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Performing Umrah With Kids: Tips To Plan Well, Rules For Minors


Umrah, widely known as one of the most sacred Muslim pilgrimages after Hajj, is a peaceful spiritual journey. Pilgrims undertake the arduous path to Makkah and Madinah with the intent to seek forgiveness for life’s sins from Allah. However, performing Umrah with kids is not an easy task. For starters, children, especially babies, need extra care and attention. It is difficult and occupying for pilgrims, especially female pilgrims to focus on Allah while accommodating the needs of the children. Here are a few valuable tips that one can adopt in order to make Umrah journey spiritually fulfilling even with kids.

Tips to perform Umrah with kids

Even though Umrah is a spiritual journey meant for adult Muslims, children can accompany their parents. To perform Umrah with kids one needs to adjust their perception and keep in mind some tips that can help make the journey smooth and peaceful.

1. Observe the behavior of the child during travel


Performing Umrah with kids can be easy if one can deduce the behavior from previous experiences. It is vital to note different babies have varied behavioral patterns. While one baby might fuss at large crowds, the other may sleep soundly. Moreover, tolerance of humid weather conditions is also important.

2. Introduce the concept of Umrah to kids


Umrah with family can be even more fulfilling if the kids in the family are aware of the significance of Umrah. For this, parents can introduce children’s books that offer religious education. Apart from this, practicing sa’i and tawaf with them can make them more aware of the importance of the journey.

3. Book accommodation and flight beforehand

In order to have a relaxed pilgrimage, book flight tickets that align with the nap time of the child. That way, both children and parents can get some rest. The best way to ensure that one can complete Umrah with an infant comfortably is to book accommodation in close proximity to the Haram.

4. Get them vaccinated


Vaccination is a very important aspect while planning Umrah with a 6-month old or younger baby. Here, both parents and kids must have the necessary updated vaccinations. It is advisable that one opt for the process weeks before the trip to deal with resulting fevers (if they occur).

5. Carry a stroller for Umrah with kids


Though strollers are not allowed within Masjid Nabawi and Masjid al-Haram, still one can use them in the compound area. Moreover, parents wanting to do Umrah with infants can opt for carriers or slings.

6. Change diaper before starting


The distance between the ladies’ toilets and the prayer region is long. That is why one must remember to change the diaper before leaving to perform Umrah with kids.

7. Pack a small bag with essential items


It is recommended that parents carry a bag of essential items that include baby wipes, diapers, a small blanket, food, medications, pacifier, toys, and more.

These are some of the tips that parents can follow when opting for the holy journey of Umrah with kids.

Rules of Umrah for minors


For parents who are eager to undertake Umrah with kids, it is important to know the rules related to the pilgrimage. Firstly, the guardian must dress the child in clothes that are in compliance with Ihram. Secondly, it is the duty of the parent to make sure that the child doesn’t break any rules or refrain from doing the forbidden things during Umrah. Also, the parent has to declare the intention that the child has stepped into the state of Ihram. Parents opting for Umrah on the kid’s behalf are also eligible to undertake Saee and Tawaf for the kid. They can hold or carry the kid during the rituals. If the child unintentionally breaks the rules, then there is no need for any penalties. But, if the breaking of the rules was intentional, then the parents or guardian has to offer Dam or Fidyah on behalf of the child.

Minimum age limit for Umrah 2024

Earlier the rules regarding kids performing Umrah was that children who have crossed the discernment age, which is 7 years, can perform Umrah. Kids below the age of 7 could accompany their parents in this spiritual pilgrimage. As per the latest announcement, the Saudi Government has announced that pilgrims of age 12 and above can perform Umrah in 2024. Further, they should be vaccinated or have recovered from past COVID-19 infection to become eligible for Umrah 2024.

FAQs regarding Umrah with Kids

Can parents take their children to Umrah?

Yes, parents can take their children to Umrah. There is no rule in Islam or the Saudi government that prohibits the company of children. However, if the babies are too small, then parents need to re-think and understand the situation.

Are there age restrictions for Umrah?

Yes, there are some age restrictions for Umrah. Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made some changes. The age limit within the country is now from the age of 18 to 70. For the pilgrims outside the Kingdom, the age limit is 18 to 50. However, children can generally accompany their parents in the spiritual journey of Umrah.

Is vaccination mandatory for infants traveling with parents for Umrah?

Yes, parents as well as infants must be vaccinated according to the updated regulations of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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