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Eid Dress Ideas: Traditional & Casual Attire For Men, Women, Kids


Eid is a significant Islamic festival. It is a special day when people dress up in new clothes and visit family and relatives for a delicious feast. Choosing an Eid dress is often challenging and time-consuming. One wants to pick the best and the most comfortable attire. There are many options for men, women, and also kids. You can choose a traditional look or casual wear as per your preference. Here are some popular Eid dresses that are acceptable in most Muslim societies.

Eid dress for women

Traditional Eid wear for women

1. Abaya & Headscarf – Arabian attire for women


One of the modest and traditional attires, Abayas and a headscarf is the choice of many women during Eid. The dress has a sophisticated design and serves the purpose of avoiding negative gazes. Abaya comes in various patterns and styles to match up with the latest trends. One can purchase a colorful abaya and wear it with a brooch, head jewelry and matching earrings for a modern look with the traditional Arabian touch. Further, as the abaya is a loose full length dress it is highly comfortable to wear in a desert-like climate during Eid.

2. Anarkali Suits – Beautiful clothing from the Indian subcontinent


Though finding their origin in the Indian subcontinent, the Anarkali suits have picked up a great liking by the women in the Arabian subcontinent. The Anarkali suits are floor-length kameezes with contrasting churidars ideal for a special occasion such as Eid. Anarkali Suits are typically made from georgette, chiffon, embroidery dresses, and velvet. The free-flowing design of the kameezes makes them a comfortable yet lovely dress.

3. Full-length Kaftan dress – Graceful Middle Eastern dress

Having been popularized by the Ottomans of Turkey, Kaftans have evolved greatly to fit the newest fashion trends. The grace of kaftans made them a great hit in Hollywood during the 1970s. It generally uses silk or cotton to form a free-flowing and comfortable dress. One can find variations in sleeves, patterns, and colors of the dresses with the basic design remaining the same.

Casual Eid wear for women

4. Palazzo and Kurti – Cascading comfortable attire

As a perfect combination to be worn on Eid, Kurti and Palazzo blend traditional with modern. The apparel has a lot of design and fabric options available on the market. While the kurti can be heavily embroidered, the palazzo pants lightweight will make up a comfortable attire. The apparel is easy to carry and provides a trendy yet presentable look. One can style the entire outfit with oxidized, gold or silver jewelry.

Eid Dress For Men

5. Traditional Eid wear for men


Arabic dresses for men are suitable attires for the region’s hot, and windy climate. Men can wear an ankle-length garment of wool or cotton known as a Thawb. It is a long white robe with full-length sleeves that is traditionally white. However, due to changing times, they now come in numerous colors. The most renowned of which are black and dark grey. Further, to match the trend these dresses can also have different kinds of embroidery. One can pair it with a white and red checkered cotton cloth (Ghutra) folded diagonally and secured with a cord circlet on their heads (Igaal).

6. Kurta and Pajama – Loose and stylish


Kurta and Pajama set are available in a range of fabrics, including 100% cotton, cotton blends, cotton-silk, cotton shirting, and silk. From traditional to modern and angular, Kurtas are available in various styles. One may wear them with several bottoms, including pyjamas, trousers, etc. Kurtas are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, including asymmetric, Pathani, sherwani and jacketed kurtas. One can also add designer waistcoats to enhance the look for the occasion.

Casuals Eid wear for men

7. Shirt/T-shirts and Denim – Evergreen clothing


Some styles, like the shirt and trousers, are timeless and never go out of style. They are a basic and evergreen combination that can never go wrong. One can choose light-coloured shirts with dark-coloured pants or lighter-coloured trousers with printed shirts. Blue-beige or grey-black combinations are always a good choice for Eid or Ramadan dresses for men.

Eid special dress For Children

Eid dress for young girls

8. Casual wear – Frolic and colorful


Little girls can dress up in a lovely frock or an ethnic skirt for a special occasion such as Eid. There are many different dresses and frocks for girls, such as high-low hems, shirt dresses, and fit and flare.

9. Traditional dresses – Innocently elegant


The designs and styles that women wear during Eid can also be worn by their children. These may include Anarkali suits, palazzo and kurti and salwar suits. As there are limited restrictions on the kids they can dress up as per their wish for Eid.

Eid dress for young boys

10. Kurta & Pajamas – Sherwani and Pathani suit

The Kurta and Pajama set are ideal Eid and Ramadan dress for kids that adds an elegant touch to the child’s outfit. Little boys can wear a variety of Kurta-Pajama ensembles, including Kurta and Waistcoat sets, Pathani Suit Sets, and Sherwanis.

11. Shirt and jeans – Always in fashion


Shirts or t-shirts, and a pair of jeans can be worn by kids to casually roam around the house and enjoy the festival. Further, a mindful selection of casuals will lift their mood and excitement on Eid.

The Sunnah dictates that Muslims should wear lovely new garments during Eid. To make Eid 2023 an unforgettable experience, Muslims can take help from the ideas mentioned above and purchase trendy dresses and apparel. Clothes also make up for a perfect Eid gift for family and loved ones.

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Eid Dress FAQs

Which are the modern Eid dresses for women in Saudi Arabia?

Kurti Palazzo and Dupatta Set, Anarkali Suits, and Full-Length Kaftan Dress are modern Eid dresses for women.

Which are the modern Eid and Ramadan dress for men for men in Saudi Arabia?

Kurta and Pajama & Shirt and Trouser are the modern Eid dresses for men.

Which are the Eid dresses for kids?

On Eid, little girls can wear frocks or casuals while little boys can wear Kurta and Pajamas.

Where to purchase the Eid dresses in Saudi Arabia in offline mode?

People can go to offline stores in various Saudi Arabian Malls for Eid Shopping or purchase the dresses online.

Which are traditional Ramadan dress in Saudi Arabia?

Traditional clothing options for women in Saudi Arabia for Eid are Abaya and Headscarf. For men, it is Thwab with Ghutra and Igaal.


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