is readily available throughout Saudi Arabia.

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4. Spices – Aromatic with health benefits


Every region has its distinct flavors and spices. Similarly, Middle Eastern cuisine has a distinct spice profile. Though the flavors of Arabia are mostly defined by the spices of South Asian countries, the unique usage of these spices helps in cooking some authentic Saudi dishes. Further, Saudi Arabia also produces numerous spices in the Kingdom, generally for local use.

Top Arabian spices and their benefits: Black pepper, cloves, cardamom, saffron, black lime, bay leaves, and nutmeg are the top Saudi Arabian spices. Most of these have many health benefits and medicinal values, along with imparting a great taste to the dishes.

Best places to buy spices in Saudi Arabia: There are spice shops across the country, but good-quality spices can only be found at spice souks.

5. Oud perfume – Scent of Saudi Arabia


Oud is a sensual and powerful perfume that experts have meticulously created for luxury purposes. It’s manufactured from the Agar or Aquilaria Tree. Some even claim that oud has aromatherapeutic effects, strengthening the body and mind due to its extensive use and multifunctionality. Tourists can smell the scent of oud in the majority of places, and from many locals. Small packages of oud perfumes and chips are a famous Saudi Arabian souvenir.

Places to purchase Arabian oud perfume: More than 100 years old, souk Al Zal in Riyadh has a network of oud-scented lanes perfect for purchasing oud perfumes. Other items like plush carpets, handmade camel leather slippers, and traditional artifacts like Arabic coffee are also found here.

Best oud perfume’s Arabian brands: Rasasi, Hind Al oudh, Swiss Arabian, and Al Amaken are some of the top brands of oud perfumes.

6. Dallah – Arabian coffee pot


In Arabia, people use the traditional coffee pots to make and serve authentic Saudi coffee, Qahwa. The pot comes in different sizes with little variation in the basic design. The construction involves moulding of metal and metal alloys into a traditional design with a large mouth and curved handle. To keep the coffee or inside ingredient warm, the pot has a metal covering.

Best places to buy Dallah in Saudi Arabia: Tourists can find Dallahs in any shops selling crockery or in the lavish malls. However, the best places to purchase Dallahs are the old souks in the city of Makkah, Madinah, and Riyadh.

7. Saudi rugs – World renowned Arabian designs


Rugs are an essential part of Saudi culture. One can easily find these rugs in the local households and shop floors. The carpets have traditional Saudi designs with patterns of desert and camels to adorn the beautiful subtle colors of the carpets. Authentic Saudi carpets are made from wool in the local artisans’ houses or handlooms.

Best places to buy Saudi rugs: Souk Al Zal and Dirah Souk in Riyadh are popular Saudi rug markets.

8. Camel milk products – Popular chocolates and soaps

Saudi Arabia is known for its camel milk products. The increasingly urbanized population’s need for camel milk is spurring the construction of camel dairy farms in the Kingdom. As a result, tourists can readily find camel milk goods such as chocolates and soaps. Camel milk chocolates have a distinctive taste. It adopts a low-profile roasting procedure for the chocolate to highlight the salty creaminess of camel milk. On the other hand, camel milk soaps were a significant element of Cleopatra’s lavish beauty ritual and has long been associated with Egypt’s opulent society.

Top camel milk products in Saudi Arabia: Soaps, chocolates, and desserts are the famous camel milk products.

Best places to purchase camel milk products: Souks and markets close to camel dairies are the most favorable place to purchase fresh camel milk products.

Saudi Arabia, home to vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, sumptuous food, and rich culture, is a wonderful place for a vacation. Additionally, it offers numerous memorable souvenirs preserving Saudi’s essence for tourists to carry back to their home.

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Things To Buy In Saudi Arabia FAQs

Saudi Arabia is famous for what product as souvenirs?

Spices, gold products, camel milk chocolate, and oud perfume are popular souvenirs to buy in Saudi Arabia.

Which are the cheap things to buy in Saudi Arabia?

Spices and rugs are cheap Saudi souvenirs.

Where to shop for cheap souvenirs in Jeddah?

Gabel Street souk in Jeddah is an ideal place to shop for cheap souvenirs.

What are the top Saudi spices?

Cloves, saffron, cardamom, and nutmeg are top Saudi Spices.

Which date type is the most expensive?

Ajwa is the most expensive date type among all the varieties.

What are some traditional Saudi Arabian items that I can buy as souvenirs?

Dates, OUD, Dallah, camel products, spices and Saudi crafts.

Are there any shopping festivals or events in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh Shopping Festival, Jeddah Shopping Festival, Souk Okaz, and Janadriyah National Festivals are some of the top events to go shopping in Saudi Arabia.

Are there any unique food items to try or purchase in Saudi Arabia?

Unique food items in Saudi Arabia include Tharid, Harees, Kabsa, Gursan, Hanith, and many more.

Can I buy Saudi Arabian dates in bulk?

Yes, there are many date suppliers in Saudi Arabia that can arrange your bulk orders for Arabian dates.

Are there any popular traditional crafts or artwork to purchase?

Yes, Saudi Arabia is known for its unique craftwork of weaving, Jewellery, Leatherwork, Basketry, Woodwork, Pottery, and Metalwork.

Are there any luxury items unique to Saudi Arabia?

Oud Perfume and camel milk soap are unique items in Saudi Arabia and can be considered luxurious.

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